Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Every Past.

Every Dead Soldier
Left untold stories,
About his Memories
His Death.

Every Broken Tree
Left roots deep
Gone Through Earth, Free.
Like A girl's curly hair.

Every Fallen Bird
Left a nest
Over the forest.
like A poor man's fist.

Every Dry Valley,
Left a groove through
The Mountains.
Like the scar on a gangster's face.

Every Fossil,
Left A trace,
Of An unknown History.
A book, unread yet.

Every Past,
Has its presence,
And Every presence,
Waits its past.
Influenced by [z]

Future: A poem on Somalia.

BedTime's Quote[80]:
"Freedom Of Speech, Freedom Of Religions, Freedom Of Expression, Freedom Of Arts, Freedom Of Political Parties, Freedom Of Science, Freedom Of Sex, Freedom Of Drugs, Freedom Of Pornography...etc, But Wait, I only seek Freedom of Evil. Or I can't seek it? a bad desire? Isn't it a freedom too ? Well, if it's rejected then, Freedom doesn't exist but Limited " ---[x] [Social-Understanding]

Political Status: Peaceful.
Psychological Status: Tired, Bad Mood, Patient.

InfoBlog[1]: Jar AlQamar [General Blog, Arabic]
InfoBlog[2]: Techhash [Computer Programming]

Good Night Dear Readers.


هكذا الديكتاتورية إذا شعرت بلفشل ترجع للشعب وبعدما يصفوا لها الجو تفتح السجون للشعوب"
--الشيخ عبد الحميد كشك

Note: This is the post #370.

Monday, February 27, 2006

حفرَ حفرةً

"The Path"
Taken by Drew Hendricks

ولم تقعد
بسبب صورة

لما سمعت
بكاء مسلمٍ
حفرَ حفرةً
تحت شجرة


Note: Written for the current political status of The Arab World.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Bedtime's Quote:
"To be Einstein you need his brain, to be Bush you need a monkey, to be Pamela Anderson[Hayfa Wahbi] you need her breats. Unfortunately, Most people choose the last two"--[x] [Social-Understanding].

Political Status: retreating.
Psychological Status: Bored, Patient, calm.

MyDaily: Today we won the game, well, I didn't play for the first time I was a subtitute for the whole game, very strange, I should get back writing more political stuff, more briefwords. Good night dear Readers.

Broken wings

Wears His shoes in,
Guards Over Shins.
Broken Legs,
Broken Wings,
And Still Wins.
Since Faith is within.

MyDaily: written for a football[soccer] I have today, Have a nice day dear readers.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Quote: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win"

That's what Mahatma Gandhi said, but seriously, I learned something today, and I have to rephrase his quote.

BedTime's Quote:
" First they laugh at you, then you ignore them, then they want to fight you, then you ignore them, then they get angry and insist to fight you, but you simply reject, and prefer to leave them mad, without fighting them, and that's a great victory of self-control" --[x]

MyNote: Written so many poems recently, I also have 30 days left to write a paper on Middle East Civil Rights for a competition. If I win, I will give A dollar for each dear reader hehe.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Our Green Hill.

Sitting on a green Hill.
Green and Pink,
Feeling foolish,
Quiet, but childish,
Like a flower scent,

Down The hill,
Looking at a broken laundry Line,
Where our Mother used to hang
Our filthy cloth,
Full Of Chocolate spots
Like a foggy sky.
By our mischievous hobby,

In the backyard,
Where We used to play with the mud
Made Human Clays,
A soldier and A lady.
A child's Imagination is a mystery.

Oh, A River used to flow there,
There behind the hills,
A lot of fishes,
Golden fishes to Salmons
Winters to Autumns.
Fished all long.

A wooden house
Over the tree,
Where we played
Pirates and Sailors,
As Evil And Good.
Didn't realize it all like fools
We only got hungry
And ate mama's food!

Still Picturing,
The Dinner Table,
Which we used to fingertip
Waiting for our mother's,
Hot Mushroom soups.
In A cold Winter Night,
Mama used to say
"Stop Fingertipping, God Would get Angry"

No More Laundry Line
No More Playing Mud And Roles
No More River Flows
No More Mama's Hot soups.
Over the green hill,
We stopped the Dream.
And missed Our Home,
The Sweet.
Influenced by[z]

This post under revision by [x].

