Monday, October 31, 2005

BedTime's Quote[10]

BedTime's Quote:
"Hitler Wanted the world to be White for his race and dependent on him, Bush wants the world to be under his so-called A New World Order and dependent on him, and I want the world to be simple and independent from any tyrant but dependent on one belief". Cited by [x]

"Ideo-Gravity* only exists when a person realizes that His idea is bending the space-time around him" Cited by [x]

*Ideo-Gravity is an ideology that's new to people or been there but hadn't gotten enough attention to change the environment ,including people and everything, to fit its own ideology's belief.
A new term I invent for myself.

DailyNote: November will be a slow posting month for me, I am afraid I won't post much of informative articles or ideas written by me. For, I might become busy any time soon. The Character [x] might be disappeared in November by the emergence of the character [o]. My day was boring, feeling sick, and I wasn't really in good mood even though I made some success in real life and cyber-space.

Goodnight all.
Note: This is the post #160

October's Bests

Here you go, best things in October or things I knew or read about during this month.

Best and new things in October:
Men: R. McNamara [+], Tagor, David Lcke, Alex Jones, Ahmed Deedat
Woman: none
Country/City: Machu Picchu in Peru.
Language: Esperanto
Animal: Killer ants.
Books: Time: a Traveler's Guide, Black Hole: A Traveler's Guide
Science: Global Dimming,
Politics: More into Skull&Bones.
Religion: Alawites,
Music: Led Zeppelin, 40Grit, 3 Doors Down, Within Temptation, Tool,
Songs: Further by Samael, Loser by 3 Doors Down. Overcome and Memories by Within Tempation.
Lectures: as always, Abdul Hamed Keshk
Website: LiveScience, Nova
Favorite thing I experienced in October is: chatting with a [y]. [ And I won't tell who it is]

Worst Things in October:
None except the Arabic world.


Welcome to November.

Perfect Scenario

Brainwashing Machine
The Culture of the Idnetityless.
Leaves no Brain-Cell with an idea.
No Idea to be indepedent.
Follow the flow.
from [x] to [y]
go all the way
to wars
to social decay.
be less important
in the whole show.
Freedom of Identityless.
Freedom of the flow.
Brainwashing Machine.
Washes me now.
Makes me slow
in thinking
These my roles in your show.
The perfect scenario.
Written by You.
copyright@ [x].
influenced by [z]

Sunday, October 30, 2005

BedTime's Quote[9]

BedTime's Quote: "The most interesting thing a person can experience in life is himself, and the most disappointing thing is to find out that he is not interesting"
Cited by [x]

Political Status: Peaceful.
Psychological Status: Suicidal, insane.

Note: I haven't done much today, tried to solve some problems but it seems like the world can't stop spinning. In Politics, The world is busy thinking of what the Irani president said about Israel! how lame. Socially, I am ok, being lonely as usual. I have a new roommate too! Well he is a good boy. Lucky me! and bad for him because I will brainwash him with my ideas lol.
In Science, I haven't been following the news lately but I have some books and magazines to read. October is ending soon, so to sum it all up in few words: "October you are an ugly woman".
Goodnight all.

Intro of the symbol [o]

I have a new roommate, I'm going to call him [o] for odd. He is nice, quiet hmm no actually talkative. 5 minutes ago before he went to bed, he was talking alot, I couldn't even read my book. The odd thing is We both speak the same native language but we dont speak it,instead, we speak English because he is an English student! And I don't feel right. Anyway [o] is my new symbol I add, just temporarily one, Let's say [o] is anyone who is trying to communicate by using a second language. For Example, an Indian who is trying to speak Arabic [fi Kalam Arabi?], or A Mexican who is trying to speak English [Hable Ingles?, Sbeek Ingles?].

Expect more of [o].

Note: So now I have [x] mostly me, [y] = female figure, [z] = any enviroment, and [o]. How unreal my world is! or how symbolized my word is!

