Tuesday, January 31, 2006

January06 Bests

Here you go, best things in January06 or things I knew or read or wrote about during this month.
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History :The Six-Day War..
Books: American Vertigo.
Political-PoemsBy[x]: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11].
Social-PoemsBy[x]: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5][6][7][8][9][10].
Songs: HiM's Don't Fear The Reaper [Acoustic].

1- AudioBooks For Free.
2- Muslimedia [Islamic Encyclopedia, in Arabic].

Since I visited many blogs, These are the top 3 of this month.

1- Nameless .
2- Serdal.
3- The Zephyr and I [Poetry Blog]

--> decision made according to blog's posts, quality, and presenting ideas informatively.
"Only One Post Enough to make a whole blog the best".--[x]

Worst things in January: Iran's President and Sharon.

New to February: SocioPoliLogics For Beginners


Welcome to February 2006

BTQ[67] + [o]'s Daily[18]

BedTime's Quote:
Wondering, If we can also boycott Arab Leaders beside the Danish products because that will be great" --[x][Political-Understanding]

Political Status: Buddhistical.
Psychological Status: Calm, Patient, Missing.

InfoBlog: Sadeem [Arabic Blog]

Note: I am tired of writing although I want to write many things. I want to play soccer again, I haven't played for 2 months and the league is coming soon. [o] is doing fine, he is my son now,hehe. You want to hear something about [o]?
Ok I will tell you.

[o]'s Daily[18]:
Sunny and warm.
I was with [o] outside at school, he saw a girl:

He said "Hey I know this girl"
I said "Who is she?"
He said "Her name is Oor"
I said "Huh, Are you sure?"
He said "Yes"
I went quiet, then I said to myself "How the hell did he get to know her!".
then suddenly he called her name loudly "OOR OOR"
it sounded like "Wh*re Wh*re",
I went silent, sigh, hopeless.
When he came back to me,
I said "You know what you just called her ?"
He said "Yeah OOR OOR"
I said " Nevermind"

The End. 100% true story.

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Monday, January 30, 2006

A Satanic Professor + BTQ[66]

A genius fool,
A superficial look.
A PHD Certificate on his Wall,
A Mental-HIV in his dirty soul.
Thinking of himself as
God of Knowledge,
Just another foolish man
Living in a lodge.
Memorizing a thousands pages book
Doesn't make you Genius,
Nor God,
Nor Buddha,
Nor Vishnu,
Nor Satan himself.
A human being,
You are,
Made of Clay like me.
Blessed By God,
Or Whoever you believe in.
Don't curse my ignorance.
Don't Praise your arrogance.
A lazy Filthy mind you created,
A miserable Life you gave me,
I'm only a knowledge seeker,
Not Another God I claim to be.
What You did to me,
is worse than any terrorist Attack,
It's a suicidal mental hack.
An Educational Terrorism I call.
That will never fall.
I wrote this for you.
Satanic Professor.
Influenced by [z]
Rated [R] for F word.

Note: Written for my friend's teacher, who gave her a bad grade for her work, even though she did the best.

New Islamic Year.

BedTime's Quote[66]:

"God And Creed or God and Greed?" --[x][ Social-Understanding]

Psychological Status: Tired, Sleepy, and Worried.

MyDaily: Today I really wrote a lot, 4 posts. and a draft, and brainstormed. The white hair is growing wider!

Today for The East, but Tomorrow for the West, is the New Islamic Year, it's the year 1427 in the Islamic Calendar. or The Lunar Calendar. The Lunar Month starts with the new moon.

Good Night Dear Readers.


Habari Yako*?
Nzuri *?
just an Embozi*?
O' Mr.Kibaki.

Buying Cars
That cost Millions
Of Kenyans Starvations.
Your people feed on Ugali*
While You eat expensive dishes
Of caviar and Sushi.

Another corruption on Planet Earth
That doesn't get so much attention.
USA busy on Iraq,
Some busy on Iran.
The rest Of the world
Just busy watching Oprah on big Screens.

Four Millions people
Falling into an empty stomach,
Four Millions' President
Living on a filthy rich buttock
Wake up Africa,
Read History
Stop Your ignorant poverty.
Influenced by [z]

Habari Yako: How Are you? In Swahili.
Nzuri: Good in Swahili.
Embozi: Goat in Swahili.
Ugali: Traditional Swahili dish made of cornmeal mush.

Note: Written for Kenya's president Kibaki.
The cars he bought cost $10 Millions dollars, which are enough to support 150,000 HIV positives and put 25,000 children into School for 8 years, Working Class Kenyans make $1 a day.

Note:This post is being reviewed


My Calligraphy
Drawn by [x]

"Talks and Peace, and Oneself is dreams"

I hope I translated right.