Note: Written for homesick people, and who missed his/her childhood.
Future Writing: A Briefword.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Seven Days Ago.

Leave you alone in the dark
Talking to walls
And toys
Drinking Pepsi without gas
Sniffing Cocaine without thinking of God
Leaving you alone my sweet heart.
Not because I hate you,
But because you never change.
Remained the same under that chain.
The chain of boredom
and killing Braincells
Please Dear, Wake up!!
it's Seven A.M,
Time for School
Stop the dream
And I wrote this for fun,
Seven Days Ago.

Note: Written for fun Seven days ago.

A Surviving Nation..

"Grozny" drawn by Robynn Smith

A Crumbling Nation,
The Russian Notion.
A Surviving Nation,
The Chechnyans.
Fighting for Freedom,
For Faith,
Like the Wolves running,
Over its Mountains.

Oh Dear,
By Greed
They make you Bleed,
Almost disappeared.
The Red Army
Bombed you with no mercy.
Today is to remember your misery.
And tomorrow is the day,
To see you Free,
Influenced by [z]

Footnote: Grozny, The capital of Chechnya, a country close to the Caspian Sea,

Note: Written for the World Chechnya's Day 23rd Feb, and after I read a post on Black Iris Blog
I am one day late, but it's ok, History still exists every day.

MyDaily: I wanted to stop posting, many events have happened and I could not keep quiet otherwise I would forget my ideas.

Good Night Dear Readers.

A Message to Dear Alien[3]

Dear Alien:
Long Time No see,
A 100 light years away
You lay,
I missed you dear friend,
Last time we met in Area fifty One.
Since then Many things have happened.

I learnt last time
You told me,
That you had a civil war.
It was over Water and Underwears.
Fortunately, Your war was ended,
By giving Free Underwears to the press,
And Stopped polluting the environment with water!

Here On Earth.
Human kinds always
Tend to fight
Before even the stars go bright.
In Iraq,
A civil war almost began,
A Normal event,
In the Iraqis History.
It's like A Valentine's Day,
Except theirs is a violent one,

A Clash of civlizations exploded
People got flooded,
Skies bled,
Few Fled,
A clash of Cartoons,
More It was.

You know Dear Alien,
In Iran people drawing Jews,
And Making fun of them.
In Denmark people drawing Islam,
And making fun of it.
Reminds me of you
How you used to draw
With your laser gun
My face on the northern star.
With a funny look,
A jupiterian look.

Google went to China,
And ate Chinese food,
Now they know nobody
No "Don't be Evil"
Now "Don't be ilLegal"

Bush is missing you
Last time he said to me:
" Hey [x], tell Your Friend we are winning the war on terror"
It's funny you know,
"War on Terror"
Is grammatically wrong,
A terrifying grammatical mistake.
And Thanks to the blogger "Have Skunk"
He taught me English at least.
And Sorry for Bush,
The Republican Shakespeare.

Osama Bin ladin hates you
According to Fox News,
But on Aljazeerah,
Everything is bad except The Arabian gulf.
Osama said to me:
"Kill the Infidels even if they are from planet-x"
You became an infidel too, Dear Alien.
Congratulation for the honor!

Anyway I should end this now,
Because the FBI is waiting me outside,
They are saying to me:
"Your Freedom of Speech is over limit,
And You exceeded the allowed Bandwidth for this month"

Therefore, Dear Alien,
You should visit me again,
You know, I can't visit your planet,
Because you know,
Bush doesn't give much money to NASA,
It's all gone to The Pentagon.
Plus, There you breath H2,
And I can't,
And You breath the Two.
Visit me,
I promise Earth will be different until then.
Hopefully, I won't be in Prison for God's Sake.

Previous A Message to Dear Alien[2]

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Bird's Nest.

A bird collects
Leaves and Twigs,
Not so swift,
Yet Enough to
Build a nest,
To lay An Egg.

From Dawn to Dusk,
Under the Rain,
Or over the plain lands.
Looking For a leaf.
Looking for a twig.

Never Give up,
Just rise up,
The Sky is unlimited.
The Nest is still Built.

