Saturday, July 29, 2006


Paddyfields#4 by Giovvani.

BedTime's Quote[104]:
" Losing a friend is a sign of failure and reconsideration, and it's been my last name so far." --[x] [Social-Understanding].

Political Status: Sufi.
Psychological Status: Disappointed, Quiet.

The Two Kids' Tales Of The Dark Neon Life.

At a hot night of July 2033 , two kids, whose names and ages were [y] and [x], 10 and 11 years old, were watching a thunderstorm over a small hill in their small quiet village [z]. It was not an ordinary thunderstorm. It was dark neon red, loud, and flashing bright. It was not something from nature, but it was created by humans' misbehaviors, mischievousness, and greediness. It was just another bloody battle in the horizon of that night. A bloody war between Evil and Evil, there was no Good any more in their world. In their World, Evil was defined by Good as good, and Good is defined by Evil as Evil. The two kids watched the storm in the horizon, they thought it was a wonderful lightening sight to make admiring comments on. Cluelessly, they made theories and tales about it.

[x] said That dark neon red life is just a process to create new born babies to life, and we are all from there. It‘s loud and bright flashing because of the new born babies’ smiles and laughter. God must be there taking care of it too, even though I think God is too big to be there. I think my mother is from there too, and she doesn’t want to tell us because she is shy and she never wants to tell us how beautiful that place is. I am sure it’s beautiful if we get closer to it, I am also sure they live longer there and they are never rejected when they ask for something such as Chocolates. [y] interrupted him and said But wait, I thought chocolates were bad for teeth!. [x] said Yes, it’s only bad here, only here, but inside that dark neon red life there is nothing bad. I am sure…. [y] sighed and went quiet, thinking and thinking, then said You know, I think it is something different than what you said. [x] said Oh come on, I am sure it is as I told you.

[y] said Well, maybe but listen to my tale, I think that dark neon red life is a huge theme park, full of games and playful grounds, from the safest relaxing game to the most shocking exciting dangerous game. There must be many clowns, and many colorful faces, like carnivals, with many toys and tools to entertain people. [x] jumped in and said “No, no, no, this is impossible, because a theme park, from farm, usually is not red, but colorful. [y] replied loudly No, It’s red because this one is special, even if you go inside there it’s all free to play any game, and you can play as many times as you want and you never get tired, you don’t even feel time any more, and you can’t tell when to stop or when to start. That’s how exciting and amazing it is. [x] had a disagreeing look on his face, and said Well, I think you just love to play and you don’t care about how life started, you just want to waste your time playing, what a playful kid you are. [y] raised her right eyebrow and looked angry, I don’t care what you think of me, I am just sure that place is amazing no matter how we both think of it. [x] replied mockingly Yes it’s so amazing mostly according to our tales and theories, nothing more. The loud Siren went on again, and they went back running down to their shelters…

Try to define it, to feel it, *** But War is never the same.
When you are not inside it, *** To feel the pain.
Written by [x]. under revisions.
Previous Political Fiction [3].

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

BTQ[103] + Why The Fight.

Why The Fight by [x]
"Injustified War" by [x].
BedTime's Quote[103]:
" To face the enemy, while your nation is divided into small countries, and each country with many parties, and each party with many militia groups, you need to destroy all these borders, all these parties, unite them, then face the enemy. Otherwise, Sooner or later, a clash between those countries, and parties and its militias is inevitable, either the enemy is defeated today or tomorrow" --[x] [Political-Understanding].

MyPhoto: I took the photo two days ago, after I had a blackout at night and spent my night reading some magazines under the candle. The photo speaks itself.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hezbollah vs HezbArabollah

by Lars Raun
"unknown" By Lars Raun.

BedTime's Quote[102]:
" When the pens stop writing, the world loses its ability to read"--[x]

Political Status: Sufi.
Psychological Status: Patient, Insomniac, dead.

Tonight's Blacklist:
- Lebanese Foreign minister quote in meanings- "Hezballah rises Arabs and Arabism heads, and we are proud of it." Hmmm, say that again please?
- If Israel's war against Lebanon is to destroy Hezbullah, why most of the casualties are civilians, and not members in Hezbullah organization!
- Global Warming, in 50 years, we might build houses over the oceans.