  1. BriefWord[11]: Sunni or Shia?
  2. Open-Source Ideology
Psychological Status: Religiously-confident.


Lyrical's Quote:

I have this song for 4 years now, I like it lyrically at least, It's by Iron Maiden, Heavy Metal band or Epic Metal one. It's called Public Enema number one, this is part of the song:

Previous Lyrical's Quote[3]

Political Status: Defensive.
Psychological Status: Calm, Patient.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Same Word

by Milena Galchina

"Let him write the same Word,
On every tree's branch
On every leaf fell down,
Just to convince the World,
He's not wrong


"Could not Sleep,
Too Much Thinking,
Again and Again,
Until my fingers started to bleed. "--[x]

Note:I write a lot, I can't sleep much, or I sleep on wrong times, I wrote yesterday the following BriefWord, even though I was in really bad mood, but writing does help.


The Arab Democracy has gone DemoCrazy.

The World and its new order, a democratic order, a one-two-three numerical order. So pure, perfect, and innocent it appears. A political Ideology that's applied to small nations by superpower nations. An Ideology, that's proven a disaster historically. An ideology, that bears none and it adopts everyone, and it divides a nation into two and rarely unites them into one. In the Arab World democracy is becoming a fashion show with ugly models. Everything new comes from the West to the Middle East is misused and abused! A mystery that remains more than a secret in History.

Democracy is a criminal, a devil, and a sinful child if it's been taken advantage of. Unfortunately, it's always been taken advantage of. History does prove indirectly that Democracy is the machine, which paves a road through mountains for those, who could not be heard, to be heard by a majority of their people. With a Strong propaganda, money, and powerful words, one can easily use this machine and pave his way to power. With Democracy Hitler got to Power, Bush, The current Irani president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Moreover, Hamas few days ago got to Power as well. Democracy paves the road to anyone who knows how to move the emotions of his nation. The Weaker the Nation is, and the stronger the candidate is, the easier he gets to power.

Democracy with its Election system is just a disaster, it always causes a nation to be divided like in Bush's election, or it rarely unites the nation unless the president was Saddam, who usually won by 99% of the votes. There should be a minority who chooses the leader, no need for everyone to go and vote, it's not like all people know what politics is, it's not like every one really knows the presidential candidates well too. That's the election in general at least.

However, in the Arab World, the Election is even worse, there might be a fight in the polls where people vote. There might be people protesting against something unknown, there might be someone rejecting a vote and another accusing someone of cheating! One is buying votes until he wins, for him The Election is a wall-street stock market. For example, the last Egyptian parliament election, the Muslim Brotherhood party won many chairs in the parliament, behind the scene during the voting process, people fought, people argued that someone cheated, some feared the Muslim Brotherhood to win and so on. Hence, having more than one party in a country is just one of the Democracy's problems.

KSA for example, had the first-ever Municipal Election in its History. Wow! An achievement it seems to the West who tries so hard to spread Democracy. The sad fact is that Democracy in KSA was just tribalized. Democracy in the Arab World is also tribalized, in BriefWord[8] ,It's mentioned that Tribalism functions strongly in micro-social level, while Nationalism functions strongly in macro-social level. The point is that during Democratic Elections, which usually applies on micro-social level, Tribalism or its Traditions plays big part in deciding who wins a chair, or who loses another. One will vote for his tribe member or relative not for someone, who is well-deserved and more qualified such as in Oman. Democracy has gone Demo-crazy in the Middle East.

It's interesting to see how this Arab World functions, it doesn't function normally at all, It's almost impossible to please. The West tries to support their puppet presidents they didn't like it. They tried to spread Democracy among them and they still didn't like it. They support Israel somehow they hate the West for that, even though they were responsible for it. They supported Saddam once they didn't like it, they stood against him and they didn't like it. They supported Kuwait against Iraq and they still didn't like it, in fact they were divided on that. Some might question, what do they like? Or what kind of Democracy or Democrazy would fit them?

It seems to be so hypocritical situation. Actually, the Arab Society is divided within itself. It's divided ideologically between Religious Belief, and Nationalistic-Tribalistic-Traditional Belief. That's why their judgment and reaction toward the West is so confusing. For example, invading Iraq by The U.S forces seemed so wrong to Iraqis as Iraqi nationalists, but it seemed so wrong to Arabs Muslims. For Arab Muslims it was an attack against Islamic Country. To Arab Nationalist, it was an attack against an Arab country. To a Sunni Iraqi, it was an attack against his homeland. To A Shia Iraqi, it was a victory against a dictator.

All Arabs are divided and confused ideologically, there's nothing, that's uniting them. They pretend to be Muslims while being a communist. They pretend to be Muslims while the concept "3eeb" [shameful] is overtaking the concept "Haram" [Forbidden], Tribalism. They pretend to be Muslims while they are following tens of parties, which each has different ideology, within a small piece of land. And, When it's time to make a political decision toward The West all these ideologies are mixed up between Religious Belief or Nationalistic, Tribalistic Traditional Belief. The West has for sure missed this point, or misapproached and mitaken the Arab Democrazy problem,

Majority of Arabs don't analyze the problem into small pieces and try to collect all these pieces into a big picture, but instead they draw the big picture, then they break it into tiny pieces, then they leave it broken for others to get involved within. And, when someone gets involved within, they blame him, and say "You want to invade us", "You hate us", "You are trying to Brainwash us". However, the real picture is that They have broken themselves into pieces, and weaken themselves. And, that makes others to get in, and collect the pieces as they desire, then draw their own picture, which matches an image they have.

