Saturday, December 31, 2005

December's Bests

Here you go, best things in December or things I knew or read about during this month.
Best and new things in Decemberr:-
BriefWords[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]. RadioBlogList, Misconceptionology[1,2].
History : Battle of Iwo Jima.
Books: Animal Farm, Catch 22.
Science: Scientific American[Dec]
Political-PoemsBy[x]: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6].
Social-PoemsBy[x]: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14].
Music: Epica's album, Consign To Oblivion [Good]
Songs: Epica's Solitary Ground, and Epica - Trois Vierges

1-Time's Best Photos
2-Reuter 40 top photos of 2005.
4-First Monday

Since I visited many blogs, I found many good ones.
BloggersOfTheMonth: [Most Arabic]
1- Ahmed Fawaz
2- From This Side of The window


--> decision made according to blog's posts, quality, and presenting ideas informatively.

Quote: "Only One Post Enough to make a whole blog the best".--[x]

Favorite thing I experienced in December: Cooking.
Worst Thing in December: The Holiday.

99% of The Contents written by [x].

Welcome to January 2006.

This is for December, I didn't write some topics I was planning due to mental-blocks I have had sometime. If I offended anyone during this month, I apologize and I am just giving my opinions, and ideas, and these never fit everyone. It's A new year in some places where you are reading this blog now, but who cares, it's just a number passed by fuelled with resolutions made by people who were only hopeful for a day for better world.

See you next year!

BriefWord[7]+ BTQ[49]

BedTime's Quote[49]:
"New Year's day is celebrated globally, while A question, whether It is any different year or day from any other calendar, remains unrealizeable!" --[x] [Social-Understanding]

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Insomiac.
New Year's Day is just a Number:
New Year's Celebration, I wonder how people think of this, What's the difference between Gregorian Calender New Year, or Chinese New Year, or Islamic New Year or whatever there is?! People don't realize Time, and they would never, the silliest question, which people mostly ask in such an event, is "What's your resolution for the new year?", I wonder if The Chinese ask the same question while celebrating theirs.
So now I ask:
"Is the Gregorian New Year more special than the Chinese New year?" Or
"Doesn't it really make a big difference in realizing the importance of one day astronomically?",
"Aren't all these calendars made of numbers and astronomical calculation, and that all of them remark any historical event in different numbers/dates?!"

I am not putting this event down, but questioning its importance as a number in a calendar, the New Year's day event is not really considered historical event more than just a number, One One 2006. Last Question, If China takes over the world instead USA, will the world start celebrating The Chinese New Year's Day instead? The answer is obvious.
Edited for reviewing by [x]

Note:No Happy New Year, I might celebrate my own calendar's new year eve, I will name it "Squar Root Of X Calendar" :| Happy New Squar Root of X Year!

Goodnight Dear Readers

Friday, December 30, 2005

A hyper-man

Let me sleep awake
Conquering my Dreams
With my eyes wide open,
Monopolizing Visions,
Enslaving Desires,
Burying Reality,
A dream World
Full of the unseens,
Blinks of Stars
A hyper-man
The Insomniac.
Influenced by[z]

Note: Too Bored, Wrote this, mmm.I think my Blog is a Chat box entirely where I chat with myself, and others try to wake me up,those I call "Comment-makers" hehe, :)

Q:If Sleep was for sale, how much would One Kg of Sleep be?
Nah Nevermind.


BedTime's Quote--
Oh Well, Since I couldn't sleep until now, 35hours no sleep, I would like to call it

Insomiac's Quote:
An Ignorant man is, who is patient with his stupidity but impatient with Knowledge" --[x]

Good Morning Dear Aliens plus apes, Only. No Humans sorry, Humans are insomniac.


From The Sky,
Seen A dot
In the Ocean.
A small Island
Full of Tunnels
And Mysteries.
Empty Ground,
22,000 Death-Seekers

70,000 Blue-Soldiers
with hopes for survival
Landed peacefully
Looking for the enemy
Saw nobody

Night Came
Blood Shed
Face to Face
The Underground met the ground.
Defeating them slowly
moving forward an inch to a yard daily
Flame Guns blowing Caves
Raging Hells
From North to South,
In Heaven
The underground.

