Saturday, September 30, 2006

A keyless door.

Morning In Wazir Khan Mosque by Umair Ghani
Morning In Wazir Khan Mosque by Umair Ghani

BedTime's Quote[116]:
"In our World, Our Religion was delivered complete, but, in today's reality, our society is so incomplete" --[x] [Social-Understanding].

ltical Status: Peaceful.
Psychological Status: Stressed, tired, fasting, patient.


A Keyless Door.

She rushed to open the rusty door,
But too Late,
Their blood spelt on the floor,
The Middle East conflict had no cure.
Furious, curious, and serious,
Red, Blue, and White,
Colors Of
and peace.

....She turned off the light.
A Pigeon over an Olive Leaf's gone Blind,
And The Atlas has gone dark.
No borders,
No flags.
A new life has begun...
From a tiny spark.
Influenced by [z]

Note: the poem, the first "She" refers to the plans Arabs and Israelis working on with the U.N to solve their conflict. Red, Blue, and White referring to the USA. The second "She" refers to a better plan, which is no plan at all. Good Night dear readers. Ramadan Mobarak! so late, I know.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


The Wedding by Kenvin Pinardy
The Wedding by Kenvin Pinardy.

BedTime's Quote[115]:

"In the Capitalist society, it's brutal or even illegal without a license to slaughter a chicken in your backyard, while it's ok for big companies to slaughter and kill millions of them for their own benefits"--[x] [Eco-Understanding].

"A country never exists if it doesn't have any economical and ideological mean, and there are many like that in this World"--[x] [Political-Understanding].

Psychological Status: Insomniac, busy, but happy.
Political Status: Offensive.

A short conversation between a historian and Stalin, the former soviet union president:
Historian: "So, Mr.President, why did you kill or cause the death of 20 millions people or double that number?"
Stalin: "Me!! No way, I did not kill 20 nor 40 millions people, I only made them work little bit harder"
Written by [x].

Good Night Dear Readers.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Broken Mirror Pieces of Moscow

BedTime's Quote[114]:
"Make a soul happy a day, and the world will be happier everyday" --[x] [Social-Understanding].

"Human Babies are peaceful, but when they grow up they make wars or just protest in streets" --[x] [Political-Understanding].


Broken Mirror Pieces of Moscow.

We are the waste of Communism,
Our Fathers hated Capitalism,
Broken Pieces Of mirrors
We are,
Dirty And Dark like tar,
In life we can't travel so far,
Our Voyage in the Volga,
A sails-less ship sinking so slow,

We reflect nothing
A Dark matter in the universe,
Most of it unknown,
The rest, the slightest, is seen on TV.
While we die, got burred,
In flat nameless graves,
Where no one else can see,
So they can finally say;
"Our World is the perfect one"
Influenced by [z].

Note: the poem is written to the homeless bums children in the Russian's capital, Moscow. Many of them die daily, no homes nothing just drinking Vodka and inhaling glues, while their government focuses on so-called Terrorism wars, or rebuilding Lebanon, and so on, superpower countries should care about their own people before looking at the next door neighbor's problems.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


 by Rarindra Prakarsa
BedTime's Quote[113]:
"Love is supposed to be a gun with one bullet" --[x][Social-Understanding]

Political Status: Quiet.
Psychological Status: Busy, Happy, hopeful.

MyDaily: Not Posting much, been busy, No politics nothing at all, just focusing on myself, still write poetry, and less photography.

Goood Night Dear Readers.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Bashar Calligraphy by [x]
My Calligraphy "Bashar" by [x]

BedTime's Quote[112]:
"Criticizing and Disagreeing with someone honsetly doesn't mean You hate them"--[x] [Sociopolitical-understanding]

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Very happy.

She bought an empty diary,
With a cover page of Cyrillic Alphabets,
She filled Five pages,
With Innocent Photos,
And Meaningful Symbols.
And stopped...
She said "Fill the rest for me"
And Let's share the memory.
Inspired by [y]

MyNote: MyCalligraphy I wrote, is political, and If you can't read it, then that's your problem. hehe. The poem is clear.

Good Night Dear readers.