They have been trying to apply Democracy on the Arab world, and Democracy means "Let The people draw their own Image", so far, so hopeless. The Arabs have kept drawing a tribalized DemoCrazy image of themselves or a fanatical Islamic demoCrazy. It's been so weak or so extreme, nothing is in the middle yet.

-What should there be in the middle to make all these Democracy issues work fine?
-What shall we be to make a middle ideo-ware combine the two into one, not weak nor extreme?
-What shall there be done to avoid tribalizing and traditionalising Democracy?

As usual, answers are not expected, but these are questions to have a deeper thinking for you dear readers to realize your current situation in a different approach. I would have written more and more, keep going on this, but again all of a sudden I stop to look for another clue for our miserable situation in another BriefWord.

This Post might be edited by [x]
All been written by [x], according to his observation and thinking

Previous BriefWord[9]

Friday, January 27, 2006


BedTime's Quote:
"A thousand moods in a second of time is a women hard to define" --[x][Social-Understanding]

Political Status: On Treaty.
Psychological Status: Mental-Blocked, Patient.

RadioBlogList[8]: The Movie Fight Club, a speech by Brad Pitt, Part of it:
"We have no Great War, no Great Depression. Our Great War is a spiritual war. Our Great Depression is our lives. We've all been raised by television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars"
InfoBlog: The Zephyr and I [Poetry Blog]

This week's been really boring although I wrote, thought and brainstormed a lot. I want to write something, I have the ideas, but sometime If I don't have a good way to knot my ideas and represent them in a good way, which then a reader won't get offended with my extreme solutions or even get confused. Then, I have this Mental-block, where it leaves me empty, but full. Empty of creativity, and full of ideas.

I haven't watched Tv News for four days now. Only yesterday, I saw on Tv and read some Forums that Hamas won the election in Palestine. And they started conflicting with each other somehow like Fatah with Hamas and so on. That's just how stupid The Arab World is. Then All people get busy about it on this News. I didn't even bother about it, just another political tidal wave to hide another's crimes televesionally.

I prefer to sit back, and observe closely, then try to find the real problem in us, not them [the West]. It's always better to look at yourself before looking at others. It's always better to look inside the box before looking outside it. When questioning an orbiting object behavior in Space-time, it's always better to observe the reason and cause of its behavior, scientists observe the objects around it, and how they interact to each other to come up with a conclusion of what causes such behavior. There's always something centering all the problems, and all these problems interact with each other in the fabric of social network. Exactly like how an object bends the space-time fabric causing other objects to misbehave in Space.
Open Source Ideology.

Good Night Dear Readers

A Sinful Trade.

Falling Tears,
After Watching the News.
Something gone wrong,
Something I couldn't define,
A social Disorder,
that needs a problem-solver.
Destroying an old Realization
Building a new Conception
Say A prayer,
Closing my eyes,
and tell the story.

Importing Souls,
From Ukraine
And Moldova,
A multi-billions Trade,
A human Trade,
Half A million Women
Sold for Human Greed,
What a bad Seed,
For Five Hundreds Dollars
To a Thousand Dollars
Money isn't counted,
When A woman's Pride isn't shrouded
A Curse Hunting us after
The Communist Fall.
An Aftermath that still hurts us all.
From The Black Sea,
To a global tearful scene
Influenced by [z]

Note: Written for Sex Slaves, A trade that spreads widely in the world, exports to Middle East, North America, Eastern Europe, Turkey and more. Half a million women are annually kidnapped mostly from Ukraine and Moldova, then sold, used and abused, they are controlled by their masters, who are called PIMPs. Yes Pimps, 50cents, and more rap singers are so much proud singing of Pimpism, what a silly World we are living in. I'm sure 50 cent doesn't even know the women, who he has had sex with, where they came from. Such a social disorder planets hatred within me toward it, nothing more.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

An Ideological Creation.

From the ruins,
An Ideology Rises.
A thought that can't be denied.
A Brick of imagination,
that Starts to build A house of realization.
A Brain cell is a unit to measure Creativity,
Not to be killed by a glass of alcoholic Stupidity.

The Universe is a web,
Made of Silky Atoms,
Made of Ideas,
Not another String theory.

Via Logics, and Patient.
The Mind is an existing creation.
Via Love and Tolerance.
A Unity is an inevitable destination.