Underground They waited.
They fought to kill
As many as they could.
Until the last man
Kuribayashi shot himself
Declaring Glory
And Making History
Of A heroic Victory,
Influenced by[z]

Note: Written for the Battle of Iwo Jima island, and how brave Americans fought it, Maybe not brave, but believe me that battle is something that needed brave people to make it. Japanese soldiers barely cared about life, Death was a morning breakfast to them, but they did give a lesson in fighting wars.

Location: Iwo Jima is a small island close to Japan
Size: 8 km in length and 4 km in width
Japanese Force: 22,000. [less than 1% left, 200 POW, rest DEAD]
U.S Force: 70,000. [26,000 wounded, 7000 dead]
Lasted: Feb 16 to March 26 1945, almost 40 days.
Kuribayashi's Last word: March 22nd He Radioed the following:
"We are still fighting, The strength under my command is now about four hundreds. Tanks are attacking us. The enemy suggested we surrender through loudspeaker, but our officers and men just laughed and paid no attention".--he shot himself, and his body never found.
Ref: Wikipedia

MyNote: 30hours no sleep.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


جمال الجسد
فتنة الوجود
وجمال الروح
خلود صاحبها,


BriefWord[6] + BTQ[47]

BedTime's Quote[47]
"Love isn't immortal until one sacrifices for it"--[x][Social-Understanding]

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Patient, depressed and multi-persona-conflicted.

InfoBlog: 3la-almashy[Arabic/English]

The Weak Arab World's Media Control.
The Arab World is one of the most controversial region in the world to discuss socially, culturally, historically, economically, governmentally, and for most religiously. It's hard to determine the main reason of its weakness or its fanatical reactions to the West, toward certain topics, such as, History of Islam, Islamic Sharia, Women Rights, Tribalism and Jihad. The West seems always to misunderstand The Arab World, because the western Media tends to view their self-lifestyle, ideology and so on as the best in the World unequally. Meanwhile, western citizens become unaware of the cultural differences between them and the Arab World. Therefore, we see such misunderstandings or even a really bad judgmental behavior within. The West might know about The Arabic Islamic culture, the problem is they always try to compare what Arabs believe in to what they believe in, with an advantage or a prejudgmental conclusion, which is their belief is the right one, "I'm right You're Wrong"

For example, for an American man, who lived all his life under Media control, he wouldn't even bother knowing about others' cultures by himself and goolging it. Instead, he will just make judgments, which are already made indirectly by the Media and installed in his way of thinking. He will always have that Media-mentality within him, which says " I'm the best, I'm from the land of freedom, of opportunity". According to that thinking, Why should he bother searching for others if he is the best! Or even bother to know "Where The Middle East is located at?".

However, although The West Elite Class people are controlling the minds of their citizens, the Arab World Elite Class people are making the situation even worse. The Arab Elites Media Control on its people recently is falling apart due to the advanced technology developments. i.e Satellite Channels, internet, and so on. However, in the past, by past it's meant more than 70 years of generations, The Arabic Media Control was so much strong, and very monopolizing the exchanging of information between in and out of their world. Within only the last 70 years approximately not exactly, the Arabic people mentalities were shaped to fit ideas such as Nationalism and its all practices such as Flags, National Anthems, Citizenship, Praising One's History and perfecting it, or even making it a pure history full of glory and angelic leaders. Anyhow, Nationalism was achieved somehow easily among Arabs unlike The Democracy bush is trying to spread among them. Nationalism was succeeded only because it's an advanced form of Tribalism, otherwise it would fail shortly like Communism did in Yemen or any part of the Arab World.

Although the Arab citizens got their share of The Elite class Media control's influences, Arab citizens tend to be more knowledgeable about the West, and its culture. For Example, Many Arabs listen to western music, or watch westren movies, or even read western novels and historic books [translated or English written ones]. Some might be wondering and confused, how is this happening while the Arab Elite Class Media Control was/is an iron fist?.

The Arab Media control lets its people know about others but hasn't let them know about themselves, means they didn't allow anyone to think of or doubt about their history, leadership, or even question a social issue directly to the policy maker. It's also because that the Arabs are on the bottom, and the West is on the top, like The Pyramid, the bottom ones tend to look up to reach or to learn from the top. The top drops knowledge to the bottom, and doesn't really get directly any knowledge from the bottom. However the top only adopts and imports labors and brains from the bottom ones and don't give back what they take of materialistic benefits or knowledge, simply it's like Imperialism or any other term that fits the same ideology.

