Sunday, December 24, 2006

Change and its Victim.

Loozer by Loft Portugal
Loozer by Loft Portugal

BedTime's Quote[132]:
"Any and Every Change in our society has its victims"--[x] [Sociopolitical-Understanding].

AntiNationalist's Thought:
A Change or Its Victims?

Every change we seek or witness in our society has its victims, from the increase of employment to tax rates, gas prices, positive or negative economical growth. Every thing we see that changes always leave some victims, especially in societies that have high rate of disorders. Imagine, a society as being an Utopian one, any change in it, especially a positive one, it wouldn't leave any victim because there is no bad people in such dreamlandish Utopian society to be affected by such change, only one side will benefit which is the good side. If it's bad change it would not happen any way because Utopians always tend to choose the right change. In our realistic society, The rise of employment rate causes loses of jobs to the outsourced ones. Lowering tax rate causes better living but a more consuming society. Removing a dictator might increase the rate of freedom, but also can cause more chaotic society and a civil war. A change is determined as good or bad by calculating its positive side vs negative side. Either one there are still some victims.

The main point is, people always find it hard to accept, realize, and understand a change in their societies because they get confused by the victims reactions, behaviors or the numbers and amount of victims caused by this change. The increase of prostitution might look like a change in society, but those more like victims of a change, in such a case, people are confused to identify the change and its victims...etc good night dear readers-yawns, sorry.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Message to ArabMen

A message to TheArabMen.

You feel pain,
But you don't know its name.
You experience fear,
But you don't know its origin.
You want to cry,
But it's shameful to show tears!
You need a hug,
But it's weakness to ask for one!
You hold her hands,
But everyone starts staring at you
Like you held a cow with no milk!

You doubt your belief,
But you don't know its cause.
You trust liars,
Because you can't judge their hearts.
You are addicted to the TV,
But It hates your traditional belief.
It teaches you how to kiss your wife,
But at night you got a slap!
You like to watch Romantic movies,
Because at the end of day,
You go telling your wife;
"Dear, Titanic looks like you
except it sank within hours
but you within a second"
How Romantic You could be!

You try to look like Brad Pit,
So you impress other women,
But unfortunately you end up looking like;
"A weird-looking Banana plant with Onions as its fruits"
You thin your eyebrows,
and whiten your skin,
But for god's sake,
All Cows in the farm,
Shockingly Started to think you are Dolly the sheep.

You hang a colorful flag in your walls,
or a figure of a bacteria!
Oh Yes It's Your great nation's flag,
But you never know who made it at all.
Don't worry at least,
it's surely "Made in China"

You are so proud of your tribal nation,
But You can't even tell the difference,
Between Religion and Traditions.

You worship God over the seven skies,
But you worship Money in seven banks underground.
Even though you might only make 800$ a month
You preach religion of peace,
But at night your actions make people speech-l.e.s.s.

Dear Arab men,
Stop Acting like
You are knowledgeable of everything,
You claim you know western music,
But The last song you downloaded was "Fifty Cent's"
The Last book you read was"How to make an Arab man smart in 10 days"
The Last documentary you saw was "Addicted to Rice And Women"
Your role model is "Che Guevara" or "Alzeer Salim"
At the most controversial point it would be "Jamal Abdulnassir"
The last political view you adopted was "Death to America"
And the first and last man you fear was "Your King"
You seek freedom of speech,
but when money talks
You love to be speechless.
..You know Dear Arab men,
This message is directed to
All men from various slices of our society.
And trust me,
The last song I heard was
"The saints are coming"

Note: This message is written to describe how Arab "men" behave in their societies, the message is directed to all Arab men from all different countries it's not directed to specific ones, others might dislike what they read, but it's not entirely describing one person, in fact at least two lines of this message match one Arab man's behaviors.

Good Night dear readers.

Monday, December 18, 2006


"Battle of Abukir" by Antoine-Jean Gros, 1806.

BedTime's Quote[131]:
"Love is a tiny key that unlocks many doors of hates, sadly it gets lost easily" --[x] [Social-Understanding].

My Note:
An Antinationalist's thought,

A Fallen Seed That Causes A thunderous Echo.
The Islamic world is in a status of cultural shock, they just realized how advance the rest of the world has been, and how It's been looking down at and being ignorant about our religion. It's like a supernova explosion in the universe, its end is witnessed on Earth after millions of years. So is us, ,The rest of the world is the same in our eyes. Today, we realized the aftermath of their scientific, social, agricultural, and political revolutions. We regret, we find glorifying our history as another way to escape reality, like a drunken man saddened by his dead wife. A mockery over our faith causes a million men march, destructions in the streets of the west and angers over cartoons & theatrical plays mocking our faith under the name of freedom. While in fact, all these have been done over and over again since the beginning of the Islam, we were just ignorants and blind to realize it. This is exactly how we see the supernova in the sky, a star's death is someone else's beauty and inspiration, and another's violent blind reaction of sorrows and regrets.