A Thankful Creature, He is.
For Having His mind
Functions at least once at a time.
Influenced by [z]

Note: Written to describe the beautiful brain's realizations and how an ideology is born.
Note: This is the post #320

A Promise + BTQ[64]

Stop a second,
Ms. RainDrop.
and look back Years,
Find What've been lost,
and give me the rest
For you to gain its best.
Please Don't Blink Your Eyes,
Because You might wake up
Out of your dream,
And Nothing can be real.
Let me make my promise
Become True.
And your life easy
For sure.
In My Life,
There's only one dream.
To build a bridge
To future,
To Your Ego.
In The Zenith of Your Mindful Broken Show,
My words will keep you alive.
And My promise to rebuild
What've been lost.
In Years.
Inspired by [y]

Note: Written for [y].

Bedtime's Quote[64]:
"A Rose is something so beautiful, that attracts honey bees and a gun is something so powerful, that attracts ignorance" --[x] [Political-Understanding]

"Becoming Popular after Death, and Death after Sorrow is a destiny to remain a mystery" --[x] [Social-Understanding]

InfoBlog: Waraq Jodran [ Arabic blog ]

Political Status: On treaty.
Psychological Status: Depressed.

Good Night Dear Readers..

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


إنَّ الأمّة الإسلامية لا تعرفُ الحدودَ السياسية ، وإنَّ الحدودَ الإقليمية جرائمٌ سياسيةٌ في الإسلام ، فليس بين دولِ الإسلامِ جوازُ مرورٍ ، ولا تأشيرة دخولٍ أو خروج ...
(إنَّ هذه أمَّتكم أمَّةٌ واحدة ٌوأنا ربّكُم فاَعْبُدُونِ

فضيلة الشيخ عبدالحميد كشك رحمه الله

The Dying Lung

By Tree.
Count to Three,
Two are gone,
Another is born,
Killing Our lung,
Digging her Diamonds,
For Our Earthy demons,
Making Earth Naked,
Filling human's thirst
Of Money to make papers
For ignorants to write on,
And Houses made of wood.
By Katrina They couldn't have stood.
Cutting One more tree,
Causing Extinction
Of Millions Species,
Of Millions Ecosystems.
Living under one umbrella,
Made of Amazon,
And being Burned by Greedy Morons.
Influenced by [z]

Note: Written for the dying Amazon forest.
Amazon's Species: The region is home to ~2.5 million insect species, tens of thousands of plants, and some 2000 birds and mammals.
Amazon Rainforest: Amazonian evergreen forests account for about 10% of the world's terrestrial primary productivity and 10% of the carbon stores in ecosystems.
Because of the increased pace of rainforest destruction 24,000 sqr.kms of rain forest were cut down in 2003 alone, Deforestation figures. About 15-18,000 sqr.kms of the Amazon rainforest is disappearing annually that's like somehow destroying two Qatar every year.
In Brazil alone, European colonists have destroyed more than 90 indigenous tribes since the 1900's. With them have gone centuries of accumulated knowledge of the medicinal value of rainforest species. As their homelands continue to be destroyed by deforestation, rainforest peoples are also disappearing.
Brazil Diamonds and gold: it is estimated that since the discovery of diamonds in Brazil (1723) the total yield has been 12,000,000 carats, valued at $100,000,000. Brazil is the 4th largest Gold producer in the World, 50,393 kg of gold in 2000.Brazil is one of the richest country in the World, the problem is high population, and corruptions.
Ref: Wikipedia, Catholic Encyclopedia.
More Infos: Brazil Minning

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


BedTime's Quote:
" During Wars, a man misses nothing but peace. During Peace, a man misses War" --[x] [Political-Understanding]

Web: NOVA.

Political Status: Blitzkriegist
Psychological Status: Worried, Tired, Heavy-Brainstorming.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Three Religions.

A Foggy Day,
After the rain,
That washed a battle ground.
At the dawn,
A crying baby,
Crossing the lands,
Of Religions of Three.
A Cross mixed with blood,
A blood spilt on A Quranic Verse,
La Ellaha Ela Allah.
The Star of David Fell Between them.
Yahuwa Elah.
Silence's gone forever then.
Influenced by[z]


Yahuwa Elah: He is allah in Hebrew.
La Ellaha Ela Allah: There's no God but Allah in Arabic, Islamic belief.
Glory to the Lord, it is said in churches, and it's Hebrew originally.

Note: Written for the religious conflicts in the World. I am getting busier everyday. However, I am still able to post! lucky you! :).

Monday, January 23, 2006

BTQ[62] + RBL[7]

BedTime's Quote:
"Why is it ok to watch Aljazeera Tv once more and burn another American flag!? while the real flag to burn is our own" --[x] [Political-Understanding]

RadioBlogList[7]: Arc of Space - Bruce Dickinson [The Vocalist of Iron Maiden].