Therefore, we see the Arab World itself is divided into People Against its elite class, People against the West, and People against both(the elite and the west). The last group currently is defined as Terrorists, or it can be something else in the future. This ideological-storm is going to last years before it ends up with a better future for the Arab World. The Arab World won't remain misunderstood by the West for long, The name Arab World will be changed to Islamic world sooner or later, The Islamophobia, which the West is infected with, will be treated with a better understanding, the side effect of Terrorism seems not bad somehow. Unfortunately, its direct effect is just a tragedy and a huge ideological disorder, which needs an order.

I am not giving a solution to the controversially region, but I hate to stop writing now with a clueless solution, an empty jar full of dirty air. I am not expecting an answer or a solution from any one because it will lead only to another messy world of arguments and misunderstandings. Therefore, I will stay alone thinking more about us."--[x]

Edited by [x] for forgetting to spell-check!

Note: This is the longest post I published so far and It's not my type, because most readers won't read something long because I always think they are like me, bad readers. This post might be reviewed later, to reach its perfect form, all the information and statements written by me, and made according to my own observations and thinking, I am not a reader, I'm only an observer. Some Read, and Others See. And, Sorry I didn't finish writing it, it looks incomplete somehow but I tried to stop and I did. Briefword[6] isn't brief at all.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

[Shrimps-Thai-Rice] + BTQ[46]

Picture Taken by [x].
Tonight's meal
"Fried Shrimps with Thai fried Rice"
Cooked by [x]
Eaten by [o]

BedTime's Quote[46]:
"Salt, Fire, and Patience are what a chef should always consider"--[x]
[Housewife-Understanding] lol.

"Simple Things are always said by leaders, and hard things are always done by us, people"--[x]

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Empty, worried,and hopeful.

Web[1]: OhmyNews [You want to be a Citizen Reporter? then join them]
: [General Search Engine] Very Good.
Web[3]: Clusty [Search Engine] Try it.
: Cooking With Amy [Food Blog]

Note: This is the post #270
Goodnight Dear Readers.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Pineapple + BTQ[46]

Bedtime's Quote:
Saddam has accused Washington of lying, and I accused Saddam for being honest"--[x]

"I output more than I input therefore I am becoming ignorant!"--[x]

Picture Taken by [x]
pineapple with Sweet yogurt
Note: Today I didn't cook, I only made sweet sandwich and pineapple With Sweet Salty Yogurt.

Web: MSNBC PHOTOS of 2005

Political Status: Defensive.
Psychological Status: Hopeful, and worried.

Goodnight Dear Readers.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Sweet Strawberry Sandwich.

Picture Taken by [x]
Sweet Strawberry Sandwich


Pic Taken by [x].

Note: I made this today's morning, I didn't sleep so I decided to make something new, and it's tasty, sweet, yum yum Kamb Kamb (like how a camel eats).


"A Beautiful white woman, sliky blue scarf, blue shinny eyes, a westren look, millions believe in this description of the virgin Marry, the truth is completely different, nothing of the previous descriptions really existed in her"--[x]

The Quran mentions The Virgin Mary more times than the Bible itself does.

Note: Recently, I focused on some posts on religious things only because it's Christmas days.

15 Days of Cooking.

Well, almost in the last 15days I have cooked alot, sometime twice a day, lunch and dinner. Cooked for [o], unfortunately he still believes that all the dishes i have made are not better than the kabsah I made for him. Nevermind, that's [o]. I will try to list all the meals I have cooked as far as I can remember, they have no specific names because I made them as I took my photos or wrote my poems,based on only ideas.
1- Baked Chicken Wings and Fried Rice in Tomato&Onion souce. [Cooked Twice]
2- Chicken Kabsa [Cooked Twice]
3- Half-fried-eggs mixed with tomatos with Roast Beef in Flat bread sandwich.
4- Grilled Chicken Tekkah with chinese fried rice and mushroom.
5- Grilled Beef Steak with Caribbean Spice.
6- Fish Curry and Baked Fish with rice.
7- Roast Beef with Soure Cream and Guacamola. (Mexican Sandwich Style, Taco). [cooked-twice]
8- Fried beef Stew with vegetables and soya souce (Chinese).
9- Baked Whole Chicken with [x]'s special spice,[marinade for 2 days] and fried vegetables and potatos.
10- Fried Shrimps [Failure due to lack of understanding in shrimp's physical structure] Therefore order PIZZA!