Good night dear readers.

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Wrong Toy - I used To play

Sawfly Larva by Clande Gange
Sawfly Larva by Clande Gange.

BedTime's Quote[130]:
"We tend to forget that the future of our nation is not in the hands of the elders and tribe leaders, but in the hands of the youth. The tribal leaders know nothing but worries and old traditions to limit our religious minds" --[x] [Sociopolitical-understanding].

The Wrong Toy - I used to play.

It's the wrong time,
To draw lines
With knives
On the sands
Between Our Fingers,

It's the wrong place,
To build a wall
That prisons the shadows of our hearts,
And rejects our imaginations.
Every Brick kills a freedom seeker,
And every nail drills a hole in our shoulders,
& love letters.

It's the wrong dream,
To create a mental disordered nation
Deserting creative Minds,
And Exiling Innocent Imaginations,
A Withered Rose called Renaissance!

It's the wrong faith,
To bow after a wax throne,
That can't face a faint flame.
With Time,
It Entirely Melts down.

It's the wrong poem,
To rhythm,
To rhyme,
In Accordance to dead fishes & dry trees
In a dark ocean filled
with petrochemical plans.

It's just wrong to keep quiet,
When in fact,
We altogether look like,
A beautiful Mosaic design.
Influenced by [z].

Note: The poem is Written for the wrong moments Our World react wrongly to. Written Specifically for the Arab World and how its people keep quiet when it's the right moment to speak. However, keep being loud when it's the wrong moment to protest. Every day a new borderline is adjusted among countries, every day a child dies in Africa, every day a creative mind gets rotten. Every day we face invisible problems, but almost no one ever bothers to make them visible. We all wait 10 O'clock news, turn on Aljazeera TV to watch boring politicians protesting against illegal governments as they claim.

We wait to be informed that there's something wrong in our backyard house, while in fact, the problem has exceeded that and reached the living room! They try to build walls to block ideas, some build walls and call them "independent", some build them so others can draw their imaginations there. In palestine, people are dying in the both sides of the demonized wall, while another blood brother country supplies the bricks to finish it all. In the end, instead of looking for similarities among ourselves, we just look for the differences of our passports' colors.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Living Namelessly

BedTime's Quote

"The only way to solve the Middle East's crisis in Palestine, is when Palestinians realize that the only way to take over Israel, and have the upper hand is by accepting Israel existence in their homeland - a one state solution" --[x] [Political-Understanding].

"History only has names to make it sound interesting, more enjoyable to read and to give credits for their contributions ,either negative or positive one, to Humanity." --[x].

AntiNationalist's Thought:
Living Namelessly Creates Many Social Realizations

Imagine, you met someone and decided to live or to have online interacting relation with them for one month, without letting them know anything about yourself, like your age, full name, tribe name, social & financial status, occupation, and more. However, you only show them your mind, you speak of your ideas, believes, & ideology in life, your ethics, you give them your perspective of the world they are living in. Eventually, unfortunately, after a month, you just disappeared out of their life, since the relation was expired. At that point, they would realize something important that all your background information did not matter during your existence among them, but your interactions and thinking toward them. One can make impact on others, and draw his ideas, thoughts and more on people minds without even telling them who- where-why-how-when he was.
Therefore, Do they really need to know your name? Is it important any more? Is it really important to tell people how high your social status is by telling them your tribe name? Can't we just hide all these then define ourselves by our thoughts then eventually tell them what they want to know.

Note: I only wrote the above because I tend to hide my identity in real life. Because, I prefer to show the people around me what I think, my interactio, how I speak and express my views, which all are to enhance my image which will eventually make them question and say "What kind of environment did this person grow up in that made him a good honest moral ethical creature living in this tiny planet in our solar system!", Nah well their mind might be simple or their IQ could be low so they would only say "Oh the place this person comes from must be nice, respectful, and peaceful"

Good Night dear readers.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Remember The Streets of Berlin.

Red Army over Swastika
Note: In this Soviet photograph from May 2, 1945, Red Army soldiers are raising the Soviet flag on the roof of the Reichstag, Berlin[+].

Remember The Streets Of Berlin.

Dying Fire Upon crumbling Empire
Heavy Rain washing
The Streets of Berlin,
Snails crawling...
Dead Nazi bodies , rotten,
The Red Army arrived,
Swastika was blown apart.

Sandstorms Covering,
The Hammer and The Sickle,
Red Color turning Gold...
...An invisible army became the chosen,
-Taliban came...
And the Communists left heaven.