Scientific American[Nov]

November Issue of Scientific American is really interesting, even the issue cover is interesting. Titled: The Illusion of Gravity...It's about a theory predicting that Gravity is an illusion and one of the space's three dimensions is an illusion, like a hologram..two dimensioned but viewed by lights can produce three dimension images...etc. It was successful in explainng black hole's surface of why having temprature and giving off radiation...The Theory explains it that Black Hole's surface is equivalent to a swarm of interacting particles on the boundary surface of spacetime...etc

منديل قمامة

منديل قمامة
في منقار حمامة
شعار دولة
سمتها كرامة

Note: Written to describe some symbols some arabic countries use.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Bedtime's Quote[8]

Bedtime's Quote:
"I love people to disagree with me because with disagreements I learn my mistakes"

MyDaily Note: Today was really a boring day, played soccer [boring game], read some articles[ nothing interesting], I'm almost going to bed, but as usual I am little bit insomniac. Goodnight all.

Suicidal Note.

My life
a big mess,
a big illusion
to others,
a tiny world
in my eyes,
so lonely,
killing me slowly.
Slow motions,
Slow notions,
shoot me my dear
...just shoot me
and i promise you
I will be happy
copyright@ [x]

Political Status: Peaceful,
Psychological Status: Calm, Quiet, annoyed.

Note: This is a suicidal note, I am just trying to put myself in his shoe, and feel how he feels!. Hmm I think it's terrible feeling!


Pic taken by by Lars Raun
The World of Depression
Can't be our salvation

cited by [x]
At Night,
closing eyes tight.
A man's Thinking Deep
To seek his real Need.
His Look,
Long hair,
Messy Beard.
Smoke in the air.
Wrinkled Face
Full of Thoughts,
and unlucky events.
Trying to Be hopeful.
Nothing Makes his Moon full.
Taking a Happy-pill.
A smile drawn on his face.
A superficial happiness.
An Artificial delightfullness.
The road to hell, to self-destruction
to another depression.
copyright@ [x]
influenced by [z]
Note: Written to describe some's feelings at some states

Friday, October 28, 2005

Bedtime's Quote[7]

BedTime's Quote: After The Rain
"The smell here is so beautiful with rain drops in the air,
The desert is calm and beautiful,
You just put your head on the pillow and you feel safe
It is not like the big cities, here, nothing is big.
It is like living again in a womb, so safe "...
influenced by[z]

Political Quote:
Communism is a cow of many; well milked and badly fed]
a spanish proverb

G'night all.
Note: This is the post #150

A Tear

A Tear
The crystal clear.
A smile
The creation of god.
A blink of an eye
The thin line between dark and light.
A Heart Beat.
The feeling of being alive.
A mind
The center of Beauty.
A touch
The feeling of another side.
All these only lead to one thing
None knows it
Except who experiences it.

influenced by [z]
inspired by [y]

Political Status: Calm, peaceful.
Psychological Status: Normal, quiet, hopeful.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

BedTime's Quote[6]

BedTime's Quote: "The most beautiful thing in any woman that attracts me the most is her simplicity and beautiful mind, that's able to reach ,from A, to B with a single brain cell"
Cited by [x]
for the sake of democracy I ask for opinion, Anybody Disagrees? lol.

Goodnight All.

Previous BedTime's Quotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5].
Note: Qoutes found undeneath each post.

Realize Yourself Ms.Iraq

I wrote this in one forum, to support my opinion. I post it here again, just to keep it in safe place.

Realise Yourself Iraq~

Iraq the land of histories
Science and fairy stories
All Nations Invaded you.
From The Year B.C to A.C
From Sumerians to Americans
Gangiz Khan didn't know your value.
Nor Americans do.
Both soil
Both only know Gold and now Oil.
Fox News tries to brainwash you.
CNN tries to please you!.
Fancy Articles written about Your Freedom
All serve their own Kingdom!
Freedom of speech
Your people seek
All they get is a fake seed
That serves none's need!
Repeats itself.
While You learn nothing
from any history book on a shelf.
Open Your Eyes Ms.Iraq
The only way to salvation
Is to realize
Allah's wonderful quranic citations.

