Sunday, March 30, 2008


Life likea Rorschach test by Floriana Barbu
Life likea Rorschach test by Floriana Barbu

BedTime's Quote[161]:
"The Ice plate in the Antarctica breaks into many big pieces, and those pieces swim deep in the ocean, and start to melt and get smaller day after day, until they disappear. Such a natural event reminds me of how our Arabic world might end" --[x] [Political-Understanding].

Political Status: Aggressive.
Psychological Status: Stressed & Lifeless.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

BTQ[160] + Reader Response

BedTime's Quote[160]:
"I have to come to realize that poverty is a necessity for society to keeps its balance"--[x][Social-Understanding]

"I have seen countries meet for something to achieve, but I have never seen countries meet for more divisions and confusions like the ones we belong to"--[x][Political-Understanding]


A Reader Response to Children of Cart:
"A six year old, in grade One, came to us with a tissue, a single tissue, wanting to sell it for 100 Baisa. At 10 PM on a Friday.

He acted so poor, he had no shoes on, and started whining: please buy it, please. When we asked where his parents were, he said they were at home.

They dropped him off, with his friends, at night, on a Friday, to beg.

I wonder what his teacher would do when she finds him sleeping in the middle of thelesson. That's if he does attend class." --by 575.

Good night dear readers.

Monday, March 24, 2008


BedTime's Quote[159]:

"We are born everyday, and die every second passes by. The future is a battle between life and death, and you are the one who ends it, but can't restart it" --[x] [Social-understanding]

"A thin mustache,
Twisted tongue,
a muscular body,
crumbled spirit,
whitened skin,
Filthy soul,
luxuriously dressed,
badly behaved,
Gel in the hair,
dead cells in the brain,
An image of a nightmare,
A nightmare of today's Arab men" --[x]

Political Status: Uncontrollable.
Psychological Status: Extremely unemotional

Good night dear readers.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Children Of Carts

AntiNationalist's Thought
Children Widening The social class gap.

When I was back home last Christmas, I visited the fruit and vegetable market in Mowalih. It was crowded with buyers and sellers, all kind of fruits and vegetables were fresh and sold in low prices comparing to where I am now. It's a very active and busy market, very vital to many. What was shocking to me when I was there, was when I noticed that there were more children doing hard labors. I saw children lifting heavy bags and boxes of fruits and vegetables on their carts, they wore dirty old clothes, and didn't really have any basic safety to wear, nor a good pair of shoes. I really felt ashamed of how I looked like and what I wore at that moment, I wished I were them so they became me. They might have done these jobs to pay their livings. Doing hard labors becoming more important than education for survival is what their parents believe in. This is not just happening in my society, in fact it's happening everywhere nowadays, if children can't have education because they have to pay their parents bills, then who will build our nations in the future? Are we witnessing a social class gap that no one can fill except more thieves and criminals trying to tightening it? I can go into details but few words are enough to echo and shake a mountain of blind thoughts.

Good night dear readers.

Monday, March 17, 2008


untitled By Filip Bogdan
untitled By Filip Bogdan
BedTime's Qoute[158]:
"What's democracy? Democracy is when you raise a child with a freedom of choice, and teach him to love only few things you want, such as fast food, dancing, singing, and car racing. However, when the child grows up, he will remain interested only in these few things that you have taught him, and he would never question your political directions because he never learned to care about them and that's democracy at its full potential to make a child thinks, he has freedom" --[x]