Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Animal Kingdom

A seed growing out of a concrete ground,
Flowers blooming out of trenches and gunholes,
A spiderweb built over a skeleton's eyes.
Nuclear waste fertilizing graveyards.
Gunpowders, Cannons,
Mines, and knives
Decorations for children playgrounds
Vultures & Crows crowing
Doors Cracking,
Winds whistling,

neighing, cheeping
clicking, chirping,
mewing, growling,
Madness and anger,
Emotional vocal mixes made by natures

these images & sounds are the future songs
Of our abandoned Earth.
World War Three has just ended.
Earth's left with no religion, no political party,
No ideology,
No Human Race to win any race!

The Animal kingdom Rising
Out of our History books,
Scientific inventions,
and political corruptions.
Our civilization crumbles.

Earth is happy without us.
us... The high-IQ race
Whose stupidity killed its own brain cells.

A lion ruling a jungle
Is more fair
Than An Arab man ruling a country.

A Monkey eating a banana,
Is more satisfied with his meal
Than a minister on his golden chair
next to a white blue beach,

A donkey carrying heavy cargoes
is happier than a man reading many books
and censored by his boss.

Let the Animal kingdom rule us,
they might do a better job in the end.

Mynote: the post is to be edited later.

Good night dear readers.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Of A Man and his Religious Turban

BedTime's Quote[157]:

I like to drown so others can float" --[x]

AntiNationalist's Thought:

Of A man and His Religious Turban.

When I was in my home country 3 weeks ago, I went to the Friday prayer. I was excited to go since I had been away from home for almost 3 years. The mosque was huge and beautiful, with many Islamic Calligraphies. I sat outside because I came late, however the weather was beautiful, the Friday speech [5o6bah] started, and as soon as it started I got familiar with the voice of the speecher! He was the same one he used to speech 3 years ago with his boring voice tones. I said to myself, let me wait he might say something interesting, I daydreamed off and on through the speech, I might have committed sins or maybe my prayers weren't accepted by God, but I had no choice there was no way for me to pay attention to a speech that I had heard many times 3 years ago and now I expected something new but I was disappointed from hearing the same old dusty words praising God and reciting Prophet's sayings - hadith - so unrealistic speeches so far from reality and what people really want to hear to get inspired. The speech finished, I left the mosque. I went to the grocery store as all the natives do after the prayer to buy Mountain Dew or a Juice for the sake of being healthy! I asked my father "Why do you go to the same mosque if the speech remains almost the same?" He said "Almost Everywhere, They are all the same". Then I said to myself, well then maybe I should watch the speech on TV, or hear it on the Radio, then go to pray. It's really sad to see a huge mosque -with beautiful designs, which so much money was spent on to build, - like a fancy Chinese porcelain vase that's empty of water from inside and can't help thirsty people. I rather have a mosque built in clay, and tree branches in the middle of the desert but with a good wise talker who can inspire people to be better society. I see our mosques are built as a civil decoration by the highways not to attract people to pray, but to attract their eyes to see the outside and inside decorations and ignore what's inside of lost faith and a weak speecher. Only few who can give a speech without looking at their already-written speech on a paper sheet. It's a shame to look at a religious man- who can't even give a proper speech on Friday- with his Islamic traditional cloth, which have become a representation of nothing of wisdom or religious rights or a closer step to heaven, but a big sign saying "Hey look at me I've become a religious cleric I can advice you to heaven"

Good night Dear readers.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


He remains Unchanged

Winter Snow is melting,
Exhuming our frozen sins
Windy Weather brings Spring
Cleaning the streets of leaves
and depressing paper notes
He was to you a fairytale.
And you became to him a hell.
Innocence, Purity, and loyalty
He wanted...
Madness, Anger and A back stab,
He received...
Memories cutting like knives.
His back is full of your wounds.

Every stone becomes dusts,
Every castle becomes crumbles.
Every name becomes a gravestone.
But "He" remains the same
waiting you to become

He exclaimed:

All I wanted is to change the world,
I remained unchanged
And people went to the worse.
I only wanted to help
But you sent me to hell.
Hurting me wasn't enough
so you took my heart...
and gave it to someone else.
I'm left with no feelings...
Emotionless, restless,
a beast full of evilness.
After all these changes,
You came simply to say
"Bad Things happen for reasons"
But I say
"Bad Things happen for treasons"

May The lord guides you to heaven
And let me live this life alone
Facing dragons, beasts, and
a political hell named Nationalism.


MyNote: It's about a man who prefers to change the world, than marrying someone, even though it looks impossible to do so.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

BedTime's Quote[156]

Street Warrior by Neven Jurkovic
Street Warrior by Neven Jurkovic
Bedtime's Quote[156]:
"When someone feels alone in the ocean, and is about to drown, she/he will hold on any floating object to survive, but it's a bad idea to hold on a shark, therefore I prefer to die"--[x] [Social-Understanding].

