Friday, July 27, 2007

UnPaid Bills + BTQ[144]

Another Vision By Kristina Buceatchi
Another Vision By Kristina Buceatchi.

BedTime's Quote
"How can one live in a very confusing society, where right is wrong, and wrong is right. And, when he acts normal he becomes the extreme paranormal creature among the rest because he simply rejects the mainstream cultural and traditional intellects and their Sheiks... Who are believed to be so wise knowing and reasoning from what in the earth's core to what the center of the universe is"--[x] [Social-Understanding].

Psychological status: Normal.
Political status: Very offensive

Unpaid Bills.

My mind isn't useful to anything,
except chaos,
Suicidal thoughts,
Arabs Nation,
Hamas, Fatah & Israel,
Three states solution.

Burning Flags

Collecting muds,
Cleaning streets,
Sunken Cars,
in filthy brown Water,
No Electricity
Only Homeless families,
Gonu hit home...
And No one learned the religious norm.

Extremists Or students,
Confusing Minds,
Twisting News
Kill them all,
Kneeling or Standing,
All the same in front of their government.
A battle inside a Red Mosque.,
To remove a seed,
That was never to be a tree,

Convert, Revert,
Apostate, a hypocrite.
Our social instability is a great victory
To our enemy.

Close Your eyes,
Open them,
You see,
Time stopped a second.
There's no Future,
Ignorance is our tradition & Culture.
There's no plan, no basic structure.
Chaos, a foggy vision,
Of An old Vulture.
Like a Dotted Chromic Screen,
of the Television.
Caused by a broken Antenna,
Or an unpaid Satellite bill.
Just to watch our Addictions,
The media's propaganda.
A solar eclipse creates darkness...
And A cultural eclipse creates ignorance.

While I am in the middle enjoying the view.
You all kill each others for the few!

...Every night,
Same thoughts pop up again.
My memory is useless except for chaos.
..a waste..
History's wrinkles are all over my face....
A plastic Surgery,
Won't help me,
A youthful cultural insurgency is
All we need for ourselves.
Influenced by [z].

MyNote: The Poem, the few in the poem means our leaders.

MyDaily: I have no excuse for not blogging for while. What I wrote above is just a short summary of what has happened in the last few months. Good night dear readers.