Fog of war.

BedTime's Quote: "We all make mistakes. We know we make mistakes. I don't know any military commander, who is honest, who would say he has not made a mistake. There's a wonderful phrase: 'the fog of war.' What "the fog of war" means is: war is so complex it's beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend all the variables. Our judgment, our understanding, are not adequate. And we kill people unnecessarily." Cited by the regretful man Robert. S. McNamara.

Political Status: Calm.
Psychological Status: Still Insomniac.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Pic Taken by [x]
Horaay! I just got My book, and waiting for another
The Book Title:
Time: A Traveler's Guide.
by Clifford A. Pickover
Note: I don't think I will read the whole book as usual lol.

Propaganda of the beasts

Propaganda of the beasts.
They seek for the elites.
They make you
live like the leasts.
While Their Faces
Say what you think
and breath!
They suck you until you be flat
Like a sunk ship in the deep sea.
"Welcome to Capitalism"

influenced by [z]

Political Status: Still Critical, High.
Psychological Status: Insomniac...etc

Note: Written to unplease Capitalists.
MyDaily's Note: Very disappointed today, imagine: a tiny mistake can drive you insane and regretful for the whole day.


the land of Alawites
and cuties!!
For Living...
Want more?
Ask less.
For Freedom
to Live free?
be a flee.
Killed 10,000 in Hama
by a tyrant called Asad.
For an assassination Attempt!
Do The Math...
Does 1 equal 10,000?
No, but
1 Equals 10,000 over 10,000.
Killing more over more.
Blood of Hama spilt to the shore.
Only Allah's will will make us sure,
That Arabs United
is just divided.
Against the west
The United.
influenced by [z]
inspired by [y]

Political Status: Critical.
Psychological Status: Disappointed, Insomniac (old bad habit)...

BedTime's Quote: Life is very beautiful that I'm sad now.
doesn't make sense? sure it won't.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


An AntiNationalist once said against A Nationalist:

The problem is that you stick to your history, you glorify it, and so on, but you are not learning any lesson from it. And, the only thing that makes you glorify it alot is Nationalism, which makes you like an old man who can't walk, sitting on his couch watching History Channel and saying "oh I love this channel". Nationalism is implementing Worshiping-your-history-ideology very strongly in you.

Few Days Later, The Nationalist assissanted him...
The AntiNationalist wrote a short poem before he died:

I feel so comfortable from inside
not believing in any border or any redline of any kind
or a tiny passport
that's more important
than the Quran I have in my hand

influenced by [z]
inspired by [y]

The Story is all made up by me!
Nothing's just based on an ideology.

يا دنيا

ء"يا دنيا
أ تدوسين المصاحب
في التراب?"

أتغدرين بالمحب
أتقامرين بالزمن
ويأتي ياجوج
من عقر

وكم ساعة
تضمنين لي

يا دنيا
وما متاع الدنيا إلا قليل"
في سري

influenced by [y],[z]

Note: I've been writing alot recently, I should slow down beccause the white hair is increasing all over my head lol. This poem is for those who prefer life(Materialism) more than anything. The poem speaks to Life itself.

Monday, October 24, 2005


Pic Taken by [x]
the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak"
I got injured last weekend, I played two games, in the morning and afternoon, And This picture I took Today 30min ago expresses my injury and seeking for relieve....2 weeks off the field
Political Status: Peaceful.
Psychological Status: Tired, Insomniac (old bad habit)...

Note: this is the post #140.