Inspired by [y]

Note: Written for anyone, who is hopeless, there's always hope in this life, and never too late nor The End, keep faith within, and the road to success will be paved, I promise, inshallah. I used to be the hopeless one, but I don't want to be that any more.
This was an urgent post nothing more.

Note: This is the poem #138.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


"Autumn" by Pete Arici.

MyTitle of The Photo:
A Red Umbrella is A Reflection Of Future".

Bedtime's Quote:

" I don't lead blind people, but I open their eyes to lead themselves" --[x][Social-Understanding]

Political Status: Retreating.
Psychological Status: Daydreaming, brainstorming.

InfoBlog[1]: 3Hive [MP3 Blog][Good]
InfoBlog[2]: Ear Farm [MP3 Blog]
InfoBlog[3]: Fat Planet [MP3 Blog]
For More MP3 blogs Visit: Motel De Moka's Blog

Emilliana Torrini's Song [Sunny Road] from Fat Planet's Blog.[VeryGood]

Note: MP3 Blog is a blog that has songs to listen or download.

MyDaily: I have some drafts and incomplete writings, but I just decided to not post any thing for now. I don't feel posting, maybe lazy to post, or maybe I have a dream to achieve and want to be alone. So See You Soon.

"Man on the floor
A man Who conquers All." --[x]

Future-Poem: Our Green Hill.
Note: This is the post #360!

Good Night Dear Readers.

Monday, February 20, 2006

A Contradiction + V-Day

"Black Veins, White Blood"
Picture taken by [x]


[A Contradiction]

We hear the Same Athan,
We pray in the same Mosque,
We say the same prayers,
Same time,
Five Times,
A day.
We pray all in lines,
All Equal
None higher
Than another.
After We leave the mosque.
We realize,
We all have different passports.
None the same,
A Contradiction just Began.
Influenced by [z]

Note: That's not really a poem, but more like some notes I wrote few days ago.
I didn't do much today, I'll be busy soon.

Before I went to bed I wrote this,

Valentinize It.
Oh Dear Valentine,
What Have you done to us?
Materializing Our love,
An innocent desire,
You turned it into a fateful destiny,
Hard to Achieve,
Hard to Reach,
Only Money
And A red Rose
To be realized,
One day became special,
And the rest,
A broken heart year.

Good Night Dear Readers, Sorry to write a lot!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


فِتنَةٌ بَعْدَ فِتنَة
فِي أمَّتِي

جَعَلتْ مِنَ الصُّورةِ
مِن طُفُولَتِي


Deception After Deception
In My Nation,
That Turned A Cartoon
Into A memory
Of my Childhood


Note: Written for the boycott, and how soon it will be forgotten.
Edited by [x]


BedTime's Quote:
"We never seek Wars, it naturally comes to us. We never seek peace, We always fight for it" --[x] [Political-Understanding]

Political Status: Aftermathical
Psychological Status: Buddhistical.
Weather: Snowing.

Web[1]: World Press Photo Of The Year.
InfoBlog: F for Fake [Photo And Personal]

This is a song for every one who reads this blog:
[Artist]Souad Massi - [Title]Good & Evil.
You must listen to it :)

Good Night Dear Readers.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


"Stairway to Heaven" by Massino Santoni

When He dies,
Don't bury him
Underneath a golden Crown
Don't put him in museums,
For people to see.
Don't burn him,
To keep his ashes.
Don't Mummize him,
To feel his presence.
Don't worship him,
He is not god.
Don't symbolize him
On Your flag.
Don't label him With godly names
To equal god in the end.
Don't iconize him,
To hang him on your walls.
This is all false.
Don't And Don't,
Again, At The last dot
Of this line He dies.

Influenced by[z]

Note: Written for how people [almost] worship dead people, or equal them to god, such as V.Lenin, some God's prophets, and more. The last poem [Burning] and this one are written almost in the same style, just trying something different.

-Egypt. مصر

أم الدنيا
بدون حليب
المارد العنيد


Note: Written for the egyptian political status - no offense at all.

Political Status: Defeated.
Psychological Status: Tired, Careless, patient.

