Sunday, December 24, 2006

Change and its Victim.

Loozer by Loft Portugal
Loozer by Loft Portugal

BedTime's Quote[132]:
"Any and Every Change in our society has its victims"--[x] [Sociopolitical-Understanding].

AntiNationalist's Thought:
A Change or Its Victims?

Every change we seek or witness in our society has its victims, from the increase of employment to tax rates, gas prices, positive or negative economical growth. Every thing we see that changes always leave some victims, especially in societies that have high rate of disorders. Imagine, a society as being an Utopian one, any change in it, especially a positive one, it wouldn't leave any victim because there is no bad people in such dreamlandish Utopian society to be affected by such change, only one side will benefit which is the good side. If it's bad change it would not happen any way because Utopians always tend to choose the right change. In our realistic society, The rise of employment rate causes loses of jobs to the outsourced ones. Lowering tax rate causes better living but a more consuming society. Removing a dictator might increase the rate of freedom, but also can cause more chaotic society and a civil war. A change is determined as good or bad by calculating its positive side vs negative side. Either one there are still some victims.

The main point is, people always find it hard to accept, realize, and understand a change in their societies because they get confused by the victims reactions, behaviors or the numbers and amount of victims caused by this change. The increase of prostitution might look like a change in society, but those more like victims of a change, in such a case, people are confused to identify the change and its victims...etc good night dear readers-yawns, sorry.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Message to ArabMen

A message to TheArabMen.

You feel pain,
But you don't know its name.
You experience fear,
But you don't know its origin.
You want to cry,
But it's shameful to show tears!
You need a hug,
But it's weakness to ask for one!
You hold her hands,
But everyone starts staring at you
Like you held a cow with no milk!

You doubt your belief,
But you don't know its cause.
You trust liars,
Because you can't judge their hearts.
You are addicted to the TV,
But It hates your traditional belief.
It teaches you how to kiss your wife,
But at night you got a slap!
You like to watch Romantic movies,
Because at the end of day,
You go telling your wife;
"Dear, Titanic looks like you
except it sank within hours
but you within a second"
How Romantic You could be!

You try to look like Brad Pit,
So you impress other women,
But unfortunately you end up looking like;
"A weird-looking Banana plant with Onions as its fruits"
You thin your eyebrows,
and whiten your skin,
But for god's sake,
All Cows in the farm,
Shockingly Started to think you are Dolly the sheep.

You hang a colorful flag in your walls,
or a figure of a bacteria!
Oh Yes It's Your great nation's flag,
But you never know who made it at all.
Don't worry at least,
it's surely "Made in China"

You are so proud of your tribal nation,
But You can't even tell the difference,
Between Religion and Traditions.

You worship God over the seven skies,
But you worship Money in seven banks underground.
Even though you might only make 800$ a month
You preach religion of peace,
But at night your actions make people speech-l.e.s.s.

Dear Arab men,
Stop Acting like
You are knowledgeable of everything,
You claim you know western music,
But The last song you downloaded was "Fifty Cent's"
The Last book you read was"How to make an Arab man smart in 10 days"
The Last documentary you saw was "Addicted to Rice And Women"
Your role model is "Che Guevara" or "Alzeer Salim"
At the most controversial point it would be "Jamal Abdulnassir"
The last political view you adopted was "Death to America"
And the first and last man you fear was "Your King"
You seek freedom of speech,
but when money talks
You love to be speechless.
..You know Dear Arab men,
This message is directed to
All men from various slices of our society.
And trust me,
The last song I heard was
"The saints are coming"

Note: This message is written to describe how Arab "men" behave in their societies, the message is directed to all Arab men from all different countries it's not directed to specific ones, others might dislike what they read, but it's not entirely describing one person, in fact at least two lines of this message match one Arab man's behaviors.

Good Night dear readers.

Monday, December 18, 2006


"Battle of Abukir" by Antoine-Jean Gros, 1806.

BedTime's Quote[131]:
"Love is a tiny key that unlocks many doors of hates, sadly it gets lost easily" --[x] [Social-Understanding].

My Note:
An Antinationalist's thought,

A Fallen Seed That Causes A thunderous Echo.
The Islamic world is in a status of cultural shock, they just realized how advance the rest of the world has been, and how It's been looking down at and being ignorant about our religion. It's like a supernova explosion in the universe, its end is witnessed on Earth after millions of years. So is us, ,The rest of the world is the same in our eyes. Today, we realized the aftermath of their scientific, social, agricultural, and political revolutions. We regret, we find glorifying our history as another way to escape reality, like a drunken man saddened by his dead wife. A mockery over our faith causes a million men march, destructions in the streets of the west and angers over cartoons & theatrical plays mocking our faith under the name of freedom. While in fact, all these have been done over and over again since the beginning of the Islam, we were just ignorants and blind to realize it. This is exactly how we see the supernova in the sky, a star's death is someone else's beauty and inspiration, and another's violent blind reaction of sorrows and regrets.

Good night dear readers.

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Wrong Toy - I used To play

Sawfly Larva by Clande Gange
Sawfly Larva by Clande Gange.