Capitalism wore a beautiful dress
- Globalism,
Democracy was born,
Out of His mother - imperialism,
World Trade Center
- fallen,
The number Nine Eleven
- memorized,
Every Bricks
- sold to Museums...

All Gone to Save the world
- Operation Freedom Forsaken Iraq...
Shia vs Sunni,
And the Camel got shot.
And The Democratic Donkey ran out of Carrots
And its Elephent is losing its tusk.

Forget Today,
And remember,
The streets of Berlin.
Influenced by [z].

Note: The poem is to represent the fall of dictatorship, communism and now Democracy is on its way as the poem is predicting, and how the streets of Berlin in 1945 will always remind us of how a powerful nation can be built and erased from the face of earth within few years.

Good night dear readers.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ewords Shaking The Thrones

Balance Act by Radi Polgo
Balance Act by Radi Polgo.

BedTime's Quote[128]:
"If we could obey our leaders as digesting stones and poisons and say it's delecious - then we might also be able to read letters as scents of roses, and look at pictures as musical vibrations, and hear music as cinematic visualizations -in another word synesthesia " --[x][Sociopolitical-Understanding]

Tonight's Fortune[6]:
"If you donate $5 tonight, you will meet five people in heaven"--[x]

Note:I wrote the following poem to present today's status of "writing what you think" in the Arab World, and how powerful writing can be, and it's our chance to use it to the fullest, the poem is specifically written for any anti-nationalist out there.

Ewords Shaking The Thrones

An Army of A million sharp Words.
Shakes A Thousand Leaders Thrones.
Translates Their Zillion Constitutions
To "Meaninglessness".
To "Emptiness"

It's unleashed From
A Mind of a million magnetic thoughts.
From A faithful Soldier,
Who defeats his enemies,
And Nukes,

...Sharp Words Cover the sun,
With shades from Blue to Red,
The Shadows Of Unity descends upon them
All this could happen,
With his powerful tool,
The pen...
Influenced by [z]

Good Night Dear Readers

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Urban Shadows by Roberto Carnevali
Urban Shadows by Roberto Carnevali

BedTime's Quote[127]:
"I created the illusion so others could make it a reality"--[x] [Political-Understanding].

Political Status: Peaceful.
Psychological Status: Worried

Tonight's Fortune[5]:--> [+]
"Tonight, while browsing your favorite forum on the internet, the grim reaper will knock knock your door, he will ask you - why do you keep talking about me on the forums ? wasn't it enough that I almost allowed you to access to all sinful sites ? or you always look for a way to criticize my role in society? How much freedom do you need except the freedom of shut up? - Don't answer him otherwise you go to hell because not answering him is in itself a freedom of shut up" [x].

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gulfians vs Indians.

Zanzibar - Unknown
Omani Shieks and two servents in the back in Zanzibar 1904.
BedTime's Quote[126]:
"The camel is the symbol of the Arab World
And the Donkey for the Democratic Party
And I am in the middle confused,
Camel or Donkey to choose!"
--[x] [Political-Understanding]

Tonight's Blacklist:
-Prostitution in Dubai [Google Video].
-Dubai Center of The Trade. The trade is done under the police and shieks supervision. [The site is blocked in UAE]. If you want the full article, I can send it to you.

The Civilizations Clash theory might apply to religious cultural conflict between Islam and The west, but I wonder if there's any theory explaining the Indian vs The Gulf's Arabs clash! I had this conversation today with an Indian boy:

[x]: Ok Hindue!
Indian: Screw You racist goat with hair like a sheep [In fact he is not hindue]
Sent at 8:36 PM on Tuesday
[x]: ....English?
Indian: Yeah badduh English
[x]: I can't understand your statement because I did not take Zoology in high school.
Indian: yeah u baddus dont have school
Wahabi madrassas
[x]: We only took Genetic Engineering...Our final was about an experiment on an Indian labor...trying to change his DNA so that his kids look Chinese.
And that's how advanced we are
Indian: Yeah keep dreaming
more than half of your country can't even spell "genetic".
[x]: I failed the exam...and the indian's kid looked Nigerian.
Indian: haha watver
u arabs are racist man
[x]: Yup.
Indian: Is taht wat the prophet taught us
Answer me
Sent at 8:40 PM on Tuesday
[x]: ?
Sure NOT, but we watch a lot of Italian soccer league.
Indian: aite so things are happening more or less as i want
[x]: ok! But [o]'s appartment has no net
Indian: hmmm good point mine has and i can cook here too
[x]: can you cut vegetables too ?
Indian: haha wat a smart question well shows ur IQ again ....
[x]: Can you use a knife in your kitchen?
Indian: u surprise me everytime it talk to u ur level of intelligence is increasing
[x]: Can you use spoons in ur kitchen?
Indian: ur asking more questions now
[x]: Do you eat by hands or toes ?
Indian: well we have special arrangements for goats like u
Sent at 8:59 PM on Tuesday

[x]: Do goats eat with toes?
Indian: nope i guess thats one of your fantasies isn't it ??
[x]: If not, why offending such a creature,
you are violating law #101 of Animal Rights Council issued in 1999.
Indian: lol
[x]: That states We shall not offend any animal intelligence.
Indian: well good to know there are laws to protect u lol
[x]: Yes but too bad there's no law issued yet in the gulf to protect Indians!
Indian: well that shows how racist you arabs are
[x]: sigh...