MyNote: Everyday, I wake up in the morning, I feel more being Rootless, I belong to nowhere, I start to fear myself, I fear to be fanatically AntiNationalist and be blinded by it. I sleep late every night, not because I am not sleepy, but just my mind can't stop thinking for a second. I try to do other things but still, I love my mind to brainstorm more than anything else. I think I should write a book a small one to put all the ideas I have written in this blog in it, Even Though I know few will read it. And, In Minority I believe Changes occur. I decided to post everything I write as much as possible no matter if nobody will read them, sometime I feel, I am not living for long so why keeping what I've written as drafts, let them free here so after me they remain.
I know I don't write much about myself in here, or personal feelings, but sometime is ok.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Friday, February 17, 2006



  1. Have you ever wondered how a neutral country played its role during wars?
  2. Have you ever thought of how an individual can be between two sides disagreements or agreements?
Here is an interesting logic, which can be confusing to some, or can be hard to judge:

Let's assume there are three individuals or countries, [a], [b], and [c]:

- [a]: Peaceful, not aggressive and believes in [z]ideology.
- [b]: inflexible, unreliable or eccentric, and believes in nothing or in "[z]or[v]"
- [c] Peaceful, not aggressive and believes in [v]ideology.

- [a]&[c]: can be friends or living in peace Although they have different ideologies[v][z].
- [a]&[c]: can be at disagreement or war due to their ideological differences.

- [b] is in between the other two for it doesn't believe in anything specific or nothing at all. Therefore, [b] can be judged as having two characters; one is as a Peace Maker, another as a Hypocrite.

Q:When Can [b] be A hypocrite or A Peace Maker?

1- [b] is judged as Hypocrite when [b] and "[a]or[c]" are at disagreement or war
In summary: Your enemy's friend is your enemy or just a hypocrite.

2- [b] is judged as Peace Maker when [c] and [a] at disagreement or war.
In summary:
A friend of two enemies is a peace maker.

3- [b] can rarely be totally neutral when [c]&[a] at war.

Note: [z] and [v] can be ,for example, Capitalism and Communism.

Previous SLP[2]

I hope this is not confusing, plus it's simple.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Picture by Goldpisty

Every Flag,
That Flies Over His Head.
Burning Every Icon,
That Presents His Nation.
Burning Every Constitution,
Against his Faithful Solution.
Burning Every Anthems,
To say his own prayers.
Burning Every King's Godly Salute,
To bow for him, Algafor*.
Burning The last Candle
In Every Nationalist Church.
Burning The Belief of The Beasts,
And Be An Atheist
Of The Human-made Creed.
Burning The Desire of Dismentalement,
Of Disunity,
Of Disfunctionality,
Bury them in a grave,
And Cover them by fate,
In the Cemetery
Of The Zenith of all political evil Creeds.
Influenced by[z]

FootNote: Algafor* = The forgiver
Note: An AntiNationalist Poem.

MyNote: I want to write, write, and write. I feel so tired I'm insomniac for the last few days too. I want to write something unique, but I usually fail to realize the uniqueness of what I've written, and keep having a self-thought of being unsatisfied with the idea or the conclusion that I want to reach. It's not an idea of extreme Antinationalism. Some might think that AntiNationalism is a political thinking or can become a political party. However, No, I am not for political parties. In fact, I'm against political parties within one society or country. Antinationalism is just a logical social thinking to rescue a dying faith. It's not a party that I'm going to be a member in. It's just logical ideology to make myself or another realize many things that can exist without something- that seems so essential in our daily life, but it's not, [Nationalism].


Bedtime's Quote:
There are two platforms in everyone's mind, logics and knowledge. The first determines his ability to apply and control his knowledge in real life, the second is just a tool that won't function without Logics" --[x] [Psychological-Understanding]

Web[1]: Astronomy Picture of The day
Web[2]: National Geographic Photo News.
Web[3]: Google's World [Video]

Poem: Burning.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

[o]'s Daily[19]

[o]'sDaily [19]

At Night,
Cold and dry,

After a tiring day.