Note: These what I have cooked so far I don't know exactly when I started cooking, 14 or 16days ago, but this is all I can remember.

Looking further for: Making a Cake! and making a sweet sandwich made of Yougart and Strawberry with honey and Toast Bread. Actually I will make this Sweet Sandwich now for a test, then try it on [o]

Sunday, December 25, 2005


BedTime's Quote:
"Beautiful strong bridges paved by promises and Media, Nice Smile, and a 2000$ suit are all needed in one Man to win any election"--[x][Political-Understanding] [The Image of Hypocrisy].

Web[1]: InfoWars [Anti-Propaganda site].
Web[2]:Phaylon Network [Anti-Progaganda].
Part of InfoWars. Its programs only for Demos, If you want to watch it fully, then you need to pay $6 a month. It was free before, The Demos are still enough for me at least.
InfoBlog: Obscured by clouds

Political Status: Defensive.
Psychological Status: Smells-like-Onion-Garillic&Black-Pepper, Too much Cooking.

Goodnight Dear Readers.


Crowded Chambers,
Loud Prayers,
Burning Candles,
Crosses spread widely.
Jesus, Virgin Mary.
Pope giving Speeches
Old People only exist in Churches.
Renaming Churches to Nursing Homes.

Young Christians are disappearing.
Busy Arguing about God Existance.
And Adopting Atheism,
And Paganism,
Throwing the Cross
And Holding the Guns of Science.
Christianity Fading Away
From the minds of the youth
To The heart of the elder's thoughts,
That look like Clay.
The Only Way for it to survive
is to Materialize:
The Youth.
Influenced by[z]
[edited for review]

Note: Wrote this after watching CNN Presents: The Two Marys. Nothing's meant to be offensive in the poem, just reality, and depending on my own observation.

[o]'s Daily[16]

[o]'s Daily[16]:
December 10th
In The Morning, Outside Cold,
[o] came and woke me up "Wake up Lazy"
To be honest, The time I went to bed is the time he woke up.
I said "Yes, what's up?"
he said "Please help me, my computer has a virus"
I said to myself "What!, it's only 10 days old and now it's infected with HIV Virus from,must be, a Russian website to learn English from, for sure!"
I said to him "Well, Let's check it out"
I checked it and there's no solution except formatting it,
He called the company, a woman answered "Hello! May I help you?"
He answered "Yes, My computer got virus, help me"
She said "What!"
He said "My computer is bad now, I not can't use my computer"
She couldn't understand him only because of his accent, otherwise it was ok for me at least.
He gave me the phone.
I talked to her and explained everything...
Later on at night.
He got a phone call, from the computer company, it was an Indian guy.
[o] couldn't understand the Indian guy,nor the Indian guy did.
I took the phone and talked to him,
The guy had Indian accent, and he said "I am calling from Indiyaa,the Company's branch in Calcootaa".
I said to him "Aha, that's what I call outsourcing"
He laughed, then said "Yes but are you wid[with] it or for it?"
I said "I don't care as long as you get paid, and this computer is fixed"
Then He said "Ok, your friend has a problem with the computer, I did not understand HER"
I went quiet, and said to myself "HER!"
Then I realized the Indian guy thought it was a she not a he or an [o].
I said "Yeah she has a problem with her computer"
He said "Oh, I see, I will try to help her as much as possible"
then he asked "Where Are you from?, and where is she from?"
I said "I am from x-country, and she is from Lebanon"
He said "Oh so you live together?"
I said "Yes she is only my friend"
[o] looked at me wondering and lost asking himself "Who is she!"
After the call finished,
[o] asked "Who in Lebanon?"
I said "'YOU!', the guy thought you were female"
[o] got mad at me, I said "listen, I got adapted to the SHE thing during the conversation and it was hard to convert that Term back to HE!"
Unfortunately, he didn't buy it, my excuse was reject by his majesty [o]
Eventually the Computer got fixed, and unfortunately the Indian guy had to call many more times to make sure it works.
And whenever he calls, he says "SHE, SHE, And SHE!"

For those who just read this for the first time.
You may need to read this first : Intro to [o], and [o][first day]
99% Based on True Events. Dark Comedy

Saturday, December 24, 2005

BedTime's Q[43]

BedTime's Quote[43]:
"According to the currently used Calendar, The Gregorian Calendar which didn't start with Year Zero AD, When Jesus came out of his virgin mother's womb he was one year old!" --[x]
[Social-Understanding] [MoreInfos]

Web: Reuter 40 top photos of 2005.