Good Night Dear readers.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Yellow Mood by [x]
Yellow Mood by [x].

Salt, Sugar,Lemon,
Salty, Sweet, Sour,
fire, Ice
Hot, Cold,
Aspirin, Toxin,
Innocuous, noxious,
I feel like losing you,
But no one knows.
Wait for me.
At least a glance,
Regrets Eclipse my mind.

Note: Written for my sick grandfather.

Good Night Dear readers.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Late for Dinner by todd Laffler
Late for Dinner by Todd Laffler.

BedTime's Quote[125]:
"An accident is not only an event in time, that happens unplanned or unexpected -which mostly causes bad news-, but it's also a sign for awakening." --[x] [Social-Understanding].

Tonight's Fortune[4]:
"Try to ignore smart people, and befriend with ignorants this is the only way to become the president"

"Today many aliens will give you miss-calls, and only one will be meaningful, the rest are just to annoy you because technology to them has no purpose any more". [x].

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Sad

Good Night Dear Readers.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Holes of Arabia

Autumn Leaves by Rob Wray
Autumn Leaves by Rob Wray

BedTime's Quote
Sometime You need evil sinful people - in appearance or ideology - to make you realize to reform your World"--[x] [Sociopolitical-Understanding].



Holes of Arabia[1]: The Beginning;

Back to the desert land, before the Arab men even knew something called borderline or flag or a constitution or at least the concept of "my country is better than yours", all they knew were natures and statues- idols to worship, and tribes to obey. 40 years of Bloodshed over a camel, a poem killed its poet or its savior, an innocent baby girl got buried alive, a baby was born as a slave or a clan leader, all these were just part of their daily costumes, belief and news. Their abnormal love and loyalty toward their tribes made them the weakest, the most separated people of the same blood on the region. While Civilizations scientifically and sociopolitically rose and fell, they stayed the same. Until one day, a man with a message, a very powerful message - There's no God but Allah - his message shook the world, and reformed it to something very unique, since then till today it's been reforming and reshaping the world.

When Islam expanded, from far East to far West, some might believe that it spread by the sword, but that's far from the truth. Islam's peacefulness and civil laws qualities made itself the most acceptable way of life at that time to preserve any one's rights as a human being. Therefore, many people converted and it was easy to keep them under control. For example, Muslims did not unleashed their swords in Indonesia for Islam, nor in America today, the first is the largest Muslim country and the second has Islam as the fastest growing religion. Islam is the most powerful tool to unite people under one umbrella of faith, of social equality and clean from Nationalistic emblemism, and Tribalistic dogmas & unIslamic mythical traditional set of believes.

When We were on the top, and everyone else was wondering and roaming around us, thinking of a way to destroy us, to make us broken pieces of a mirror. When we were careless and got busy about life's wealth and fortunes, when we were busy fighting each others. When we forgot the message we shall spread. The West was rising slowly, peacefully and also bloody aggresively & effectively through revolutions such as the Fall of Andalusia 1492 & The Rise of the Naval imperialist Expeditions powers - Spain, Protugal, & Britain. Then later the American Revolution 1775-1785 & The born of the new nation, then the French revolution in 1789 & The rise of Napoleon. Eventually, The Aftermath of WWI, we fell completely in 1922, historically it's marked as The fall of the Ottoman empire.

The Muslim world in general, and Arab World specifically was gone into an age of darkness and ignorance. The Rise of the Arab nationalism - Thanks to Lowrence of Arabia! - helped so much to end the Ottoman role. In fact, the Ottoman role was very abusive of power in its final days. It actually made the Arab world - ignorant. Maybe, it would be better if Arabs replaced the Ottoman role with Islam - not Nationalism. With the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916 among the colonial powers - without mentioning their ugly names - Most Arabic tribes were happy to be divided in fact, each created its own country, and claimed its "Independence" and labeled itself with weird names, either names associated with their founder or an alienish ancient name.
The questions now are;
  • -Was the way these countries were created and divided fair enough?
  • -Or was it to serve the colonial powers If so, why does a citizen of any of these new born countries become so proud and nationalist toward his so-called flag?