BedTime's Quote[130]:
"We tend to forget that the future of our nation is not in the hands of the elders and tribe leaders, but in the hands of the youth. The tribal leaders know nothing but worries and old traditions to limit our religious minds" --[x] [Sociopolitical-understanding].

The Wrong Toy - I used to play.

It's the wrong time,
To draw lines
With knives
On the sands
Between Our Fingers,

It's the wrong place,
To build a wall
That prisons the shadows of our hearts,
And rejects our imaginations.
Every Brick kills a freedom seeker,
And every nail drills a hole in our shoulders,
& love letters.

It's the wrong dream,
To create a mental disordered nation
Deserting creative Minds,
And Exiling Innocent Imaginations,
A Withered Rose called Renaissance!

It's the wrong faith,
To bow after a wax throne,
That can't face a faint flame.
With Time,
It Entirely Melts down.

It's the wrong poem,
To rhythm,
To rhyme,
In Accordance to dead fishes & dry trees
In a dark ocean filled
with petrochemical plans.

It's just wrong to keep quiet,
When in fact,
We altogether look like,
A beautiful Mosaic design.
Influenced by [z].

Note: The poem is Written for the wrong moments Our World react wrongly to. Written Specifically for the Arab World and how its people keep quiet when it's the right moment to speak. However, keep being loud when it's the wrong moment to protest. Every day a new borderline is adjusted among countries, every day a child dies in Africa, every day a creative mind gets rotten. Every day we face invisible problems, but almost no one ever bothers to make them visible. We all wait 10 O'clock news, turn on Aljazeera TV to watch boring politicians protesting against illegal governments as they claim.

We wait to be informed that there's something wrong in our backyard house, while in fact, the problem has exceeded that and reached the living room! They try to build walls to block ideas, some build walls and call them "independent", some build them so others can draw their imaginations there. In palestine, people are dying in the both sides of the demonized wall, while another blood brother country supplies the bricks to finish it all. In the end, instead of looking for similarities among ourselves, we just look for the differences of our passports' colors.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Living Namelessly

BedTime's Quote

"The only way to solve the Middle East's crisis in Palestine, is when Palestinians realize that the only way to take over Israel, and have the upper hand is by accepting Israel existence in their homeland - a one state solution" --[x] [Political-Understanding].

"History only has names to make it sound interesting, more enjoyable to read and to give credits for their contributions ,either negative or positive one, to Humanity." --[x].

AntiNationalist's Thought:
Living Namelessly Creates Many Social Realizations

Imagine, you met someone and decided to live or to have online interacting relation with them for one month, without letting them know anything about yourself, like your age, full name, tribe name, social & financial status, occupation, and more. However, you only show them your mind, you speak of your ideas, believes, & ideology in life, your ethics, you give them your perspective of the world they are living in. Eventually, unfortunately, after a month, you just disappeared out of their life, since the relation was expired. At that point, they would realize something important that all your background information did not matter during your existence among them, but your interactions and thinking toward them. One can make impact on others, and draw his ideas, thoughts and more on people minds without even telling them who- where-why-how-when he was.
Therefore, Do they really need to know your name? Is it important any more? Is it really important to tell people how high your social status is by telling them your tribe name? Can't we just hide all these then define ourselves by our thoughts then eventually tell them what they want to know.

Note: I only wrote the above because I tend to hide my identity in real life. Because, I prefer to show the people around me what I think, my interactio, how I speak and express my views, which all are to enhance my image which will eventually make them question and say "What kind of environment did this person grow up in that made him a good honest moral ethical creature living in this tiny planet in our solar system!", Nah well their mind might be simple or their IQ could be low so they would only say "Oh the place this person comes from must be nice, respectful, and peaceful"

Good Night dear readers.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Remember The Streets of Berlin.

Red Army over Swastika
Note: In this Soviet photograph from May 2, 1945, Red Army soldiers are raising the Soviet flag on the roof of the Reichstag, Berlin[+].

Remember The Streets Of Berlin.

Dying Fire Upon crumbling Empire
Heavy Rain washing
The Streets of Berlin,
Snails crawling...
Dead Nazi bodies , rotten,
The Red Army arrived,
Swastika was blown apart.

Sandstorms Covering,
The Hammer and The Sickle,
Red Color turning Gold...
...An invisible army became the chosen,
-Taliban came...
And the Communists left heaven.

Capitalism wore a beautiful dress
- Globalism,
Democracy was born,
Out of His mother - imperialism,
World Trade Center
- fallen,
The number Nine Eleven
- memorized,
Every Bricks
- sold to Museums...

All Gone to Save the world
- Operation Freedom Forsaken Iraq...
Shia vs Sunni,
And the Camel got shot.
And The Democratic Donkey ran out of Carrots
And its Elephent is losing its tusk.

Forget Today,
And remember,
The streets of Berlin.
Influenced by [z].

Note: The poem is to represent the fall of dictatorship, communism and now Democracy is on its way as the poem is predicting, and how the streets of Berlin in 1945 will always remind us of how a powerful nation can be built and erased from the face of earth within few years.

Good night dear readers.