I remember once, I was buying a burger in a fast food place.
A woman who was the cashier, asked me " Where Are you from?"
I said "x-country".
She went quiet "hmmm" then said "Where is that?"
I said "Middle East",
She said "Where's that?"
...I went quiet, and said to myself in my mind "Please God, give me a gun to shoot myself".
I looked at her and said "Nevermind, it's just a place you don't need to know about".
She laughed and said with her ignorant accent "OO-Kai".

I remember one time I was asked if Osama bin Laden was the president of Iraq, and If Yasser Arafat was the king of KSA!. or Saddam was the president of MIDDLE EAST~

-It's ok If the president of this nation himself refered the people of Greece "Greecians!"
-When he was asked by a journalist from Slovakia about what he knew about Slovenia he said " the only thing I know about SLOVAKIA is what i learned in first hand from your minister who came to my hometown"
He was asked about Slovenia but his answer was about Slovakia!.

-and in an interview with a tv channel while he was running for president: The interview goes as following:

Mr.Smart President:
The new Pakistani General, he's just been elected -- not elected, this guy took over office. It appears this guy is going to bring stability to the country and I think that's good news for the subcontinent.
And you can name him?
Mr.Smart President:
General... I can name the general.
And it's...?
Mr.Smart President:
And the Prime Minister of India?
Mr.Smart President:
The new Prime Minister of India is... [pause] No.
........After all this now he is trying to act smart so he said the following to the journalist:
Mr.Smart President:
Can you name the Foreign Minister of Mexico?
No sir, but I would say to that: I'm not running for President.

Note: I meant to offend nobody. I am only stating facts, I didn't even mention the names of the people invovled in this article. Plus, I guess we know who the [z], the [x], the [y] of these stories are. If you know just keep it for yourself.

رحل الوجود وبكاء الموجود

اختفت العقول

زال الجمود

جعل الصليب
وجعل الثالوث
يقر بخالق
العدم ألى وجود

بكاء عليه الموجود
ورحل عنا الى الخلود
Influenced by [z]
dedicated to الشيخ أحمد ديدات رحمة الله

Political Status: Peaceful.
Psychological Status: disappointed, hardworking.

Note: written after reading Ahmed deedat's summarized life story, I'm very influenced by him. I first time saw his debate was when i was 13 years old.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Symbols definitions:

[x] = Me, or Any Male Figure.
[y] = Any female figure that I saw, or met, or know.
[z] = Any enviroment, place, condition, I am in.


BedTime's Quote: [x] can only interact ,intercommunicate with [y] with the existance of [z]. None of them exists without [z].

New Look.

I hope this Simple&Beautiful look is good. Clear and Quiet for reading the blog!...
Any opinion regarding the new template look, just drop a comment...I only changed it to make it easier for readers to see my small colorful font!...
P.s: I browse the net and view my blog using FireFox. My blog is best viewed by FireFox. On IE, the font might look bigger.

A Photoshop Artist.

Walking in a street.
By People.
Everything's paused....
minds closed.
Breaking Newton's Laws of Motions.
F Equals M Times A.
Everything looked Like a play..
Nothing Moving.
Nothing broken.

Seeing a pink flower.
A Green Butterfly.
For a second,
Wondered "Why"
Everything's paused!!
Except them.
For a deep imagination,
A photoshop Artist
Makes it all Realistic.
Influenced by [z]

dedicated to photoshop artists, I have seen in the web..especially Greg Martin.
BedTime's Note: in 5hours i have a game, with a new team. in 9hours, I have another game with an old team.
Quote of Tonight: "In Peace, Politicians tend to lie at the press for war. However, In War, They 'pretend' to be honest to get the support of the press" cited-by-[x].