Good Night dear readers.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Colorfully Sad by [x]
Colorfully Sad by [x]

BedTime's Quote[123]:
"Peace is a wonderful word, but in reality, it's a different world."--[x] [Political-Understanding].

"I'm not going to hold and wave my flag, and run wild in carnivals and streets celebrating its Renaissance and its Achievements every year. Because, in fact I don't have any flag nor believe in one, and I celebrate my Renaissance and Its achievements five times a day" --[x]

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Patient, and loving
Weather: Severe Thunderstorm +Tornado Warning.

Note: Congratulation to Aljazeera English, finally someone can watch on TV more blood than on Fox News.

Good night Dear Readers.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Lost Soul. by Oleg dou
Exhibition "Naked Faces" by Oleg dou.

BedTime's quote[122]:
"The Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which states that one can't precisely measure the position and momentum of a particle at the same time, the more precise a person measures one of the two quantities, the more uncertain he becomes about the other, and that's logically also how impossible to determine a person's destiny"--[x] [Social-Understanding].

"It's fair to hang a defeated dictator, because according to Napoleon, History is written by the winners"--[x] [political-understanding].

Political Status: Prepared.
Psychological Status: Worried, prayful.


A Lost Soul
Every night
He whispers a prayer,
It Knocks Knocks,
The 7th sky's gate.
It says:
"O' lord:
Please change someone's fate
Please Don't return My prayer to Earth
I'll strive,
I'll sacrifice
Under the rain
I'd spread my arms wide open.
A soul indeed wants your blessing."

Good night Dear readers.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


BedTime's Quote[121]:

"We have 22 Presidents leading the nation to destruction, but in fact only one is enough to lead us all" --[x] [Political-Understanding].

"One president is gone, and 21 puppets left"--[x].

Good night dear readers.

This post is to be updated.

Friday, November 03, 2006

BTQ[120] + Questioning A Terrorist.

Brooklyn, NY Sept 2006 by Beau
"Brooklyn, NY Sept 2006" by Beau.

BedTime's Quote[120]:
The more you misunderstand, attack, and try to destroy, the faster and bigger it grows, and that is how Islam is in today's World "--[x] [Religious-Understanding].

Questioning A Terrorist:
I quitted watching News TV. I haven't watched any CNN nor Fox News for while. Mostly I'm reading headlines. Nothing seems interesting any more. The Islamic World is going through a very bloody lethal stage, it's being evolved fast everyday and faster than yesterday. I am not worried about The Lazy Arab World, nor about it's being Christianized or Colonized. Nor about The Shia Crescent spread and influence, Nor about Mummifying our presidents. And, I am not worried about the American imperialism in the Middle East. Because, in the end it's the people ,who decide everything not our presidents.

It's just a bloody stage to a different socio-political phase, that the nation is transforming to. Soon, Knowledge will reach its equilibrium, what they have of knowledge will be available to everyone, until another nation becomes the upper hand, The fall of every civilization witnesses a stage of Knowledge equilibria. It's when the nation realizes that its enemies are having their knowledge and even improving it to better, only at this stage, everyone seems knowledgeable, but soon, only one or two have to take the lead. Knowledge is like wealth distribution in any society, between poor and rich, so is with knowledge, educated and uneducated.

They might call us terrorists, islamists, jihadists, islamofacists...etc, but I still don't care, it's just simple and rightful to question their history, and what bloody stages they went through to become who they are today, a very recent stage was the Cold war.
Therefore, I may question myself ;
  1. "If someone is a terrorist today according to the Imperialist-Socio-Political definition, can't he question history's terrorists who became today's heroes invading other countries under the name of democracy, freedom and declaration of rights?"
  2. "Or Does he really believe that he is sinful enough for everyone's good and a better future, like the people who closed churches and killed priests and royalties, during the French revolution that eventually made France an empire under Napoleon?"
Good Night Dear Readers.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

BTQ[119] +TF[3]

BedTime's Quote[119]:
"One of the reasons to have a flag representing any nation is that people get always lost, and politically a flag guides them! "--[x] [Political-Understanding].

Political Status: Brainstorming.
Psychological Status: Loo7ish, quiet.

Tonight's fortune[3]:
Tomorrow morning you will lose half of your -100Kg- weight, although last night you ate a horse, but that's because Earth gravity weakened by half, and it's the only solution for Obesity in the World and specifically in America.

Note: I wrote this poem for a dear friend of mine I used to have before.

The Lost-Friendship Images.

Orange Sun,
White Moon,
Chromatic Earth,
Those Blind Man can't enjoy.

A Colorful flower,
Dies every hour,

A fragile bee.
From Every drought Garden
she flees.

Five Unequal fingers in one hand,
Unmatchable Fingerprints
Are lines drawn by God.
Every friendship is a line,
in my mind.
And You were the special one.

