Sunday, April 30, 2006

Clay Castles.

Carmine by Natalie Shau
Carmine by Natalie Shau

BedTime's Quote[97]:
"Don't burn the bridges around you, unless you want to know how it feels to be an island" --[x] [Social-Understanding]

Clay Castles.

Castles Melting,
Tears falling,
Not another
He would say;
"I Stay,
Never decay."

She would say;
My Tears,
All the way
I seek the sky,
Not a man made of clay.
inspired by [y]

Good Night Dear Readers.

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Execution by [x] me
Execution taken by [x]

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Insane, lost control, devilish.
Tourism, A Bank Account for the Elite.

What is Tourism? How does it function? Or does it really function? Questions no one really asks but in fact everyone seems happy about it without looking at it in religious aspects or social aspects. Most Countries in the Arab Regions, especially in The GCC, they are trying hard to depend on Tourism, countries or cities like Qatar, Dubai, which succeeded so much in doing so. People like me and you, who live in countries like these, which are trying to promote tourism, might feel happy and so excited about those huge multibillions dollars projects to build Hotels, Tourist Resorts, Shopping Malls, huge airports. People like me and you might be happy that our country is rising to the sun and is being promoted internationally and soon everyone will know our country's flag to its tiniest cultural tradition.

We might be happy, and proud, but have we ever looked at it in closer view? Have you ever wondered where this is leading to?! The answer is No if you are well-living. Tourism Business might seem like it's rising us to the sun, but soon we will be burned, burned and turned into Ashes. With Tourism Social decay will reach its peak, and what we might seem to be proud of will become something we wish we never had. I might have a dark view on Tourism, even though it's a good thing if it's well-used, however no one is ever well-using it.

Greedy elites on the top never think of a poor woman, whose drunk husband comes home late and beats her with no mercy. They never think of a poor girl, who is abused and used to serve some brothels, and there's no woman rights to protect her. They never think of a smart boy, who has imaginations and knowledge to help his country, instead he sits home unemployed, getting fat, and losing hair until he becomes bold, and unmarried. They never think of giving you life, they only think of how to spend their summer vacations in Switzerland, or Paris. They only think of how to give excuses to the press for the next morning interviews. If all these they think of, then I don't want tourism, and I don't want to live with you.

Should we really be proud of our countries when they start slowly indirectly to depend on Alcohol, and prostitution business to attract visitors for the sake of tourism plans? Should we really accept Business that flourish on disorders and then call it a successful plan. No one ever should accept such things, if getting rich and popular in the world on the cost of losing our faith, and unpleasing him, over the seven skies, is a success, then excuse me, I don't want to live, and existence has no meaning any more, but a huge materialistic zoo full of lusty animals looking for a prey or a mate.

Some might say Tourism creates jobs for local citizens. What kind of jobs? What kind of future are we leading our nations to? A future that's only based on tourism, where's knowledge?, where's faith?, where's unity in this wide black and white picture? Without knowledge, without social disciplines, without a faithful army to protect its citizens, without unity, there's no success, but a superficial world full of tall buildings, huge parks, long white beaches, a human made heaven on Earth, , blessed and worshiped by the elites, but by God.
Written by [x]

Monday, April 24, 2006

Cold Shoes + Blog World.

Cold Shoes
A Man went to A mosque,
To pray for forgiveness
A poor woman saw him and attracted to his soul.
She decided to know more about his presence
She waited him to...
Took off, His Shoes,
"Don't you dare wearing them",
Her Angel said,
"Just Don't do so",
"Keep Distance now",

She was stubborn,
A Curious Creature, she was born as,
She felt them
Cold Shoes They were,
No Matter how long, them, He wore.
Torn Deep Sad footsteps,
They print.

Her Angel repeated to her
"Don't You dare wearing them",
"You don't need to know,
How he feels,
Inside them...
Cold they are,
Sad Footsteps,
Like Shed Red Veins,
They print".
She left the scene.

He finished praying,
Wore his shoes,
But he felt them, Warm,
He smiled,
and said to his angel,
"I prayed for a poor woman, I saw".
"For her soul to be pure".
Inspired by [y]

Political Status: Regrouping.
Psychological Status: Insane.

Tonight Blacklist:
- Palestine Civil Clash.
- Iraq's Civil War.
- Bin Ladin New Album.

A BorderLess World. The Blog World:
The best thing in the Blog world is that I can easily symbolize the world through it, [x], [y], [z], [o]...Etc. No need to know anybody's name, or origin, or location any more, It's enough to see how people's minds function, It's enough to see how each imagination & knowledge interact and create new ideas and concepts. And, when we die or disappear from this Blog World, no one will ask about us or myself except few comments and Email Messages will echo inside one's blog, wondering "What Happened?, Why You quit?, Why did you delete your blog?", and sure there will be no reply from the blog writer. Only his ideas and concepts, which were written in his blog, will remain and be archived in his blog page. Only these ideas will affect the readers, not his physical presence, nor his picture, nor his name, nor nationality or last name, will affect us.