Profile: Bruce Dickinson is a singer,a song writer, literaturer, trains technology, a pilote and flying Beong 757 as a first officer for some airlines. He is also a good guitarist, and he does music projects alone and releases albums with his band Iron Maiden and solo albums for himself. he released 9 solo albums for himself, and over 10 albums with Iron Maiden!. He also studied History in many universities in UK, plus he was an active student in politics. He was a good student.
Ref: Wikipedia.

I like his writings sometime, they inspired me sometime too, and I like Iron Maiden.

Note: If you want any of the songs displayed in my RadioList, I will send it to you, just let me know.

Good night Dear Readers. Thanks in advance for reading my blog.

Who is s[he]?[3]

Name: Kim Peek,
Age: 54 years old,
Born: November 11, 1951.
Nickname: the human computer or as his father likes to call him "Kimputer"

A mystrious brain, a powerful Human being, A hunchback look, a kind heart, a genius mind. In every second a brain cell is never wasted. Every glance, every word read are stored in his never-proven existing mind.
That's Kim Peek. Kim has savant syndrom and autism, he has problems in social communications, and thinking in abstracts. He can't be very creative but he is a memorizing machine. Some of his abilities are:
- He memorizes fully 9000 books after just reading them once.
- He read the novel "The hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy 480pages" within one hour and 25min, and he can recall any character in the novel and refering to the page numbers.
- He reads a page in 8 to 10 seconds.
- He can read two pages in the same time a page for each eye!
- He started memorizing books at the age of 18months.
- He memorizes Telephon books, and road maps.
- He can give directions to any place within the USA, giving you directions by street names, zip codes and so on. He knows all the area codes and zip codes of the USA. Exactly like how Yahoo does.
- He can give you any day of week corresponds to any given date like 23rd of Jan 2006 is Monday, or 23rd January 1983 was Sunday.
- He has 15 interests at least, History, sports, movies, geography...etc
- He can identify 100s of classical compositions, and tell when and where each was composed.
- the movie Rain Man was inspired by him.
- NASA did some experiments on his brain.

Ref: Scientific American[Dec 2005], Wikipedia.
Previous Who is s[he]? [2]


Note: You might first need to read this Political fiction[1] before reading the second part.

vs Omnisism.
In 2060,
And Fake,
The World has become.
Peace and Treaties Spread 360 degrees wide.
Life gave birth of two new Political Systems.
Five years after the first great Ideo-Political world shift, after nations converted to something opposite, to something paranormal to each, after the war of ideologies have ended, after the winners started writing another history book for us the citizens of Earth to read. The West with its Islamic System, and the Middle East with its Zionists, Globalists and Free Masonics system are on a treaty. The World is witnessing something so new, so attractive to know about, but so fateful to reach. New Socio-Political Systems emerged, Nemoism and Omnisism.

The first believes in no one, It's like 20th century's Dictatorships, but it's even worse in practice than any dictatorship existed before. It's not a dictatorship of manipulating people and abusing them socially, and using them for economical enslaving purposes, and giving them very limited freedom. It's completely beyond imagination, beyond any dream a man saw at night. This system doesn't only control our physical environment[z] to our ideological belief, but it's also controlling our DNAs. It's like an HIV virus that changes a body cell's DNA to matches its DNA. Nemoism is governed by scientists unlike the 20th century's dictators, who were mostly bunch of ignorants, who only had so much money to buy another's money to overtake another's power! Such as, the Russian Dictators, The Arab puppets Dictators, the East Asian Dictators, and more. Nemoism is an absolute perfect dictatorship system, which every communist, or African, or Arab, or Asian dictator wished to have. Nemoism exists in the Middle East Zionist Free- Masonic world, where it did really find its perfect spot to implement its rules in complete scales.

In the other side of the ideological conflicting world, there lies Omnisism, it believes in Everyone, It's a complete network of people, it's supposingly governed by me, you, him, her, and them. It's not like 20th-21st Century's Democracy, which during its Presidential Elections, Civil Wars started to flame up, and societies split into two, three, or even 100 just in the case of the Middle Eastern Democracy. It has no election, people don't choose their presidents, because they are simply chosen genetically, by science it is done. Omnisism is a scientific democracy, governed by people but applied by scientists!, it's unlike the 2000-2008 American's democracy, which was governed by Bush, a person with a low IQ, and a high IT [Intelligent Terrorism]. People think they are the government, but unfortunately scientifically they are not, scientists are the only ones, who can run the show by letting their people non-scientists to participate in any political decision while they have already changed their DNA to match certain propaganda. That's just an absolute Democracy. There's no disagreement there's nothing politically wrong, almost seems like an Utopian society. Unfortunately, it's just another Matrix movie on a big screen made 60 years ago in Hollywood Industry, but applied in reality in 2060. Omnisism did strongly grow large in Europe under Islamic Power. It did not spread fast enough around the world because it started after Nemoism had already taken more than half of the world's ideological lands.