Political Status: Defensive.
Psychological Status: Brainstorming, Patient, and Hopeful.

By the way I forgot, to say Merry Christmas to any Christian exists there.:)

Goodnight Dear Readers.

Religious Criminal

Walking Down The Street of Faith.
Paved by Words and Hopes.
Following Signs of the unknown
Destiny, A Green Traffic Light.
Death&Life, A Yellow Light.
Fate, A Red Light.
Speeding on the highway of faith.
been Chased by Religious Police.
For Crossing the Red light.
Falling off the bridge of future
to the river of the crucial
and a miserable survival Creed.
Eventually stopped by The Red light
Of Fate that left His Invisible Soul.
To Heaven that doesn't know Nationalism,
Nor Tribalism,
Nor Race,
Or Face.
Influenced by[z]

Note: written for an ideological run-away criminal.


This is new, MisConceptionology is about misconceptions people have, or as misconceptions I might see. In our world, or I might say worldS with S, there are many misconceptions among people due lack of social understandings or even scientific misunderstandings. I myself used to have misconceptions, I used to judge people before even knowing them. I regret but I learned and I am still learning. Anyway, here we go:

"A long beard, a nice well-worn turban, a modest walk, a smiley face, white hair, aged-body, I see in the street. Take my gun and kill him, and shout ''I killed A terrorist, Operation Freedom the Last crusade''; Tomorrow's media says {-It was a faithful Indian Sikh Man-}"--[x]

MyNote: I'm back to writing, maybe for today only!or maybe because [o] is not home today! Strange.
Note: This is the post #260

RadioBlog's Problem

Solution: Some of You might have slow connections so when playing the Radio blog it's hard to listen to the whole song or sometime it skips, the solution for this is to play the song you want and pause it immediately, then wait The Blue Bar on the top next to the title played to increase fully or as much you want to hear. Then resume playing. This way you will give the player time to download the song to be played so it won't skip to the next one.

Have fun--[x]

Friday, December 23, 2005

BriefWord[5]+ RBL[5]+ BTQ[42]

by salih güler

BedTime's Quote[42]:
"The more people celebrate New Year Eve, The shorter the new year becomes"--[x][Social-Understanding]

Political Status: defensive.
Psychological Status:Cooking-machine,11days of cooking, patient. TIRED.

Web: Why You Should Blog?

12- Judgement by Anathema [Gothic metal]
13- Gutter Bullet by Savatage [ Classic]
14- New World by TodyMac [Soundtrack for the movie Narnia]

New Year Useless Celebration.
I have noticed that the more people getting involved in such a celebration, New Year's Day, the less realization we have on time. Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, and Years are passing unnoticeably by us. It's like we start a new year to wait for the next new year celebration. I wonder If Albert Einstein lived now, he would change his relativity theory or maybe he wouldn't even realize Time since Time doesn't exist anymore in our minds, which got busy working and making money, or arguing about politics and our miserable lives. The New Year Eve's Celebration is becoming nothing else but a perfect example of Capitalist's consumism under religious cover, which's full of shiny Chinese silks and bright Christmas lights. Life is losing its flavor, everything tastes like money nowadays, and in 6 days The world will celebrate The Money flavored Time, while the world itself remains unchanged to better and ages to worse.
PreBriefWords: [1], [2], [3], [4] .
Note: This post has been reviewed and updated by [x]

Goodnight Dear Readers

BedTime's Q[41]

BedTime's quotes[41]:
"The Arab World's presidents seem so immortal, and its people seem so mortal"--[x]

"In some Arabic countries, The divorce rate has reached 20%, while the 80% is busy collecting money for dowry" --[x] [Social-Understanding]

"According to Google's latest statistic of 2005's most searched terms and words, I come to realize that the world has been busy searching for ignorance"--[x][Social-Understanding]

Note: I apologize that I am slow in writing recently due to the mental block, I'm having. Probably, I've been busy searching for ignorance myself!...Better talk to [o] he might help!

