Sunday, May 06, 2007

BTQ[144]+ Digging Alone

Chairs by Georgi Iachev
Chairs by Georgi Iachev.
BedTime's Quote[144]:
"It's so sad to see Arabs using the prophet hadith (words) to serve nationalist interests to justify one's country as better than another, and this is not justifying nor helping any one, it's just - politicizing the religion-" --[x][Political-Understanding].

Psychological Status: Dead.
Political status: Offensive.

Digging Alone
Give us peace,
and let you enjoy wars,
Let us free,
and imprison our thoughts.
Kill our insomnia,
And you stay awake
spying on us.
Please Kill our braincells,
and let us live ignorants,
Please don't kill our souls,
We did not mean to offend
Your highness,
Your majesty,
Your mighty power,
Your iron fist.

It was just a state of opinion
from a fable citizen x.
Don't Cut our hands
Because We all bleed the same
We don't ask for your forgiveness,
Because we have a religion.

We only ask for peace,
Not money nor beans.
Take everything we have,
We don't want to live rich,
Leave us poor,

We only want peace,
We promise,
We won't ask for more.
Just make sure,
Our graves are dug well,
and look comfortable for our angels.
Inherit Earth from us,
And live all alone by yourself.
We only want peace...
And I promise,
No one will dig your grave
But yourself.
Influenced by [z].

Note: The poem was written for our Arab leaders.

MyDaily: I'm thinking of Political Fiction[7]. The basic Idea is there, it just needs more imaginations, probably I can get those imaginations from any Indian movie!
I apologize for not really writing anything hmm I mean meaningful. Sometime I consider what I have written so far is not enough. I did not have enough time to think, I've been really sick for 3 years now. It's not Cancer or anything it's something invisible. Anyway that's something personal and I prefer not to talk about it at all.

MyNote: An AntiNationalist's Thought:
The People of One became of so Many In the end of the Protest

I have been visiting some blogs on To be honest, most Arab political bloggers are the same, they copy-paste a lot. Moreover, they don't try to think out of the box, Unity will come when we realize that flags should be burned. I see in my daily life how many Saudis are divided among each others and how most Egyptians and Saudis dislike each others, and how most Indians dislike Saudis and Arabs, and How many Pakistanis dislike Arabs, and how Arabs and Muslims dislike the West, and how the Muslims react emotionally and then violently to any western statement against Islam, and then how those Arabs, Egyptians, Saudis, Indians, and Pakistanis Muslims protest altogether in the same street as one unit, but in the end of of the street and the day they fight and aruge with each others blaming each another for the reason behind the collapse and weakness of their Islamic nation - how ironic...sigh. The two main reasons that make them divided and hateful toward each other are "1st:The Wealth Of One & Poverty of Another And 2nd: Being a Nationalist While being a Muslim who thinks that all Muslim should share the same wealth of one and erase the poverty of another". And, that's just very conflicting ideologies to have in one person.

Good night dear readers.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

BTQ[143] + Silence The Adorers

Landscape by Eon Nicolas
Landscape by Eon Nicolas.

Bedtime's Quote
"Most Arab men today don't have a limbic system in their brains. In other words, they do have it, but it only exists when their sexual desires are in need. Its functions are disabled when it comes to emotions and motivations"--[x] [Psychological-understanding].

Psychological Status: Dead- Apathy.
Political Status: Offensive

Silence The Adorers

There's something,
Behind A door,
That Our Leaders adore.
with a deadly odor.
They can't resist its physique,
Mysteriously behaves and seeks
like a star killing lonely planets
Out in the space,
In a tube to create Lights
to erase our dark nights.
They adore,
A Machine gun,
A land mine,
A Ballistic Missile,
A Nuclear bomb,
Lightens our nights,
Erases the dark,
with its flashing lights...
lock the door,
while they are inside
We don't want to smell its odors.
Silence them, the adorers.
We love the night to be dark,
The Darker,
It is,
The more beautiful
Its Stars are.
Influenced by [z].
Copyright by [x].

Good night dear readers.