I, [o], and [i] were in the car on our way home.
[o] said to [i]: "You know On weekend, I want to go out, home always, home is boring"
[i] said: " Well, then what do you want to do?"
[o] said: "I want to go downtown I don't know what there"
I went quiet,talking to my mind "Yeah right he doesn't know what they have there"
[i] said: "Oh, they only have bars and clubs"
[o] said: "I don't know maybe, but my friends always go there, I don't know why"
I was like "Oh god, he pretends like he doesn't know at all what there is"
I said to [o]: "Well, Home is boring, but You can't go there you don't have a car, and Buses stop working at 7 am"
[o]: "Oh I see, but I take a taxi"
[i] said: "Yes But why do you want to go there? It's not good for an underage person"
[o] said: "Just I want to go out, not always home home home, I AM HUMAN!"
Me and [i] went quiet then said "HUMAN? SO WE ARE NOT HUMANS BECAUSE WE DON'T GO DOWNTOWN!"
[o] said: "Ya I am human, I want to go downtown"

When we got home, [o] went downstairs as usual to talk to his old girlfriends- I can never count them, they are uncountable.

[i] called him: "Hey [o] you didn't wash the dishes, you became lazy recently, why?"
[o] said: "Oh Sorry man, because I am Human!"
[i] said: "Oh I am human too therefore I don't have to cook for you any more"
I said: "I guess we are apes that's why we don't go downtown nor wash dishes or do housework"

The End...Based on true events 100%.

Note:[i] is the owner of the house.

Q:Dear Readers, Are You human too?

[o]'s Daily: [17][18]
And To know who [o] is or For [o] Daily's Archives, Visit [x]'s Archives.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

O' Dear Nation

"I will protect you"
Picture by Gundega Dege

O' Dear Nation,
Falling Apart,
One By one,
Like Fireflies,
Under bright lights.
Sadness infecting
His innocent eyes,
A Virgin Thought,
Killed by a Sinful Word.

O' Dear Nation,
A History of One,
A History of Many,
A Creed is sold for democracy.
Or Hypocrisy?
Blood's shed
Like Wax melts
around a flame
in An Orthodox Church.

O' Dear Nation,
He never feels sad for you,
His thoughts are killing Him
A Great man dies insane,

Influenced by[z]

Note: Written for our miserable nation, and one's love to it. Soon, but not tomorrow we will be back.

Political Status: Defensive.
Psychological Status: Worried, depressed but hopeful,
In Allah I trust.

Web: The Prophet's Biography [By a non-Muslim. K.Rao]
MyDaily: Today no BedTime's Quote, even though I wrote one, let's save it for another day, My day was boring, I was hyper during most of it, I only slept 3 hours last night, I was thinking a lot mostly, then reading, to be honest I don't remember what I read last night, I even wonder why should I read if I keep forgetting! I tried to read Catch-22. After reading 2 chapters of it, I ended feeling like a total ignorant, I honestly didn't understand really the purpose of the story, I think I should stick to Scientific American or Time Magazine, fits my tiny brain better
Note: This is the post #350.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Mocking Life-System[9]:
Valentinism Around The World:

Hooray Another thing to mock. Well This can be offensive to some, but as I mentioned before Mocking Life-System series are never meant to be nice nor kind nor sweet, but critical, and offensive most of the time. Moreover, fortunately it's funny. Valentine's day it's when the world turns into Red, or Pink, or even Rainbows. It's about Love some say, some say it's about St.Valentine originally, Some might kill you if you celebrate it, but to be very logical unemotional person like me when it comes to such matters, it's better to avoid it totally, and live in peace and simplicity without any complex interaction given by you on a certain holiday, VA-LAN-TAYN. Anyway the following are some definitions of this holiday, so enjoy and don't be offended.

- African Valentine is When he says to her "Hey You got HIV, so do I"
- American Valentine is when he says to her "Hey, How much does it cost me to divorce you?"
- Arab Valentine is when he gets home tired and say to her " Hey, Cook me Rice And Chicken, and shut up, and by the way, stop wearing in Red"
- Chinese and Russian Valentine is when he says to her "You know, I realized that, Communism is great it shows you that Love is equal even between cows such as yourself"
- Mexican Valentine is the day when she finds out that he is cheating on her.
- Indian Valentine is when Indians realize that eating Hot Food isn't Romantic.
- Canadian Valentine is when the husband says to his wife "I'm gay"
- Danish Valentine is when he finds out that she boycotted him and went for another product.
- Irani Valentine is when Ahmedinejad finds out that the holiday, he has been celebrating in the past was not part of Khomieni teachings.
- Terrorists Valentine is when they bomb every place, that's colored in Pink or Red, while one of their members is celebrating it with his girlfriend in Berlin.
- [x]'s Valentine is when he starts saying the same words about it for the past 10 years "Statistic says it's not useful, but another day to realize we are missing many things"

