Friday, March 11, 2005

That's me unfortunately. Posted by Hello

Night No sleep

It's late Night here, I've not slept yet. Oh well, I'm going to bed right now. I have talked alot today about many things to many people. Such as, Sex Education, Worm Holes, Black Holes, Indian cultural social issues, hmmm The origin of Languages, and finally Myself hehe. It's so funny that Earth is getting heavier every day,I think it's getting heavier coz of the fast food that we eat or coz of the Saudi Oil?...well If I was a republican I would blame terrorists for making the Earth heavy. However, If I was a democrat, I would blame The republican's bad health care plans...but If i was an african, I would only blame Myself for not making enough Civil Wars to reduce Earth's population which would cause Earth be lighter. Anna Nicole was fat, I wonder how she lost it all. hmmm I think she drunk some Acids to burn all that Tars inside her. Anyway My bed is calling and my fat-brain is sneezing...Adios/tschuss/ciao/bye...

Note: This is the post #10
I'm playing with Hello and Picasa..trying to figure it out and oh yes my head almost exploded for learning trying to figure out the center of the universe which i realized finally it's my tiny brain...goodnight. Posted by Hello

Monday, March 07, 2005

Today's Hot

It's hot today, It's around 15-20c. I makes me feel like a hot balloon. Yesterday I saw the movie Red Dragon, It was good, I like it except that it can't be real. The concept of the movie is so fiction. Yesterday also I played two games, I lost one and won one. I was in bad shap...etc Anyway I have to go now,I might later write another post..

Friday, March 04, 2005

This's the place where all the uknown people became known, such as Khatab, Al-walid...etc. The only way to spread peace is to limit it.  Posted by Hello


Goodmorning all, It's 10:07am, I have many thing to do today. I need to practice for sunday's two games. It's so amazing that the whole universe was liquide before it became like we see it today. Anyway I have to go now,sorry for not being talkative enough

This's how I was born, The figure shows clearly how I was created. Posted by Hello

That's not me Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Time is relative.

It's noon right now, Time has run 18hours since the last time I posted. Time is so relative that even when we get old our past seems so short so fast like a blink of an eye. The most interesting thing is that Delaying the Time seems easier than rushing it that's why we tend to be lazier than hard-workers...hmm Am I saying that I'm lazy too! No, No, and No. I'm only saying that we need to invest time more and more in good things better than delaying it. I mean by delaying is by saying "I'll do it tomorrow, delaying the thing you want to do til tomorrow". In other words, I call it Gambling with Time. It's more effecient to say "I'm doing it" rather than saying "I'll do it" or "I'm going to do it". Just say, I'm doing it. Although, you are not actually doing it, it's just to emphasize the action you are thinking to do, or the work you are assigned to do. Well, I don't even know why I'm talking about this! Silly. Anyway I'm late to work 7minutes! you know why I am late? not because I am typing this right now, it's because I delayed time, I said "I'm going to go" I did not say "I'm going".

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

my Introduction.

I am new to this Blogger thingy. I'm amazed by google hidden world. It's making the cyber-space more interesting, more exciting, competitive, and simply mysterious. My name is nezitiC. I spell it backward. For only one reason- to insult Nationalism, to create a new concept, or in fact recreating renewing an old forgotten concept. Anyway, I don't want to get deep into that and go away, far away from the main reason I am typing in here is to introduce myself in general. I'm in my mid 20s of age. I am interested in some programming, science (physics,astrophysics,cosmology,biology..etc), politics, poems, and more. I play soccer, guess what!, I just joined a new team soponsered by a medical school, I play in a league, a local league. Oh yes, I forgot to mention I am in ___. My new team is good, I played my first game last Sunday, We won 3 - 1. I was a main player for the first game I played...hmm. I think I am more open to talk so openly about myself. I thinnk I'm going to stop talking about myself.
It always amazes me how people realize things and how they analysis it too. I noticed that most people are really bad problem-solvers. They really solve things that are not really related to the main problem represented to them. For example, If the problem is " Is The Earth Spher?", they would answer this question like "The Earth goes around the sun, and so it's round and that's maybe why the moon is orbiting around it"...confusing! I think it doesn't make sense at all. That's exactly how people solve problems, their answers sound right but in the same time deeply they don't make sense. I want to type more and more but my wrist started hurting. So Goodevening all. I finished working ! yes I have a job..

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

New to the new world..

I'm new here and this is my first post. This picture from my fav artist, Greg Martin.