Friday, October 26, 2007

Rusted Steels.

He and I by Tom Snadii
He and I by Tom Snadii.
BedTime's Qoute[155]:
"Global warming is destroying Earth because of the careless people on thrones, unfortunately, some of them are even using the issue to win presidential elections" --[x]

The smell of rusted steels,
Reminds me of the prison guard's keys.
It was a sin not to feel
My poor neighbor's hunger and needs.
A child begging for money,
A woman selling her body for less,
A man killing another for an existence,

Bloody acidic brown colors melting
On me,
Society bleeding before thee,
Everyone complains,
But No one acts,
Don't let the royal holy majestic cheap perfume
hallucinate you,
Just follow your omens,
Please Thee,
And don't worry
When you anger "them".

The spirits of nature are within
Protecting whoever serves thee,
The smell of rusted steel fades away
When the child, woman and man
Smell the roses and flowers of my garden.
influenced by [z]

Political Status: peaceful.
Psychological Status: stressed, busy, and happy

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