That's Valentine's definitions from all over the world to [x]'s world. Valentine's day can be good, can be bad, can be useless, can be useful, it's just another state of human-made emotional holiday, which needs more revisions. In fact, I never celebrate it, because I never celebrate anything that's not part of my faith. And, I always use logics before making judgments. Religion may be [is] against it,but I believe in logics, which eventually leads me to faith. Not here to argue or anything. Just another Mocking Life-System.

Previous Mocking Life-System[8]

Sunday, February 12, 2006


BedTime's Quote:
" Capitalism will only fall by Greediness and Materialism. Not because it's related to [The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer] issue, but it's because every previous Sociopolitical system fell by greediness and materialism" --[x] [Sociopolitical-Understanding]

Web: Lost World's Pictures [The Lost World that was discovered in Indonesia] [Amazing]

Political Status: Victorious.
Psychological Status: Calm, Patient, and Wishful.

Note: Trying to write stuff, that I sometime debate with myself, questioning If they even should exist. Good Night Dear Readers.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Of Man and the Fog

Picture by Eugenio Eugenio

A Man in the fog,
Like A playful Child
behind a curtain,
He can be,

Opens The Window,
Breaks The Shadow,
The Misty
The Drizzly
A first Sight,
He felt in you.

The Sun behind The Fog,
Like A torn Yolk
Of A broken Egg.
A Hungry
Cooked Again Without you.

A Bird Flying upon the fog,
Like A Rose bloomed
Before the Spring.
That's Looking
For a High
Tree, For a nest,
A home for you, He be.
Inspired by a [x]

Note: Written for [y], inspired by a Hans Zimmer's composition titled "specters in the fog", I didn't listen to it just downloaded it a minute ago, I only liked the title and gave me an idea of how to describe The feeling of oneself in a foggy day and how to relate it to someone else's absence.
Good night Dear Readers.

Web: The Prophet and His Message [ Presented by USC, U of Southern California]


BedTime's Quote[73]:
" A High degree on your wall doesn't mean you know what you are talking about, an ignorant you became, Ibn Warraq, And I once again learn." --[x] [Article on Der Spiegel]

Note: I felt that BriefWord[11.1] was incomplete, so I decided to add more to it, so this is the article #6.2 of my views on Arab and Muslim Nationalist World. For Previous Articles and Writings visit my archives, [x]'s Archives Blog.



A Reformation is to Exhume A Civlization? Part.6.2

"The Koran does not contain a single humane teaching that was not here before Islam. Mankind will not lose a single moral precept if Islam is not there tomorrow. After consulting the Koran, the hadith, the ProphetÂ’s biography, and Islamic history for years, with a guarded, open mind, I related the past to the present. People tried reforming Islam; it never worked. Again and again, Islam was mortgaged in the hands of killer leadership, while the rest of the Muslim world only said “this is not real Islam”."
-- Ibn Warraq from "Leaving Islam", his book.

These are few lines from his book: "Leaving Islam", All I could see is just emotional statements without anything logical. He said "If Islam is not there tomorrow, Mankind won't lose a single moral percept". How about saying instead, "If Islam was not there in the past, there would not be any Western Civilization today", and He metioned the future of it without its past. What gets my attention the most is the reforming statement, which is in red quote. It kept me speechless wondering about the reforming thing I talked about in previous posts.

However, most reforms, that happened during the latest centuries did not really reform Islam, but instead, "They tried to Apply Islam in a Moderate Way under Nationalist Society and System - which has been a Muslim one before a Nationalist". Therefore, eventually these reforms did not give big effects since they are kept overruled by Nationalistic Ideas. These Ideas break the most fundamental Islamic ideology of Unity.