The Universe,
The Colorful Flower,
The fragile creature.
Things that aspire Survival.
To me,
They are just lost-friendship images,
That I didn't desire.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Imagination As A Sin.

Ordinary day by ceslovas cesnakevicius
Ordinary day by ceslovas cesnakevicius.

Imagination As A Sin.

There was no Sun,
And the Moon was none.
The planets orbited dreams,
And Space Time bent in peace.

The impossible became an easy blueprint.
A stairway with no steps.
And No meant Yes.

Money didn't exist,
Everything was free,
And Greediness wouldn't live...
A second.

There was no Humans,
No Woman no Man,
Life wouldn't have gossips nor wars.
Evil deeds wouldn't be defined.
And theology wouldn't be realized.

Imagination didn't exist,
My thoughts wouldn't be given
In a poetic rhythm.
And Creativity would be seen,
as a sin.
Influenced by [z]

Note: the poem is written after I hadn't slept for 28 hours. It's about Imagination existence and its importance to pave a castle of creativity.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

T-F[2] + HP-J[3]

by Rasto Cambal#2
by Rasto Cambal.
Note: The photo is so political, the young against the old man leader. And, he is afraid to speak otherwise he is in jail!

Tonight's Fortune[2]:
"All Arab leaders, who you are going to meet tonight, will speak Lies fluently except one speaks broken English."--[x]

HistroPolitical Joke[3]:
"Once upon a time there was an Arab leader, his name was Camel, and his father's name was Camel too! They ruled a country and named it --- Should I say its name too?!"--[x]

Political Status: Not interested in wars.
Psychological Status: Happy and worried.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tonight's Fortune + A Poem.

untitled By Taci Yuksel
... By Taci Yuksel.

It's interesting how some people believe in "Today's fortune" Those short statements given by astrologist and published by our silly newspapers and magazines. Therefore, I will have my own fortunes given to my readers so maybe this way they will have an idea and be hopeful about future and their unstable fortune. I call it "Tonight's Fortune".

Tonight's Fortune[1]:
"A million men will try to brainwash you, but only one monkey will do so" --[x]

The Poem: Knocking at the Devil's Doors, I wrote this poem a month ago, but forgot about it in my drafts. It's about how our governments think they are perfect. And I am advising the corrupted ones on how to do their skillful corrupting methods! even though they know! even a child got corrupted innocently. It's about How many people take and analyze their society and country separately instead of relating everything from its tiniest element to the biggest one.

Knocking at the Devil's Door.

Where did the truth go!
Everyone wants to know.
The Fool and The Poor,
The Child and The Parents,
The Police and the Thief,
The Leader and the People.

Is there any relation at all?

While the Devil Playing his saxophone
behind our doors,
The Fool solving our problem without a clue
The Child can't find his righteous toy,
The Police's driving his car so slow,
The Leader is betraying his people on the phone.
And Still there's no relation at all?...

Hey Fool,
Teach the people survival,
Little bit Cheating,
Little bit bribing,
Pave them a way to heaven.
And deny the existence of Hell.

Hey Child,
Smoke some weed,
Play violent games during the week,
Become an Atheist,
listen to your father the capitalist,
And Tell Mom,
Life is easier when you are divorced.
And Sex Education is all you wanted
To know about in this life and after.
Otherwise everything is an error.

Hey The Police,
Keep Ticketing those who drive fast,
And make sure the prostitutes never get fat.
Keep them beautiful, meaningful
for your poor customers inside your flat.
Go Arrest those thieves,
Shave their heads,
Sentence them to a life in Prison,
Let them graduate as Professional Criminals
In this new brave World.
And Eventually tell them;
"People safety comes first"

Hey Leader,
Gather the people,
Give them a speech,
Tell them how to live, how to think.
How you cheated death once, twice, and thrice,
In WarStan, KillStan, and DeathStan .
Tell them that their lives are never better, but bitter,
Until they elect you,
the fittest. The sharpest.
Then Live selfishly deafly at your 100s castles,
Die and live forever like a fossil.

Is there any relation yet!
No Sir, no relation at all.
Our country is still so perfect...

Like a watch that's
built By;
a Chinese,
fueled by
An Arab,
functioned by
An Indian.
And Controlled by
An American.

Influenced by [z].

Good Night Dear Readers.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Eid Mobarak - Salty Feeling.

Eid Mobarak by [x]
My Calligraphy: Eid Mobarak by [x].

I just want to say Eid Mobarak all, just If someone is wondering what I wrote in the calligraphy, it says "Eidkom Mobarak, Happy Eid to all"

Salty Feeling.
Salty Tears,
Engraving Stones,
Speechless words,
like the wind.
A whisper,
A glance,
Over your shoulder,
He says "Stop dropping those diamonds down"
A crystal clear,
a dew reflecting the world so green.
I wish I could see those tears,
But joyful lips;
Are better than those regretful halo lids.