None of the two scientific socio-political systems attracted [x]. To his [z], and his people, Omnisism is the best system ever existed there. To him, both systems don't really create something he dreams of, all they did is that they mixed old systems with pure scientific logics to manipulate people in different ways, that even the people themselves don't feel the similarities between Yesterday and Today. The World didn't only shift logically, but it also adopted new systems to control its people. They are not really new, but they adopted old ones and renamed them. They are nothing more or less than the Roman Empire, that existed thousands years ago.

The bad thing is that, People don't read history because History itself is rewritten whenever a war is ended by someone's victory and another's death. [x] started to pretend that he is an Omnisist just to please the world around him and not to rebel, otherwise what he has in mind won't grow large someday. The Aftermath of the first Great Ideo-political World Shift didn't only rebuild the Earth, but it did also change its core to everyone's toe. Leaving [x] with no choice is, nevertheless, to pretend to be someone else while he's trying to create something in the middle to get both of the two Worlds.

Omnis = Every, Everyone in Latin.
Nemo = No One in Latin.

Written by [x]
Previous Political fiction[1]

Note: This post might be edited later, because I wrote it while I was asleep, and didn't recheck.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

MLS[8] Arab Ipodism

Arab Ipodism, A phenomena spreads faster than religion, and knowledge. What's an nationalistic Ipod? Defining it politically and economically depending on a certain nationality!? The Arab World is wide, and big, and these are some definitions of Nationalistic ipodism:

- An Omani is someone, who wants an ipod but can't buy it.
- A Saudi is someone, who can buy an ipod but don't know how to use it.
- A Kuwaiti is someone, who can buy an ipod but prefers to buy two of the same kind
- A Bahraini is someone, who buys an ipod and says the best one is the one he has.
- A Qatari is someone, who buys an Ipod and says It's made in USA.
- An Emirati is someone, who buys an ipod, takes pictures of it and posts it on flicker.com.
- A Yemeni is someone, who asks "What's an ipod?", then when he buys it, it gets stolen.
- An Algerian is someone, who buys an ipod and says "Why it's not in French"
- A Moroccan is a female, who can't buy an ipod until she visits the gulf countries.
- An Egyptian is someone, who can't buy an ipod unless he is an actor,singer or belly dancer, or maybe a Hussni Mobarak's relative.
- A Lebanese is someone, who has an ipod and claims that Lebanese music plays the best on only it.
- An Iranian is someone, who has an ipod but he can't play any western music on it
- A Syrian is someone, who wants an ipod but USA doesn't import it to him any more.
- A Palestinian is someone, who buys an ipod in a refugee camp.
- A Sudani is someone, who buys an ipod while a famine rate is increasing in his country.
- An Iraqi is someone, who buys an ipod,and then got kidnapped for being a U.S consumer.
- A Terrorist is someone, who buys an ipod and installs a bomb in it while playing Michael Jackson in it.
- An Arab in general, is someone, who buys all sorts of ipods but can't make one.
- An Israeli is someone, who buys an ipod and claims that a Jew invented it.
- [x] doesn't buy an ipod until 1000 [y]s tell him it is nice to do so.
- [o] is someone, who buys an ipod and tries to chat with old women through it.

That's all called Arab Ipodism, Mocking-LifeSystem harsh, rough, and very offensive. Reality is really heart breaking.
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Friday, January 20, 2006


Drawn by [x]
My Calligraphy
"Complex Thoughts"

BedTime's Quote:
"I always dream of having a world full of letters and thoughts, no symbols no icons to represent us" --[x] [Social-Understanding]

Pictures of the Week [Time's]

Political Status: Prepared.
Psychological Status: Happy, worried.

Note: I am still fixing my laptop, I used Ubunto Linux on it little bit but could not run the hardwares on linux. Anyway now installing Windows Pro, Good night dear readers
Note: This is the post #310 ! ! !

Happy Miraculous Birthday

In January 20th 19[xx].
[x] was born according to his mother.
She said His Birth was a miracle,
His Father said it was a fairy tale.
A Myth to his tribe,
An Indian movie to his friends.
Years Passed and he grew up
Bold But not Old.
Bold Mentally,
Not Old Physically.
For 19 years
He kept forgetting his Birthday.
What a man he was,
A useless brain,
Skinny and lame.
He tried to change his people.
But he ended up
like a donkey following an apple
A society he lived in,
that looked like New York City,
In Cloth.
But looked like Somalia,
In Thought.

Today is his birthday,
And Still He won't celebrate it.
A miracle Day to his mother,
A Fairy tale to his father.
I wrote this for you Mr.[x]
Happy Miraculous Birthday
Influenced by [x]

Note: Written for [x]'s birthday, he doesn't celebrate it. So don't say Happy Birthday to him otherwise he will get mad, and eat dust and bananas leaves. My laptop got a problem with the operating system, I am thinking to install linux Suse or Unbuntu...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Lonely Road

A lonely girl,
In a cloudy day,
Slowly decayed,
Silently cried,
Superficially Happy,
Spiritually Lonely,

Through her eyes
Seen something went wrong,
A Fairy Tale existed long,
That began with fantasy
And ended with reality

In a lonely road,
Only Sunset,
She could foresee,
Her lover passed by,
Only His footprints,
She could see,
Left Her alone,
In her miserable Life,
She thought
She made,
They were friends
to leave her alone
Again, In the lonely road.