Previously, It's mentioned in Briefword[11.1], that If A Civilization wants to keep its existence it should keep reforming itself according to political, social, and scientific changes. Ibn Warraq does believe that Muslims keep failing to reform their faith plus they claim " It's not the real islam" . That's not true, he is judging the Islamic Reforms within a very short period of a time. If he mentioned the time period in which they failed to reform Islam then I might agree with him.

The Main point, that's meant to be reached, is that Islam needs a strong platform planted in its people to make them aware of their current ideological belief, which is the most important in any social structure. Their current platform, which they function on, is not Islam but half-Secular, Nor Democracy but Democrazy, nor Republic but Dictatorships, nor Caliphate but an old king.

Many reformers goals are to erase tribal traditional belief, religious fanatical extremism, and more. However, these are goals not the methods to be achieved to reform. That's the mistake most reformers make, I believe at least, They show how bad the society is functioning, and then give ideas, which sound as a solution to them, but in fact they are the goals to be reached, not the solution to reach a goal. Many of them have provided some political platforms so their goals can be achieved. For example, in Iraq reformers from the West or Arab World are trying hard to apply Democracy, Women Rights, and so on. They believe that by applying these platforms, they can reach the goals they always dream of.

Mr.Bush talks a lot on daily basis about Freedom Values, New World Order, and Democracy beside his boring topic "Terrorism". He has failed to apply his and many "Modernized Arabs" dreams. He might succeed to apply these platforms, but eventually they won't last long, instead he will create another Egypt. Egypt had in the past this Freedom, Democracy, Arabism ideologies running around, they erased tribalist ideology, but they got even worse by erasing the tribalist ideology because their society transformed into an advanced tribalist system which is basically Nationalism mixed with Western political social ideologies and Islam. The Egyptian society were dissolved into all these and weakened socially by having weaker family relations, more materialistic social values, that might be also due weak economical status. The same can be seen in North Middle eastern countries such as Syria, Jordan, and more.

Arabs or Islamic Reformers under Western Influences are not creating another America, or France, or England as they are wishing, but unfortunately another Egypt. As Arabs call it "Earth's Mother" just a nationalistic expression.

-What kind of platform do we really need to make the society gets back to its old belief and original faith with a different approach to apply it? "

The platform should be an ideology applied in between two things: 'The way to Awakening a Nation' and 'The Reformers goals' like a compiler in the computers between its hardwares and its softwares. Nothing more to say but remain again quiet thinking. Unfortunately, I am arab but I was born speechless.

#This post under revision, might be edited later or more infos added by [x]

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-Mocking-LifeSystem[9] [Valentine Around the World] or [Boycott The Buzz world]
-Poem; Of A Man and The Fog.

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Friday, February 10, 2006


Therion's Cover Album.


A Silent Day,
When Clouds Decay,
Bees fly,
Birds are going High,
A Nature's play,

In A second,
A Blinding light,
Erasing every sight.
Faster than light,
A Beautiful View,
In A horrific Staged Show.

Winds blowing,
Like A Greek Myth,
Zeus's wrath.

Trees bowing,
Like A Muslim

Houses shattering,
Like A Rose Blooming
In Fast Video motions.

Bodies Melting,
Like Plastic toys,
Over Candles.

Civilizations extinct,
A Darwinist instinct.
A Silent Day,
After the Clouds Decayed.
It all became,
Forever to stay.
Influenced by [z]

Note: Written for A Nuclear Bomb blasts, the World before and after it happened. Nephophobia is one of many phobias,It's "Fear Of Clouds".

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BedTime's Quote:

The problem with Muslims today is that they are confused between Islam and Nationalism and the solution of all these is just to be AntiNationalist and follow Islam"--[x][Social-Understanding]

Web[1]: Mohammed: The Man & The Message.
InfoBlog: Sabbah's [English Lang]

Political Status: Victorious.
Psychological Status: Calm, and patient.