Good Night Dear Readers.

My 11th Eid I spend alone.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Sympathetical Word.

I want to be one of the boys by Ognjan Schalamanov
I want to be one of the boys by Ognjan Schalamanov.
Please Click on the photo to see it larger.

BedTime's Quote[118]:

-"A liar is someone who tries to make everyone except himself sounds like a liar"--[x] [Social-Understanding]
-"Love is when you say - I hate you - in a poetical form"--[x] [Social-Understanding]

Political Status: Away.
Psychological Status: Worried, Patient.

A Sympathetical Word.

O'lovely lady,
Your tears falling,
On your favorite poem,
Its ink is dissolving, fading...Away
ٍStop It, probably
Possibily, your eyes,
become dry.
And your love becomes blind.

O'lovely lady,
It's better to look at the sky,
Choose your favorite star,
name it "Lucky boy".
And smile.
Inspired by [y].

Eid Mobarak All, Happy Eid. Another Eid for me I spend alone.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Update: I revised the paper, and made slight corrections.


Of A Man And His Pentagon.


The train came late as usual, it's the only train station in the town, and it always had trains coming way over schedule. The town was empty, just to avoid exaggeration, actually it had very few people. The minority groups ruled the town, the majority group had disappeared since the war began. The town left so alienated and remote from the rest of the nation. Mr.[x] was frustrated because he would miss his job interview appointment for the third time. It was his dream job, it was the only thing he wanted to master - to be an AntiNationalist writer.

He decided to wait longer,there could have been another ghostly dusty rusty train coming by, luckily there was one caming. It stopped, he got inside, it was surprisingly full of the majority group's people. He was puzzled, and went into deep frozen silence. He decided to stop at the last station to meet someone special, it was one hour away. The train was crowded, it was hard for him to find an empty seat, hardly found one, he sat next to an injured old man, almost raptured. He was wearing white and Red uniform, it had many pentagons. Those Pentagons represent the number of damned Nationalists, he executed...--Click for The rest of the story.
Written by [x].
The paper might be revised and changed later.

Good Night dear readers.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

O'self Consciousness.

Alarmed Narcissues by Kristina Buceatchi
Alarmed Narcissues by Kristina Buceatchi.

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Patient, hopeful.


O'self Consciousness.

A Green Mountain,
Birds singing,
Landscape escaping...
There she was,
Standing over the cliff,
watching the world
Became Small.
Her moments became short,
A life time story became a second.

There she was,
closing her eyes,
Smiling or Frowning,
An emotional confusion,
Capturing a million pictures,
Assembling them into one person,
inside a melting heart,
beating for the lucky one.
She said to her self-consciousness;
"...Please forgive me,
I don't want to win,
But to Be won...By the one."
Inspired by [y]

Good night Dear Readers

Monday, October 09, 2006

The World without A Crutch.

Bloom by Armindo Dias
Bloom by Armindo Dias.

The World without A Crutch..
A Nation overwhelms my Brain,
And I try to withdraw..
A Nuclear Attack,
I panic, I freak,
My Soul at the edge of a heart attack...
What a depressing fact...

A Bulldozer runs over the ghettos.
I turn into green and blue,
I can't decide where to go,
I become a refugee,
to live free....

The Solar System,
A Star, and its Planets,
A government and its b*tches.
A lover and his wishes....
...I write a love letter at midnight,
Thinking they would sound different
When the world goes out of sights...Blind.
...I write a wish over a Maple leaf every noon,
..I wrote
"I wish to be you"
"I wish you not to be me"
"I wish I was there"
"And I wish there was Me"

No Time to think of a Romantic letter,
When my nighebor's streets filled with them,
Pollutions, Corruptions,
Humans to Animals going through

Guns, Rifles, Tanks, Warcrafts,
The World will still be at peace,
As long as, there's no Ammo.
....And I withdraw..
From this field of juggernauts.
Influenced by [z].

Note: Poem written in little bit different style, I usually don't like to use "I's". "I" in this poem refers to a refugee who escaped his country, and fell in love, but eventually he realized, his love is and the world around him can't let him think clearly.

Good Night.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Signing A Paper

Every Street by Ed Swinden
Every Street by Ed Swinden.

BedTime's Quote[117]:
"The Most attractive and puzzling thing in a woman is when she is mad, and that's what a man should accept, not hate, to face, and wait for days for her smile. Patient He should be, for It's hurtful, but beautiful "--[x] [Social-Understanding].

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Hopeful, patient.

Signing A Paper.

The Sun was rising,
the Moment was approaching,
Holding his pen, signing...In a black ink.
On a new Constitution.
Writing his last name,
which sounded so tamed.