To die or to live?,
A question's remained unanswered.
With wisdom, faith and hope,
The Answer is always a crystal Clear,
But to be in her shoes now,
Death is a lovable Fear.
Inspired by a [y]

Note: I wrote this tonight for a girl, who wanted to commit suicide for reasons mentioned in the poem., but changed her mind. She doesn't know I wrote this, and I hope she won't. The poem is written in Gothic Mood. It might sound sad, but nothing is always bright.

Where are You, Dalai Lama? + BTQ[60]

Ref: Wikipedia
Chosen By God?!
Exiled by Humans
In India,
You Live.
While In China,
Your People die.

The Way You Speak.
What You Spread.
What You seek.
What a fantasy You dissolved into,

In Darwin's World,
Survival for the fittest,
In The communist world,
You don't exist.
In The End,
It's all Bullsh!t.

Believe in him,
Not in a golden statue,
Made of Poor labors' sweats
Directed by A lazy old monk.
Who barely knows the rest
Of his people life's rust,
and Claims to do Yoga,
And Talks to Buddha.

A peaceful Wonderful Faith You adore,
A miserable Hopeless Reality You cross,
Your home won't return,
Without Force and Arms.
Your Faith is useless
In Times,
When Peace has only one meaning,
Lies, And hypocritical treaties.

Bow your head low,
Carry Your gun now,
For Him,
to Realize something,
That Earth has A devil exists within.
Influenced by [z]

Note: Written for Dalai Lama. Well, What I wrote is 100% reality, if you disagree with me your opinion is welcome, especially if it is convincing. China would never give Tibet to him without a war, and even when China falls apart Tibet will still return to him by his people blood, Any country's rise or fall is always paved by blood, it's a historically reality, but wisely it's better to save the amount of blood to cause such a rise or fall, and I'm very doubtful of how many wise men we have on power to cause such a change nowadays.

BedTime's Quote[60]:
"If the World's Nations had no weapons, Wars would be fought by wisdom and logics" --[x][Political-Understanding]

Good Night Dear Readers.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


"According to [x]'s Evolution:
Camels were evolved to Arab-Nationalists, Pigs to Russians-Communists, Cows to Western Capitalists, and Chameleons to Zionists. The unsolved equation is What creature did evolve to Bush?"--[x]

Q: Just to test my dear readers, What Creature did evolve to Hussni Mobarak?
a - Camel
b - Cow
c - Pig
d - Chameleon.

Note: No offense, it's just a question to test your understandings :|.

A One Eye Man.

A One Eye Man,
Through his Eye
One View lays,
A New World Order,
Nothing is convincing
Everything else is deceiving,

He can't accept anything,
A Brain he thinks it still functions,
A Mind he can't prove its existence.
A World he can't define
Nor make it fine,
But still tries to create,
A Bushy World!
Full of crimes.

The One Eye Man.
I wrote this for you
To Freeze Time,
And please, tell me,
Do you know Who I am?
Influenced by [z]

Note: I wrote this for Mr.Bush, I wrote it right after I wrote BTQ[59] and Attractive Existence, but I decided to post it today's afternoon. Today I skipped my class,I was reading Amimal Farm until the end, for 4 hours, didn't feel the time at all. Blogger.com doesnt allow me to log in to their website through my laptop, I don't know why :(, I am posting from my friend's laptop, am I that much extreme to them or what? or did any arab politician pay blogger to block me lol.

BTQ[59] + Attractive Existence

Picture taken by [x]
"Hand And Foot to Struggle"

BedTime's Quote:
"A Tearful Child is a Humanitarian's realization" --[x] [Social-Understanding]

An Attractive Existence.

Shady Smiley,
Modesty, Beauty,
Shiny Joy.
Mystry Cry,
Lovely Shy,
All Naturally She has.
Inspired by [y]

Note: Short poem I wrote before going to bed, I had a boring day, I tried to listen to my Audio Book The Da Vinci Code, but I could not whenever I listen to it I fall asleep!, I borrowed a book from the library, titled Islamic Reformations, a civil right book, I want to write an article on that topic, I find it very hard to read books, I mean whole ones. I am still trying though, I output a lot much more than I input, probably, I was born to be a printer not a hard disk drive.

Good Night Dear Readers,
And thank you in advance for reading my boring blog.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

BTQ[58] + BriefWord[9]

Pic Taken by [x]

BedTime's Quote:
" Buddhism is the most peaceful religion, but in reality, it's the most victimized one. It functions only in temples, but in Social Scales, it falls apart" --[x][Religious-Understanding]

Yes I have reached the extreme, and there's no turning back again, climbing higher or falling harder"--[x][Political-Understanding]

The Arab World, The Silly World.

