Tuesday, January 23, 2007


"Poodle look Sure? but it will cost you" by Pavel Kaphn
Poodle look Sure? but it will cost you by Pavel Kaphn.

ThePhoto: In my opinion, I think it tells a lot about our Arab political World even though it's not meant to be a political photo.

BedTime's Quote[135]:
"A civilization, that's so proud of making bombs & guns and indirectly polluting Earth, is not a civilization"--[x]

"Arabs' Talks build Castles, but Their actions dig graves" --[x] [Political-Understanding].

Mydaily: Thanks for those who reminded me of my birthday, and sorry for being away, just been so busy, and did not have much time to post, I am doing now much better than yesterday, Alhamdulilah, without my faith and religion I am lost in this strange alienish world.

Good night dear readers.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Denied Adolescence by Gaetano Belverde
Denied Adolescence by Gaetano Belverde.

BedTime's Quote[133]:
"If you mix emotions with politics you will have what we call - Propaganda"--[x] [Political-Understanding].

A Message to Dear Alien[4].

Dear Alien,
Earth is more flatter than ever.
According to Thomas Friedman at least,
and Our genius Holycowish presidents at last.
They seek Currency Union.
But one refused to join.
I don't know the reason,
But maybe there is a treason.

We Celebrated our Islamic Holiday,
Its eve was a death of a dictator!
Its leave was another huge boring protest,
more insurgency, and less unity.
More divisions and social disorders.
Shia happy,
Sunnah crying
It was all for Saddam,
the puppet!
the man!
the imam!!

Life goes on,
And Our presidents have forbidden Robs.
For trade and for peace,
Just in case,
in the future, No one hangs them.

Many of my people,
Quited drinking Water, and adopted Vodka.
Quited Cigarettes, and adopted Shesha,
How religious & healthy could they be !?
They think of "Zena" as a medicine!
And sadly Many are more attracted to men than women!
How sinful do they want to be !?

It's the year 2007 on Earth,
I know on your planet it's still in Year one.
Our people celebrated the new year's eve joyfully,
While people in Somalia kept fighting,
,Iraqis and Darfurians kept sobbing,
,Unknown beings tutored in secret prisons.
And 3 millions women being traded and enslaved.
For money and pleasure.

A Celebration with no purpose,
No Meaning, No Goal, No Reason,
We should not give attention.
10 days passed already,
And all the wars are still flourishing.
And Peace Treaties to fool the fools.

America sinking in Iraq,
God bless Bush!!
And Curse Bin Ladin!!
In my opinion,
Bush is more damaging
to America than Bin Ladin himself!

Dear Alien,
I love my planet,
And Al gore just realized something
Ironically now he is trying to teach us What"Global Warming" is!
What an "An inconvenient Truth" ! to preach.

I'm going to bed now,
While the TV is on, on MTV,
A black guy singing about sex and money!

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

الفكر القومي مقبره حفرها دستوراً لا يفقه الفقير ولا النساء ولا ألاطفال ولا رجال الدين ولكن رجال الساسة وما أدراك ما ساسوا...
[x] [Political-Understanding]

I haven't posted for while, for my psychological status went over limit. I did not even realize the new year's day, nor the Islamic's Eid. And, I can't believe it's 1/7/07 today.

Good night dear readers.