Goodnight Dear Readers.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Sail away,
With the wind
He smelled the Shore,
There He picked up a blue rose,
That had a deep smell
like a tatoo in his skin.
That looked like A skull And Bones.
Deadly Life,
Survival Heart.
Looking for her,
In the endless seas.
found nothing.
But her blue rose.
in the shore.
inspired by [y]

BedTime's Quote[40]:
" Time doesn't exist, unless you try to realize it" --[x] [Psychological-Understanding]

Political Status: On treaty.
Psychological Status: Mental-block, Mind-disfunctioning, Psycho-friction.

Note: I tried to write but I couldn't, this post is not Writing!, when I say Write I mean something more radical.

Goodnight Dear Readers

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

BedTime's Quote[39]

BedTime's Quote:
"If Only IF didn't exist, there wouldn't be so much complexity in our minds"--[x][Psychological-Understanding]

"At war, the only way to survive it is to end it, and the only way to end it is to not retreat otherwise you will survive as an occupied creature"--[x]

MyDaily: I feel really tired, and sick, I feel this blog became like another class I attend at school or another meeting to take care of. I have many ideas I want to write and publish on the blog, but I just can't write them down I saved slights of them as drafts, the problem is that I have Mental Blocks a lot. Today, I was trying to read a book, which I bought yesterday called Animal farm, I couldn't even read more than 3 pages because [o] didn't stop talking, so annoying sometime, I threw the book and looked at him and said "Ok, no more reading I will listen to you"...And I didn't read. I even skipped the preface and intro of the book, I can't stand reading about the author life and so on. I think I am a bad reader, simply indirectly ignorant. Yes, I am an ignorant working class man. I am the one who knows Not to know!. And that's another BriefWord I will write. Therefore... Goodnight Dear Readers.

Monday, December 19, 2005

BT's Q[38] + [o]'s Daily[15]

BedTime's Quote[38]:
" You can't judge one according to his knowledge, no matter how much knowledge the one has. Because Knowledge is not wisdom"--[x]

InfoBlog: Poppy

[o]'s daily[15]
At Night,
After Dinner,
The 6th Dinner [x] has cooked in 6 days.
[o] sitting still wondering "How to make Eggs!"
[x] wondering "what to cook for tomorrow's night!, Kabab! or Kabsa! or Chicken Takkah!"
[x] and [o] finished having dinner,
[x] said "Ok i will go to take a shower, i am tired of cooking"
[o] said "You are fish, you two times shower"
[x] said "Well I like to take a shower twice a day"
[o] said "You are crazy, me I was in school, I don't take a shower in the morning because I didnt want to feel awake, and wanted to feel sleepy during the first two classes"
[x] said "Oh ok, smart. but bad to be dirty"

-It's really interesting what kind of philosopher he would become!

MyNote: I haven't written much and I should have, I'm just busy or didn't have time to do so, plus I'm getting sick. Anyway...

Goodnight Dear Readers.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

BedTime's Quote[37]

BedTime's Quote:
"Money never destroys people, but people's weak-greedy minds destroy people"--[x][Social-Understanding]

Web: Nazi Germany Propaganda's Posters [Home Page].
InfoBlog: Quick Online Tips [very Useful].

Political Status: Offensive, Unbuddhistical.
Psychological Status: Brainstorming, Patient.

Goodnight Dear

Bad Seeds Greedy Needs

[Click on The Picture]

There, I saw You,
Full of Bad Seeds
and greedy needs.
With Soft Voice,
and Deadly Choice.

Won a war
Against Your Foes.
And Your Friends.
Killed 20 Millions
And none left alone.

Made Promises,
And Broke Some.
Spread Lies,
And accoused others.

Propaganda, Your desire.
Peace,Your Gun Fire.
Red For Massacres and Blood Shed.
A Hammer for Dictatorship.
A Sickle for Equal Wealth in a sunken ship.

Your Death was heaven to many
They cried at your funeral,
For sadness or Happiness.
For that Their Hand-made-God wasn't immortal
But another Historical Failure.
Influenced by[z]

Written for Stalin's Bloody Era.
The number 20million is an estimation of how many people he drove to death.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

BedTime's Quote[36] + RadioBlog[4]

In the dark we're the same
In the concept of time
We're like a grain in the sand
And we strive for the flame
As if death was our aim
Cause we cannot understand
a Part of lyrics
[A Soul Society - Kamelot]

BedTime's Quote[36]:
"Live Like anyone else, Don't worry about the future, just worry about what you will leave behind of thoughts for others after you are gone" --[x]

[1] Time's Best Photos of 2005
[2] Best Web Services of 2005

11- Howard Beale's speech - from the movie "Network"
The Intro of it is:
Beale: Edward George Ruddy died today! Edward George Ruddy was the Chairman of the Board of the Union Broadcasting Systems and he died at eleven o'clock this morning of a heart condition! And woe is us! We're in a lot of trouble!!
You must hear it all :)

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Calm, patient.