At the noon,
He announced;
"Our land will know a new future soon,
I am here to erase my father mistakes,
And intakes your sufferings, your complaints.
I was born to lead, and be led by you, the heroes.
I today did sacrifice my life to overthrown
my father, my behalf.

Who used to poison my mind, and Your minds
Destroying our culture and belief,
...May Allah forgive him!
I will bring A new order to enrich
our Military,
Our Economy,
Knowledge and superiority.
We will use the Oil to make more money
For you the people to live in luxury
I have written a constitution based on Sharia,
And drawn by the Media.
And all we have to do is to follow it faithfully"

The Sun rose & sat, rose & sat
, But the land stayed the same,
It was only renamed
from a "Colonized Country"
to the kingdom of the Islamic honey,
to the empire of the enlightening savvy,
to the republic of the Obesity of the Chunky...

His Plans sounded successful,
His people looked miserable...

He lost his sight,
Lost his mind,
Lost his heart,
A machine pumping it with blood,
A pipe feeding him with liquid food,
A laser eye scanning his universe, ..

....His life ended
When his son as he claimed,
"I turned off the machine mistakenly...
While I was signing some papers...
for a brighter
Influenced by [z]

Note: The poem; it's about... Well you know!

Good Night dear readers.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Brooklyn Marine Park 04 by Yongbo Jiang
Brooklyn Marine Park by Yongbo Jiang.

Note: I wrote following, it might be funny, but it's actually related to our daily politics.

Political-Fiction [5]:

Once upon a time [x] was asked by a curious [y] if he remembered his early life and dreams so he answered:

--"I remember the day I was born, I remember I was dropped off, like a water drop, on a blue bedsheet, and an Indian doctor came to me, and said "Ok, here you arrr, Kyoot Babee", I remember he smelled like Coconut oil. To be honest, my nose was disfunction for coco oil smell. He put a tag on my right wrist. The tag had my birthdate, and how many white hair I would have at the age of 12. Then he said to me "Welcome to Earth, Don't tell your mom that the Afghani war isn't over yet. Soon you will have your own passport, your own belief, your own land, or become an illegal immigrant in some superpower countries". I smiled while my mind had thoughts like "Wait until I invade your country and destroy your coconut trees to get rid of people using such oil on their hair", he got scared, and backed off, and said SATAN! My tongue was disfunction at that time otherwise I would reply and say "No, Your holy cow".

In the first night of my life, I enjoyed a process called "Sleep" I had a movie played in my brain, which is an event called "Dream", and a bad dream is called "Nightmare". I had a nightmare, my first nightmare was about a president, it's a term used to name anyone who sucks at politics, this president drank a lot of black liquor endlessly, he called it Spoiled Milk, he refused to share any of it to any one very greedy he was, he tried to arrest me and sent me to jail. However, I suddenly woke up in shock and it was morning , I dropped so much tears, in a process called "Crying" for seeking a breast-fed. My favorite drink at that time was unexpired milk unlike my nightmare president's favorite. Milk is a white liquid produced from a four legged creature that makes a sound "MOO". The doctor came, said "God MorninG". I wish I knew English at that time, but I only knew how to speak "Waa Waa" language, which is not processed by the tongue, but the eyes. The doctor said to me that I was becoming 2 days old and I must look for a wife soon at least within 20 years. I said to him in the Wa wa language " WA WA AAAA WAA WAA" which meant "WTF, I still don't know If I am going to be male or female". The Indian doctor understood and said "Oh No Brobleem, we will wait 20 years".

I left the hospital with my emotional Arabian mother, when we got home, we had a huge party celebrating my victory at the hospital against the Indian's Axis of evil. My turkish secularist sick father was so happy and hugged me very strong like squeezing a kurdish refugee. And, our nieghbors started visiting and giving my mom money to build my empire. I got a lot of money from a Chinese doctor, a Russian nurse, and an Iranian belly dancer although my American grandfather did not like them. Anyhow, within a few days, I bought a huge well-protected fully-armed bed, one tank full of toys and Babyist -babyist is anyone who believes in babyism- musical Anthems, thick bullet-proof diapers, and a 10 years plan to install braces. It was only time for The World to fall in obedience under my feet, until my mom and grandfather started to spank me to behave well, and that's where all my dreams shattered away. And, I screamed "WA WAA'A A A A WAWA" which painfully meant "Mom! Why do You Women get jealous so easily!?" --

Right after [x] finished his tale,

[y] said: LIAR!,
[x] said: Well, look around do you see anyone is honest?
[y] said: Yes, Me.
[x] said: Yes, you are honest since your mom started to spank you as well.

Written by [x].
under revisions.

Previous Political-Fiction[4].

Good night dear Readers.