Saturday, October 22, 2005

The GreenBook-الكتاب الاخضر

إن الصراع السياسي الذي يسفر عن فوز مرشح ما بنسبة 51 % مثلا من مجموع أصوات الناخبين تكون نتيجته أداة حكم دكتاتورية ولكن في ثوب ديمقراطي مزيف، حيث إن 49% من الناخبين تحكمهم أداة حكم لم ينتخبوها ، بل فرضت عليهم ، وتلك هي الدكتاتورية.وقد يسفر هذا الصراع السياسي عن فوز أداة حكم لا تمثل إلا الأقلية ، وذلك عندما تتوزع أصوات الناخبين على مجموعة مرشحين ينال أحدهم عدداً أكبر من الأصوات بالنسبة لكل واحد منهم على حدة، ولكن إذا جمعت الأصوات التي نالها الذين أقل منهم أصبحت أغلبية ساحقة، ومع هذا ينجح صاحب الأصوات الأقل ، ويعتبر نجاحه شرعياً وديمقراطياً !. وفي الواقع تقوم دكتاتورية في ثوب ديمقراطية زائفة.
هذه هي حقيقة النظم السياسية السائدة في العالم اليوم، والتي يبدو واضحاً تزييفها للديمقراطية الحقيقية

Note: From The Green book by the insane, hairy, confused, talkative, wannabe-philosopher, president of Libya. Expect a poem about him written by me any time.
The Democracy's mentioned here does match with what happened in the last election in the united states of America. I am not a fan of him, I am only agreeing with the intro of his Greenish book.


Pic Taken By Marinko Saric

سألت نفسي
عن مصيبتي
قالت لي
أنت عربي!!!!ء

influenced by [z]

Political Status: Offensive. brainstorming
Psychological Status: excited, clueless.

Note: Simple &beautiful concept is applied. i doubt about the beauty part though. [-_-]
MyDaily Note: I have two games to play tomorrow, one at 8am the other is at 12pm. I am excited. The first game is in the hispanic league with new team called "PUMA" the other one is the white man league with team called "Prestige".

BedTime's Thought

Time to Go To bed Finally!
it's 7:34am !
Early to Wake up
or Late to Sleep!
Thinking of a poem.
To Write down,
about a coin.
That has two faces
One for Facts.
Another for fictions.
Two lovers met
Beneath a yellow tree.
picked up the coin.
to decide their destiny.
To Be Or not to Be!.
Threw it up to the air.
to find out their share
Flipping flying like no ending.
The coin showed nothing.
They stopped a moment looking up.
eventually they broke up.
Sorry I'm only daydreaming.
Dear Sleepy.

influenced by [Sleep]

Political Status: Normal. brainstorming
Psychological Status: excited, clueless

Note: I wrote this for no real purpose, sleepy, but my brain still brainstorms, it says: "it's said that you can describe politics with romance and you can describe romance with politics" I wonder if what i wrote above had any of that, i doubt it, <Break line>
<new thought>
with imagination simplicity is applied, with more confusions complexity is born. A complex line is written in the middle of a busy brainstorm, while a simple line is writen in the end of a dying brainstorm"

Pic Note: "The listening Room" by
Magritte, René

Friday, October 21, 2005

Track Me.

Here you go, you can now track me easier. Click the icon below.

Image hosted by

Political Status: Normal.
Psychological Status: Normal.


To View this blog better use [Fire|Fox]

Note: This is the post #130.

Sleepy Quote

Ok...I have read a lot today, and talked a lot too, bought books too hooray (not to read them only to show off lol, so people would say Wow he reads books!)!...Time to sleep now.

A sleepy Quote says:
"A Beauty of asleep keeps my thoughts deep within.
A Dream sneaks in,
letting my thoughts escape to seek for something"

influenced by [Sleep]

Good Night.

Tagore -طاغور

I have mentioned Tagore طاغور in my two mocking poems titled "Hindi Mash-hoor" prt1, prt2. He was a famous poet in India. He won The Nobel Prize in Literature as the first asian to win a Nobel prize. He was born and died in ( 18611941).