Goodnight Dear Readers

Friday, December 16, 2005

BTQ[35] + Radio[3] + BriefWord[4]

BedTime's Quote:
"In Wars, Honesty is weakness, Lie is a stronghold" --[x]

Quietus - Epica [Gothic Metal][Energizing not heavy]

[2]Ed FitzGerald unfutz [political anti-bush blog, nice]

Political Status: Unseizable, Offensive.
Psychological Status: Tired, Brainstorming, Insomniac.

AntiNationalism vs Arab World. Part.1
Anti-Nationalism is not only a unique ideology, nor something impossible to believe in, nor a paradox that's believed by UFO's fans. It might sound odd, or strange, or new. Politically it might sound like Globalism. Fanatically-Tribally-religiously it might sound like an infidel's new war. To Bush, it might sound like another Osama. To the KSA's king or any arab king, It might sound like another tribe trying to take over. Anti-Nationalism is a great threat to the Arabic World, Here I'm not talking about Anti-Nationalism in Europe or America or wherever in the world it is. I am focusing on the Arabic world or Recycle Bin .

If the Anti-Nationalism ideology is applied in the Arabic world instead of the Democracy, that Bush is trying to commercialize, demonize, spread-like-HIV, spy-like-CIA. You may ask, Why is it a threat? While it is a great solution to many zillion problems that the low IQ Nation is facing. It is a threat to the Arab Elites, the Monopolizers, the wannabe king for even a second, the ones who suck the oil until Earth says "Please Give me a chance, a break to convert the fossil I have into oil".

Those Tribal-religious-corrupted-kinging-capitalist. Yes Those are KingING. They king, but they are not kings![What An English writing!]. Tribes are fighting over power. A tribe for Sale, another for rent, and the rest will be working class tribes. There's an election!, Who wins? Nobody! Only the biggest tribe. The propaganda is led by old men with ancient thinking that's basically based on Tribalism mixed religious-teachings and some Rice and Chickens.
Anti-Nationalism for Islam is a great solution, Muslims do really believe in it but indirectly. They might not use the term Anti-Nationalism, but they use the term "Ummah" [Nation]. Anti-Nationalism is a seed that must have a nutritious ground to grow in. The new Arabic Generation might look spoiled and busy with some Arabic singers, some might be amercanized or westernized, there's no problem with that because soon eventually they will realize that they need something unique special that they can adopt not something made by others. This realization will not come until they see and find out that what they are following just turns to be another big human-made ideological failure.

Finally, I'm here, I stand on a flagless, Anthemless, borderless ideology. Would you stand on what I stand and live with an unlimited mind with limited will, but strong hopes for a strong nation?, I'm not expecting any answer, but a deep thought.

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

BedTime's Q[34]+ RadioBlogList[2]

BedTime's Quote:
"It's always a mystery to define an unknown element that causes a relationship to decay between two worlds"--[x] [Social-Understanding].

"The most ignorant or useless creatures on Earth are not animals nor humans but 22 nations' presidents"--[x]
[Political-Understanding] [Arabic World]

Together by Samael [heavy][industrial metal]

InfoBlog: Sha3teely. [Arabic]
Web: The American Taliban.

Political Status: Offensive, Al-walidist.
Psychological Status: Suicidal, Excited too!, Hopeful, and Patient.

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Dark Gravity
Dark Energy
There We started witnessing
The Miracle.
Engulfing Gases And Masses,
Tearing Time-Spaces,
Into Hydorgen Gases,
Hot Blue
White stars
Rainbowizing The Universe
Superficially Colorful
Invisibly a tragedy.

In the night sky,We see.
A fancy Carpet
Full of Lines and Arcs
Of Elements Of The unkown
From Blue to Yellow.
Not Made in Persia
But In God's visions.
Radiating Mysteries
To Our thoughtful Theories.
trying to Disprove us all.
But We are Patient after all.
To solve you once more
Where You are Born close to Supernova
O' Orion Nebula.
Influenced by[z]

Note: The picture is The Entire Orion Nebula. The poem is obviously written for Nebula.