Israeli Attacks, and Arab-Nationalists become Cowards:
Hezbollah vs HezbArabollah.

Another War has begun in the Middlized East. Nothing new it seems, it's been always the same war, just different weapons and casualties. It's strange to see how Arabs especially those who believe in Arab-Nationalism reacts. Saudis, Kuwaitis, and others as seen on Lebanese TVs are very loyal and admirers to the Lebanese culture, music, and tourism, but what happened in Lebanon recently will plant hatred among Lebanese against Saudis and others reaction to the Israeli Attacks. For example, Kuwaitis hatred against Palestinians during Saddam Invasion to Kuwait. Arabs when they visit another Arabic country they behave as tourists and say very good things about that country, but when someone attacks it, those Arabs run away and go back to their country, leaving their brothers [Arabists] face their own war. They claim to be brothers and united, but when a problem occurs, they go into a thousand directions, and broken into small pieces. Nationalists are cowards, from far East to far West of The Arab World. No offense, but that's if you a real nationalist.

I completely understand what the Saudis did, it's more like a religious decision. If you make an assumption that Hezbullah is supported by Iran, Iran is a real threat to the gulf, and indirectly Israel has hidden secretive relationship with Iran and Hezbullah, beside those two are shiets. Then Saudia Arabia decision is very wise . If we assume that what we see on TV is true about Iran and its nukes, and the USA reaction to it, then that might mean the USA got Hezbullah trapped in a face-to-face war against Israel to link them eventually to Iran, and then accusing Iran of making the region so instable. Therefore, this gives a green light to destroy Iran's nuclear plans, or this could be another way to get Syria involved in something she does not really want to get into. So much probabilities

It's hard to support Lebanon against Israel for its multiparty system. There are many parties within the Lebanese society, and each one seeks different goal, and each can become a different threat to any Arab country or western country beside didn't they learn their lesson from the first war? Instead, they kept singing and belly-dancing, instead of building a strong nation to face the giant killing machine next door. Instead of being united, their many parties went debating about the better political system to govern the people, Syria to leave Lebanon, and Rafiq Al-Hariri's death. After all this, they expect peace? If they want peace, they better get prepared for war.

You want to get all Arabs excited? Just kill an Israeli soldier, and they will run all around happy it's like they freed Palestine. That's how desperate they are to glory. They go blind all of a sudden when someone attacks Israel, no matter who it is, majority of Arabs like Hitler because he attacked Jews, now they support Hezbullah without knowing how it functions or what its main goals or what's so ever, all they care about is that it attacks Israel. Arab public are making big mistakes over and over again, long time ago Jamal Abdul Nasser made Arabs excited when he talked so loud of microphones against Israel, later on Egypt ended up with an ecopolitical relation with Israel. When Osama bin Ladin attacked the USA in 911, at the moment of the attack when it was "Live" on TVs. Arab Public were so happy, and felt like they defeated an empire, without thinking how unethical and evil it was. Few years later, Arabs supported Osama less and less, I am afraid tomorrow they will find out that he is an American spy!!!

Dear Arab Muslims don't get excited, don't get hot, and emotional. Think and don't look at the burning children and women underneath the crumbling buildings in Beirut streets on Aljazeera TV. Everywhere in your world there's a mosque, there's the sound of Athan, and Quran, pray and discipline your soul and society, wait for the right moment to make a change. Capturing two Israeli soldiers did not bring anything to you so far, but more than 200 Lebanese civilians dead, not to mention the economical disaster. Politics is dirty and I feel sorry for those civilians who are being killed for no reason, but an evil under-table political plan to achieve something unknown so far. What's going on now in Lebanon is a clear proof of Arab-Nationalism failures.
Written by [x].
+For further reading, read BriefWord[10] Paragraph 7,8, and 9.

I'm sorry, I haven't written any thing for more than a month, I've been through study problems, and others, Thanks for those who read what I've written and commented, and sorry If I did not reply to any one. Good Night dear Readers.