Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Boycotting Music.

BedTime's Quote[101]:
"A great Civilization to outlast any other Civilization must focus on all fields of life- from The biggest to the smallest matter in the universe- to ensure its existence and its balance otherwise its fall is inevitable" --[x] [SocioPolitical-Understanding]

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Recovering, Severe Moods Swing.

Tonight's Blacklist:
- Congo's War, The deadliest War since The WWII, 4 Millions killed since 1998, And All International Political Policies are only targeting Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan. I guess that's where most Oil fields and Gas pipes exist

A Civilization and Myself Without Music~?

It's been Eight days now since I 99% stopped listening to music. I don't know how long I can stay without it, I am just trying to see how much I will change. When Islamic Civilization was on its peak was successful in all fields of life, Science, Art, Music, and more. Yes even Music, During Abbassid dynasty, Ishaq and his father Ibrahim Almawsili, who were originally from Musel Iraq, were famous musicians and Islamic Music was on its peak during that era [+]. Ziryab, Ishaq Almawsili's pupil, emigrated to Spain, Al-Andalus, because of his teacher jealousy! Who improved music more by adding a 5th string to The lute, عود, which by the way also led to Guitar in 15th Century. However, I think that even though Muslims developed and invented all these great elements of Science, Arts, Music, and more, which created a great civilization, those same elements caused its fall in a way or another. When Muslims focused on Arts and entertainments more than the other aspects of life, this eventually caused weakness in The Civilization.

Such a weakness was not only caused by Arts and Music, but by other side-effects that led the leaders of the civilization to focus on luxury, wealth, music, Hareems, and more. They ignored the more important fields of life and focused their brain power and time on things, that might be good to have, but bad to overuse and emphasize on. While The Western Civilization is focusing its brain power and time on a lot fields of life, from the biggest object to the tiniest matter in the universe, unfortunately, today the majority of Arabs and their Media TV Channels focus on Music and not even Art. Moreover, their music is nothing really close to What Al-Andalus or Abbassid Musicians invented, but all are very influenced by Western Pop and Disco music, so uncreative. Special Thanks to the leaders of such influence, her Majesty Hyfa Wahbi, and Rotana Music Industry! We must wake up, and focus on more important things. A great Civilization to outlast any other Civilization must focus on all aspects of life to ensure its existence and its balance otherwise its fall is inevitable. Finally, now I ask myself again "Why did I stop listening to music?, will I listen to it again?".

Good Night Dear Readers.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Devour to Survive.

Losing Power
"Losing Power" by [x].
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Note: It's taken to represent my f***ed up mood, excuse my French.
Note: I wrote this poem 26 days ago.

Devour to survive
is not His desire.
A burning flyer
doesn't inspire;
Himself, the dry leaf escaping fire.
Himself, the falling empire,
Before it's even existed,
In this land of vampires,
Muggers and Killers,
surrender to Hell,
Broken Shells,
Hails for sale,
Not Him the broken cell.

Please leave Him alone,
Devour to power
is not his intention to perfection.
Leave the dry leaf burning in fire.
Nothing there to inspire...
Influenced by [z]

MyDaily: Soon I'll play in Summer league. World cup will soon be on. I am not excited, maybe I am so tired to get excited about other things going on.

World Cup Arab Broadcasting.
The World cup is getting closer, some Arab countries without mentioning names, have spent millions of dollars to broadcast the world cup while in fact those countries could not spend the same amount of money to improve their national teams. Some have spent like 5-10 Million Dollars to broadcast, with that amount of money an Arab country could save it to improve their national team and qualify within the next four years to the world cup, then broadcast it. No comment. Actually with the 5-10 Millions Dollars, some of these countries could spend it to open a public library for their own people.
I remember I read in news, in 1994 World Cup, a Brazilian fan died of exhaustion, because he did not sleep for 3 days watching Games and working during day time. Don't be fanatic, watch wisely, don't miss a prayer for a game or your health. I used to be fanatic, and I stayed awake until the dawn to watch a game. Anyway, 7 days left for the World Cup.

Note: Thanks for those who commented in my blog, and sorry for not replying on time, but I will.