Monday, May 29, 2006

BedTime's Quote[100]:

Humans create something and then try to define it, and that's why they can't be like God, who defines it and then creates it for all his knowings " --[x] [Religious-Understanding]

Tonight's Blacklist:
- More legal Brothels For the World Cup in Germany, more than 140,000 Women are forced prostitutes to Gemrany, a country that legalized prostitution in 2002. And its foriegn minister Fischer is officially called "Pimp".
- Africa the worst continent. An Advice, try to forget your common color, Black, since it did not improve your position in the World. And keep in mind that you have "Mind" to be humans and united.

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Sick, searching.

MyDaily: Sorry I have not posted anything for more than ten days now, I wrote some drafts, but I am not feeling well, and I might be posting back soon. Good night Dear readers.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Sea Of insanity - بَحْرِ الجُنون

Tool's Album Cover
Tool's Album cover "10,000 Days" by Alex Grey.

BedTime's Quote[99]:
" Society is a bed sheet, made of silk, so don't smoke over it"--[x] [Social-Understanding]
بَحْرِ الجُنون

غَرِقتُ في بَحْرِ الجُنون
هُمومٌ وَأفَكارٌ وشُجُون
مَخلوقاتٌ في بَحْرِهَا
تَسَبحُ وتَطُوفُ
بِدون ِرَقيب ِ

في رَأسِي تَتَغذّى على الدُّموع
أحَاسيسٌ ذابتْ فوقَ الشُّموع
ظلامٌ كالشمس ِمُحْتَكرا ً المَكَان
أظلَمتْ عَينَاي
وتَوَقّفَ جَرَيانُ دَمِي بِبِرُود
وَوَقَفَ الزّمنُ بِصُمُودٍ
ضِّدَ أحْلاَمِي الزّائِفة

كَبَصْمَة ٍتُعَبِّرُ عَن السُّكوت
ومَوْتٍ يُعَبِّرُ عَن الغُمُوض
ونحلة ٍتُحَلِّقُ فَوقَ الحُقُول
تَبْحَثُ عَن رِزقَهَا
وَتَمُوتُ تَحتَ الزُّهُور
شَبَكة ِالعَنكَبُوت



The Sea of Insanity

I sank into the Sea of Insanity,
Worries, Thoughts, and Feelings,
Creatures in its sea.
Swimming And Roaming,
Without A Guardian.

In My Head They feed on Tears,
Emotions melted over The Candles,
Darkness like The Sun, dominating the place.
Darkened my Eyes,
And My blood stopped Running... Cold,
And The Time Stood, So Strong,
Against my Fake Dreams.
Like A fingerprint representing Silence,
Death representing Mystery,
And A Bee flying over the farms,
Looking for her earnings
And dying under the roses,
Over the spider web.

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Insane, Brainstorming.

Tonight's Blacklist:
- Russia's Population 143 Millions is falling by 700,000 a year, President Putin promised to give cash bonuses to Russian women who give birth to two or more children
. Finally they realized!

MyDaily: I will try to solve my problems as soon as possible and get back to track. Meanwhile I will keep writing, I want to start writing Political Fiction[4], BriefWord, or maybe A Mocking Life-System, and finish updating The open-source ideology. By the way, we won the local league, we were losing but last 5 minutes we scored 1 - 1 then we played penalty kicks and won the championship. Good Night Dear Readers.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Photo Album.

MyUpdate: I added most of the photos, which I have taken since May Last year 2005, to I know and am sorry for those who read this blog from Saudi Arabia or UAE that they can't browse, I hope they can though. However for the rest This is the link to the album, MyPhoto[x]. My Digital Camera is not so good, I'm looking forward for Nikon D70 with a complete kit.

MyDaily: I've written many things, but I don't feel sharing or posting anything now. Not in good health, and don't want to talk about it nor anyone asks me about it. I think I need to stay away for while, even though I want so much to finish the political paper I've been thinking of. I have tomorrow a final game in the Soccer league, I hope we win.