The Middle East, The messy dusty World, full of wars, full of religions and useless presidents. Its Citizens are very much proud of themselves, and each one loves his country to death. Each one claims to and argues that s/he lives in the best country, city, society, language as Arabic slang, history or a historical figure, food, president, and even national anthem! Yes dear Readers, even the national anthems They sometime argue about. The Middle East countries' societies are just fanatically indirectly unfeelingly nationalist.

For example, in close social view, people, who are from different countries, argue about food, like the Lebanese would say "Hey Lebanese food is the best" , while the Egyptian would say "No Egyptian food is the best!", or a Kuwaiti guy would say to an Omani guy "Hey Kuwaiti's national anthem sounds better than the Omani's" The Omani would reply and say "Oh Yeah, But Oman has much better history than Kuwait does", an endless, ignorant, and pointless argument, its end is a fight, or mad faces with hates within, sometime the end is cursing or even they end up cursing each another's family. Furthermore, They argue sometime about A historical figure, like saying "No Ahmed bin Majid is Omani" Another would say "No he is from UAE!" For God sake, the guy is dead! When? Almost 5 centuries ago.

That's how fanatical Arabs can be with their Nationalist Thinking. It's true that most Arabs don't know what their thinking is, they don't even know that it's called Nationalism. You know what that means? It means a successful propaganda their governments achieved. To Brainwash, or to make them without an IDentity. Let's say it's just an ID being tattooed in their brains slowly until they are grown up they will just function according to that ID, which the governments installed.

On Arabs TV, There are 10000...+[n+1] infinite number versions of MTvs. In USA, at least there's only one main MTv that controls the brain of the youth, and let them be interested in certain things that MTv chooses to broadcast or not. While in the Middle East, there are many of MTVs each one tries to prove that it has the better music, prettier girls, and for sure newer useless stupid lyrical songs. They are trying to make musical shows, concerts lives on TV and make Arab citizens awake late night just to vote for their favorite singers. And Guess what!, even in such competition Arabs again argue about who is the best and the worst, plus if the voting process was fair or not!. In The end The GSM[Cell Phones] companies are making the money and benefiting.

For Example, they had a competition on who is the best singer in the Arabian Gulf countries. Now Saudis would vote for a Saudi singer, Omanis for an Omani singer, Bahrainis for a Bahraini singer and so on regardless of the quality of the singers. That's how it was mostly with some exceptions. Now, even in such a silly thing Nationalism occurred, when the Bahraini won for example, and the Omani one lost, they started arguing and so on that someone must have cheated, Saudis supported Bahrainis because they didn't like the Omani, for example...Etc. Sometime even Officials from governments got in to solve these disputes, like what happened in the show called Star Academy.

The Middle East is not only messy dusty World, but also Nationalistically Silly! One of the common arguments Middle Easterners have is that each one argues that his president is the best in the Arab world or even in the World. This argument's end is with a conclusion each side brings that Each Of the two sides' presidents is an Infidel, or an American Puppet, or Weak, or not good looking. Logically, sometime it's better to have a president who is ugly but treating his people better than the one who looks good and talks good but he's treating people unequally. Maybe sometime it's better to have a president who commits sins within himself but does really good job equally for his people than another, who is fanatically religious, but treats his people like Cows living in a Maasai tribe.

Now, as Arab Citizens, Can't they just stop all these useless, silly, pointless, disimproving, dark-aging, and cow-mooing arguments!? If, and I wish "IF" exists someday, Arabs think of their lame situation, and how bad their image is becoming in the world, and start thinking of something more powerful ideologically, something to unite them. Something that will make them stop for a second from thinking that they are Arabs!, but first of all they are only human beings with a monotheistic religion.

The Reason they should think that way is that According to their current thinking and How their Arab World exists, the universe should have more than one center and one center should have subcenters, and each subcenter should have other sub-subcenters! Oh This is complex. Well, to Arabs it's simple, just take a map, and start drawing lines, and these lines in reality might split a tribe in the middle of the desert, but anyway who draw the lines don't even care. Money and tribal power always are the most important things to care about. Right after finishing drawing the lines simply, Flags, Passports, National Anthems, and Governments are made! Even though they are from the same society and history, Arabic one! They still stay apart, that's how their World has many centers with many subcenters and sub-subcenters.

The Conclusion here is that, this Arab World must be redrawn geographically, ideologically and politically. At least, Make it more attractive and interesting pure from all those silly, useless, pointless cow-mooing arguments about whose National Anthem is better? Or Whose President is good-looking? Or Which Country has the best artists?. I didn't reach the main point I was trying to reach, but slowly I will so maybe in the next BriefWord.

Note: This Article might be edited later by [x] for reviewing
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Good Night Dear Readers.