Since I wrote BriefWord[11] until today, My mind kept brainstorming on one point and almost ignored the AntiNationalist analysis over Middle East specifically, even though I had this idea on How Arab Muslims or Muslims World love the prophet, do they really love him as real love or just as a tradition? That's an idea based on AntiNationlist thinking but I kept debating with myself whether to write about it or not. Back to the main point, I kept brainstorming on the title of BriefWord[11] itself "A Reformation is to Exhume A Civilization" plus that title kept echoing inside me, and kept making me think of "How can The Islamic Civilization come back while History doesn't have any Civilization that was born twice". People in some blogs are busy on the buzz words " Clash of Civilizations" Theory since the boycott, I wanted to think of it more, but instead, I started to think of my own Idea of a Civilization's Reformation.

I have written a lot recently, almost a poem a day, some are drafts, and I even started to write with a pen on my notebooks, which I usually didn't do, only typing I do. I even found some notes and poems I wrote in my Gmail accidentally because I forgot that I wrote them. Thanks Allah I have a blog.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Thursday, February 09, 2006



In our daily life, we see criminals, we see bad people, and we see bad political leaders. Political leaders are bad? Yes they can be, How can a political leader correct his image among his people? Many ways there are, but the most effective and unknown is the following:

Let's say there is a political leader, who is bad somehow or his image is shaking among his people, or he wants to strengthen his position. This leader, all he can do to solve his problem is that he will order his police to arrest some powerful outspoken people from the press, or arrest any one. Then he accuses them of a treason, or for planning an assassination against him. This situation seems to the press as unfair, and needs justice. The political leader will claim that his men got evidence of an assassination plan and so on. He then orders a court to give them a trial. The situation will even go more publicized and gets more attention.

The press will start to protest against the court which did convict the betrayers of life-time in prison. The press will start to beg for forgiveness, and start to ask for help and release the convicted ones. Eventually, the political leader will announce that they should be released all and they are forgiven. The side effect of this is that he will get a huge amount of supports from the press for being so kind, and forgiver. Therefore His Image is in the right path once again.

-Easily mislead The Nation.
-The staged status of insecurity will give a misconception to the people of how secure the nation is

- More Supports to the leader.
- Keeps the Nation united for longer time.

Conclusion: It's hard to believe the news on TV when it has to do with political criminals especially.

Good Or Bad?
Just Don't Ask.

I hope this is not confusing and it's very simple to understand and apply to any political event, or historical one.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


أمّتي ثَارتْ
عَلى صُورَة
صَلّوا عَلى
مَا في أنْفُسِنَا


Note: Written for something overdiscussed everywhere.
Arabs and Muslims Boycotts

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


BedTime's Quote:
" Politics have never been funny throughout History until Ahmadinejad showed up" --[x] [Political-Understanding] [Read]

Note: Finally, tonight I saw "Sex Slaves" on PBS, It was really sad, I wrote a poem about it last month, "A Sinful Trade", You can watch some videos and read the interviews, which I saw today on PBS on - their site - And you can have a Live Chat with the producer Tomorrow Wed Feb 8th, At 11:00am ET -5GMT, on this site. If you have a weak heart, don't watch it, don't read it, just ignore it, and pretend the Earth is still beautiful, which I would prefer to do sometime because it's really sad thing to read and watch, just be thankful.

A poem: Of A Man And The Fog. [Saved as A draft]
BriefWord[12]: Sunnah vs Shia under AntiNationalist views [UnWritten yet]

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In Every Autumn


In Every Autumn

There are Billions of leaves
Fall Every Day.
Every Tree Starts
To get naked,
Brown, like a clay.
Simple Again Like You,

No More hidden Moon,
Underneath The Spring's
Dressed Trees.
Only Hears a Whisper of You,
Honest and Crystal Clear.

Hundreds of Meteors
Fall from the Sky
Every night,
Seen One?
Make A wish
And Sleep Tight
To Make it True.

Count Bright Stars,
Miscount Another Million Galaxies.
Connect the Stars with your finger,
Like a lyric,
Sung by a singer.
Draw Curves,
Draw Lines,
Swimming in your Imagination.

In Every Autumn,
Billions Leaves fall
Trees go plain,
Naked but Pure,
Like Your Heart.
He sits aside watching
The Changing Seasons.
Falling Meteors,
Falling Leaves,
Until He be with You.
Inspired by[y]
Written for [y], and influenced by Katie Melua - Nine Millions Bicycles .
This is the poem #128, I think.

Note:This is the post#340

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