"Who is willing to sacrifice anything survives" --[x]

AntiNationalist's Thought:

AntiNationalist Confession
I am writing a new short political-fiction story. I wrote the introduction last night, so maybe I will finish the rest later. To be honest, I haven't blogged much because I was sick, a mental sick, I just realized that I am like those Russian suicidal novelists. They can't write without being depressed, or even drunk!, maybe they use a pen full of Vodka to write a story full of suicidal ends and creative thoughts on pages full of alcohol smells - Thanks God I don't drink. I was on medication for the last 7 months, those stupid medicine made me think of nothingness, made my brain feel like nothing existed, and ideas are lethal to brainstorm. They made me feel like I should only think of work, study, and sleep. In the same time, I did miss this place, I just could not think of any idea to write down, until last month when I stopped taking those pills, I started to blog. I realized that Pain is creativity and inspiration. If you don't feel the pain and suffer of a poor or sick man, then you would never be able to describe his thoughts and feelings. If you are always happy, and able to be creative-minded, then that's a blessing I might envy - don't envy it's haram. Anyhow, for myself, I can't think without being able to feel what others feel, and since those medications make me happy, high, and unthoughtful, then I gave them up, and prefer to be sad, depressed, suicidal, but most importantly, thoughtful. Yes I care about being thoughtful more than anything else, because it is what our nation today needs, it needs creative and thoughtful people, who feel pain and appreciate it, then work hard to increase it to the extreme limit just to make a desert a forest, and a crying baby a laughter. Life is not about happiness and peace to me any more, it's more about being painful, and thoughtful. I prefer to be sad and thoughtful to enlighten a child and inspire him to work hard to be our next leader, than being happy and unthoughtful marrying a woman who will bore me 10 kids, and none of them would build even an ant kingdom in his bedroom, but just praising his traditions and cultures, and adore his colorful flag and claiming that they are the chosen Muslims while the rest of the world goes to hell. It's really hard to walk on a line so thin that might decide where you fall into hell or heaven.

Therefore for now but not sure how long:

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Suicidal.

Good night dear readers.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We're Better Thieves

Oh Dear Sultan
What have you done?
We sought a better salary
and A flourishing economy,
Appointed thieves
to organize our society!
They divide our wills and lands
Like the imperialists with their colonies
Divide and rule...
and hail the fools...

They steal
and steal,
then divide the lands
while our hands...
Get chopped off
for stealing a piece of bread..
Because Sharia laws
must be applied on any scapegoat in the end.

Please dear Sultan
Keep in mind,
Power is a source of troubles
So make it our trouble too...
Let us all have it
Because we all can be better thieves
who try to raise someone's salary
and a flourishing economy...

MyNote: ...still waiting the courtroom's door to be opened...I hear the judges calling and the chains of fate are turning and screwing around victims' necks... And Justice for all.

Good night dear readers.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The House of Shaytan.

They say Peace is useful.
To The Enemies to rise again.
They say War is Harmful
To The guns to be broken again.
They say friends should be honest
To liars like you.
They say Hate is beautiful
To divide foes more.
They say Love is ugly
To Blind lovers to go astray.
They say the Devil is so kind
To Dictators to enslave nations.
They say Good is cruel
To Evil doers to be sent to death.
They say Smiling is a disease
To Sick eyes to be charmed again.
They say Crying is helpful!
Helpful to tears to fall down.
I say ignorance is power
To Arabs to be controlled longer.
I say Tradition is destructive
To creative minds to be prisoned in tiny cells.
I say We should stop giving Opinions.
Because Opinions are threats
To our presidents to last on their thrones.
Just let's forget our Religion,
And adopt their future eco-plans
To lead us to the house of Shaytan.
Located at Our leaders' Minds.

MyNote: Written in April 2007.

Friday, February 08, 2008

A river, A lake, a Mountain And the Garden

Untitled by Michal Giedrojc
Untitled by Michal Giedrojc
I'll get you a river,
a lake,
a mountain
and a garden,
You can then
your kids running
and lying
over a sunflowers carpet
under an apple tree
like Adam's and Eve's
Eating sinless fruits.
Then you sleep under a sparkling sky.
They try
and try
to capture a star,
they cry
but you tell them
"Don't worry
One day,
You can fly
and become one
like the river
the lake
the mountain
and this beautiful garden"

However they said:
But this lake
has a black fate"
You whisper them a story
"Once upon a time,
There was a lake called
Black Fate
the villagers believed it had a monster
A carnivorous creature,
with long teeth
and sharp horns...
like the unicorn's
One day...
A young man...
with a strong faith..
and an invisible iron heart
went against the will of the villagers
He jumped in,
swam and swam
deep and shallow
and then exclaimed
"I am, I am...

the one,
the carnivore
the taboos destroyer
the monster killer

everyone started to swim in
behind him..."
A lesson to learn
Never and ever believe in traditions
they aren't facts
it's a monster that give you
That never let you enjoy
These river, lake, mountain, and the garden.
influenced by [z]

MyNote: Never give up a dream when you truly know and believer it is what should be done.