Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not Warm Enough + AntiN Thought,

Not Warm Enough Yet

News are boring
When the causalities are low
People care about celebrities
When they get nude
and drugs addicted.

See our Earth, coughing!
green house effect
smelly lifeless rivers,
beside dry crops,
dead cows around,
flying crows & vultures above.

A political campaign
for the elites,
Carbon emissions reductions
won't comfort Earth's fears,
...a poor fisherman with an empty boat
In an empty lake,
...a polar bear without a piece of ice
to stand.
...a village flooded without a tiny cloud in the sky
But Bush and Hilary Clinton can't really tell the difference.

And Our middle Eastern crows,
wearing crowns,
Black Majestic knights be their name...!
Digging more black golds
While green energy isn't greener enough
to them.
Chicken and Rice tastes better without them!
Them - the green elements of health....
Their big bellys accept only bloody-proteins
Lucky us
Otherwise, our nation would suffer two instead of one....
Global warming,
and Famine.

MyDaily: Good night dear readers... thanks for reading me and sorry for not being so active.

MyNote: AntiNationalist's thought: Mr.President Around Me...

You know dear readers, when I am home, the most popular word and image I read and see is "Mr.President". On news, Mr.President is eating, Mr.President sent an sms to Another Mr.President, Mr.President missed call King Mr.President of a country concerning about his son gonna-be-Mr.president's health, or congratulating him for his son gonna-be-after-his- sibling-gonna-be-Mr.president-Mr.President. Mr.President is going to visit a country for a meeting held by MANY MR.PRESIDENTS concerning OTHER Mr.Presidents financial problems and their political gang parties and how to donate for them and their wives then maybe-their Mr.Presidents' people whom are ruled willingly since they don't have to vote to no one but ONE!. And then when I go to get a hair cut, or to food place, or hospital, or even play soccer, I always see "Mr.President's Picture" in all sizes...from a Movie Poster size to Pocket size picture. Then I wonder and count the times I've seen Mr.President's pictures in a day, and I've found out that they are uncountable number of times, but I am sure it's more than the word "God" himself. Then when I went to school, first thing I had to do was "Say Good morning to Mr.President" which is actually a national anthem. Then when my first class started at 8am, first thing when I opened my English textbook, which I never knew how to read even one line of it, I unsurprisingly see Mr.President picture smiling at me. Then when the Music class comes - Yes we had one and trust me we only had to drums on the class tables since musical instruments were not available- we had to memorize an anthem about Mr.President and who could not sing along would get beaten up by the music teacher who happened to be Egyptian who disliked his own Mr.President! -
At the end of day, I go home tired, and ask mom about today's lunch, she asks me how is school? I reply with a tired tone "Mom, My school is all about Mr.President's life, my knowledge is so limited that I started to have a belief that my DNA has words and pictures of Mr.President". So mom what do you think of my belief?" she said "Well my son, - I don't think therefore I am!.... At night, I saw all people gathering around the TV, I forgot that today was Mr.President birthday and it's forcibly our national holiday.... I went to bed, thinking I would sleep peacefully, but in my dream fortunately - I did not see Mr.President ... It was the only place I could feel free... When I woke up, I saw my father setting up Mr.President's country flag, I said "Dad, this is not a Mr.President's government building, this is our house" Dad said "Well son, You need to show your loyalty to your country by any mean" I went quiet and said to myself " Well, maybe I should hang up myself on top of it as well, to show how loyal I am to my mental and intellectual suffering & sorrows.... Dad said "Why are you quiet?" I said "Oh nothing, I am just thinking to go to One Cent store to buy Mr.President picture to hang it in my room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and parking lot, just in case the Mr.President government has a doubt about our loyalty" ..sigh... I wanted to become Mr.President someday not to spread my pictures and news all around the country, but to make my people forget that there were once Many Mr.Presidents with many pictures around....

Good night....