From Wikipedia:
"Tagore's richest legacy for today's polarized world is perhaps his eloquent denunciation of Nationalism"

"he said: "The moment is arising when you also must find a basis of unity which is not political. ... There is only one history - the history of man. All national histories are chapters in the larger one"
His Dream of Internationalism not Nationalism.

A Poem by him:( The mind without Fear)
Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake

Note: Very Good Poem, I love it. However, it's said that it's written to describe the indepedence of India from Britan!...and politician activitists in india use this poem alot. Even Though It is as they say, I disagree especially When I read the line "Where the world has not been broken up into fragments By narrow domestic walls" makes me feel the anti-nationalist thinking.
Further Reading-->
-Tagore on Wikipedia
-More Poems
-and More!


"Shoes" painted by Van Gogh.

ما أقدم حذائي
كتب تحته كرامتي
ولبسته بقناعتي
وتفاخرت بأنه مجدي
أخطو به الى
influenced by [z]

Political Status: Uncomfortable.
Psychological Status: Normal, lonely.

Note: Written to describe "something" people are fooled by.

An illusion.

I saw a man daydreaming,
brainstorming but not screaming.
describing him simply in some lines:

A foggy day...
blurred my eyes
A cloudy sky...
limited my sight

A shy smile's
drawn on his silent lips.
A crystal tear
dropped from his dry cheeks
A slight of thought
sank in his peaceful mind.
A tiny world,
gave him a chance
for an unlimited dream.
Reality conflicted with his Mentality.
The tiny world,
became many words
Of Many thoughts.
they mean anything but not reality.
In the mind of an illusionist,
Everything is beyond my simple words
to describe him deep more..

influenced by [z]

Political Status: Normal
Psychological Status:
Normal, lonely

Note: This is a day in an illusion man's life, I tried to describe him and his mind...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

هندي مشهور[part2]

هندي مشهور
يعود من جديد
ناقلا قصيدة

بابا صدام انت ليش زعلان
بلد مال انت دايمان خربان
انت بعثي
انت عراقي
لازم ما معلوم شي
كله بس جنجال وموت
سيم سيم فليم هندي

هندي مشهور يسخر منا من جديد

No offense. just an indian's opinion about Saddam's trial...
جنجال = arguing, fighting, indians say this.
سيم سيم = Same Same, Like.

Decision Making

Dear Reader.
I am thinking to stop writing here for a while.
Create in my life another file.
Thinking to disable this stupid mind,
Change it to a brainwshed kind.
Sorry My Reader,
But life isn't a beautiful lady
With a red dress in the night sky.
Life is a naked normal woman,
Where you have to be a tailor
To make her a beautiful dress
Full of Stars and success
To look like nothing else beautifully
but something from your own harmony.
I've lost my interest in writing for today
because failures keep hunting me.
Bad Luck is what i live on.
unfortunate events follow on
Waiting for the biggest failure
To Make the last yellow leaf of a tree
Fall Down for three:

influenced by [z]

Political Status: Normal
Psychological Status:

This is a message or my daily, written poetically, I want even my daily life to sound poetical to be interesting to read.

زعماء الزيتون

زعماء شجر الزيتون
تحت ظلي هم
مجرد ورق شجر الزقوم
"لا فرق بيني وبينكم ألا بالتقوى''
ملوك في عروشيهم
نعاج في كروشيهم

خطوات أعدامي

خطوة أولى
وحدة أسلامية
خطوة ثانية
ثورة فكرية
خطوة ثالثة
رصاصة رحمة
في قلب عدو
الوحدة الزيتونية

كتبت حرفا
فوق كل الحروف

و بنيت مجدا
من لحدا

غيرت دستور
ورق الزيتون
الشعب المديون

وموتي شاهدا على كل حروب
زعماء الزيتون
وقبري غير معروف
عند ربي محفوظ

influenced by [z]

Note: Reflecting the Islamic freedom of speech, and it's complete right to have a control over the nationalist arabic governments(zo3ama2 alzaytoon).