Political Status: Retreat.
Psychological Status: Lost it, insane.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Seeking Blue Moon by [x]
Seeking The Blue Moon by [x]
Note: I took the pic two hours ago.
BedTime's Quote[98]:
"America was built by slaves and The GCC was-is built by indians" --[x] [Political-Understanding]

"Unity comes first by believing in a common-ideology within one society, then applying it in reality " --[x] [Social-Understanding]

Political Status: Very offensive.
Psychological Status: Losing, Insane.

MyDaily: I am soon going to start working on my paper, and read some books [Yeah right! me read], I've written some poems and some notes, still reviewing them. My Tv was off for 4 days only today I turned it on, and believe me it's had the same news, only different people have died and same leaders have spoken. I have been sick, and it's the only disease I have enjoyed since I was born!! Good Night Dear Readers.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Pianist - SeeSaw World.

Salieri's red wine by Alexander Semushin
Salieri's red wine by Alexander Semushin.

The Pianist

He's sitting there,
In the hallway,
Playing his piano,
She walked by,
Hearing the beautiful sound,
Seeking A dance, the Flamengo,
She sang;
"Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Si,
Do -Do You want to Dance With Me?"

He stopped playing,
And He sang;
"La Ti Do Re Mi Fa Sol La-
"Ya, I do want to dance with ya"
She smiled...

He froze in time,
went speechless,
Escaped His REM.
A dream...
he woke up from....
He ran to his piano,
Saw his wife picture,
Fell on its face,
She passed away,
few years ago,
In An Unsolved murder case.
She wants to rest
in Peace.
Influenced by [z]

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Insane, Devilish

Tonight's Blacklist:
-Richest Leaders in the world are Arabs, finally something to be proud of!
- Kuwait's Political Stupidity.
- Bahrain, the kingdom without a king, but a tent

The Seesaw World And the Naughty Boy.

The Western Civilization is not something new, it's another Roman/Greek Civilization in a different form and system. And, the Arab World is not something new neither, it's another Ancient Nomadic World of The Desertmen. Both always seem to conflict, Roman conquered The Arab World, then later The Arab world has conquered the Roman World. Without mentioning religions, and I'm only basing my opinion geographically, historically, and culturally.

The Two Worlds look like two boys playing a Seesaw in a public park, one rises another falls and vice versa. Whenever one equals another, a war starts, a total war sweeping all the land, creating a new World with a new ruler and making the Seesaw imbalance again in this Public Park, full of playful kids {Leaders}. These two boys never stop fighting when they are equal, they always want to dominate and imbalance the Seesaw.

However, the unexpected always happens, There's a naughty boy. He always unexpectedly shows up in between these two boys, this boy has no specific origin, always faceless, but he always shows up from the East or Far East of the park, and destroys the entire Seesaw, and builds a new one, leaving the other two boys speechless, wondering what happened! They just realize that there's always a sleeping fat-boy sleeping somewhere ready to wake up and willing to shut them up , whenever the noise is too loud.

Good Night Dear Readers.

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

لونان مختلفان

مِسمَارٌ في لساني

وابنُ جَاهِلِ القَريةِ
وزيراً للسلطان
حليفاً للشًّيطان
مرتداً عن كلِّ الأزمان

وأموتُ وحيداً
تحتَ قصور الرخام
ويَحيَا البقيّة
تحتَ أزهارِ الغَرام
لَونانِ مُختلفان
مِن شمعةٍ
وسط الظَلام

Two Different Colors

A Nail in my tongue.
My Insults,
And My Cries,
And The ignorant Son of the village,
A minister for the Sultan.
And My Mind
An Ally for Satan.
Apostasy of all times.

And I die alone under
The Castles of Marbles,
and the Rest live under
the Roses of Romance,
Two Different Colors
From One Candle,
In The Dark.

Political Status: Calm.
Psychological Status: Collapsed, lost control.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Suffering of Paper Literature.

"The Suffering of Paper Literature"
Picture Taken by [x].
Click on it to see it clear.

Note: I took this picture last week, it represents the suffering of paper literature, and the rise of blog World and more digital media writing forms. The blood on the J is my own blood, J is for Justice, The rest of the elements in the picture is so obvious I think.