In Blog World, we only see facts and opinions flying all over the place, I don't care about your name or location much. What One presents of facts and opinions define his name and his location. When I surf the blog world, I only see
a flat borderless World. One can move from A Saudi Blog to An American Blog without having to go through Filling Visa Applications to Check Points and finally end up in Guantanamo Bay. I simply enjoy AntiNationalism to the fullest in here.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Falling Bricks.

Adobe Church by Chris Hanessian
Adobe Church by Chris Hanessian

Falling Bricks.

Burn All The Shadows,
Rise The Sun,
Make The Illusion Reality.
Demolish All The Walls,
Leave No Brick Standing,
So No Shadow is born.
And No Man is Chained,
And faint.
Freedom is unleashed.
Spreads Wild,
A curve in space-time.
Don't let anyone chain your mind.
Again...And again.
My dear Friend.

Tonight's blacklist:
- Hamas and Fateh Leaders.

Political Status: Defensive.
Psychological Status: ...Gone insane.

Painless Creatures:
Imagine all human beings felt painless;
-Would wars be more exciting to have?
-Would killing be easy to be practiced?
-Would invading and monopolizing weak people be fun?
The answer of all these is Yes, and those painless human beings do exist, and they are over us now, just don't turn on the TV, because sure one of them is on talking about pain while he is painless.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The God Of Plastic Toys.

Dark Side of the moon by Al Magus
Dark Side of the Moon by Al Magus

The God Of Plastic Toys.

Hey You,
Move Away from my Throne,
Don't let me make you scream,
Begging for a reborn,
No second Chance,
No Misery inside this fence.
I am everywhere,
I breath on everyone's share,
I am a legend,
and I have No end.
Immortalized in pictures and minds,
Tattooed by fear,
And a bloody knife,
Over everyone's sphere.
No One should talk their minds,
Because I always hear.
You want to live?
Build A statue
For Me,
And I will dig
A grave
For you,
An Appreciation,
For the millions liters of sweat,
You suffered, to make me feel special.
You know dear citizen,
I am on the zenith,
Over You, and Your god,
Worship me,
Bow before me
Vow for me.
Before You are gone
And, I, immortalized
Influenced by [z]

Note: Written for China's, Russia's, Arabs' Dictators.

Tonight's Blacklist:
- Alturabi Of Sudan.
- Lebanese Prime Minister, Seniorah.
- Egyptian President, Mobarak.

Political Status: Defending.
Psychological Status: Screwed up, impatient.

Lebanon vs Syria, A mischievous Political Hope:

I have been confused, politically I mean. I haven't written any Briefword regarding The Arab World for while. I have kept watching the news, but avoided its boring details, and preferred the headlines. Within this week, I saw the Lebanese prime minister went to Washington, met The genius president, Bush. Bush came out on TV talking to the press and saying that He supported Lebanon and its independence and that Sheba'a farms in the borders between Syria and Lebanon is for Syria, and Israel should leave it...Etc. I knew where this was going. Anyway, Then suddenly today the Lebanese prime minister was in the U.N and asking Syria to respect Lebanon's independence, they should draw the borders as soon as possible, and create diplomatic relations. Syria refused to do this as soon as possible since Israel is still controlling the Shebaa'a land.

Now, I am wondering, look at how Imperialist countries deal with weak nations, they emphasize on drawing borders among them, and call for "Respect each another independence", the sad truth is that all these borders and "respect my independence" concept is just to strengthen the Superpowers dominations over these weak nations such as Lebanon, and Syria. Syria might realize this, and that's why they refuse, and Lebanon with its multipolitical parties system just love the border idea. A country like Lebanon should realize that having independence is just weakness, the same goes with Palestine. Those Nationalists, Political-Party followers, Kiss-MyFlag fans, Fight-for-myFlag Soldiers should put all in a huge brainwashing machine, and bleach them to be like an empty white page. Don't you (Lebanese Prime Minister) know, that being united and put your political problems aside is better for your own people, little bit of Antinationalism is not bad at all, especially for your thick brain that looks like a 1970 thick Pepsi can.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hip Hop vs Rock.

BedTime's Quote[96]:
Music is not something you listen to anymore, It's something You watch more than listen" --[x] [Social-Understanding]

Hip Hop vs Rock, A Musical Disorder

In Music world, Hip Hop is ruling it now, it's more popular than Rock music. Rock music started before Hip Hop, during the late 1960s to 1980s , Rock music was the mainstream. Only in the 1990s Hip Hop started to take over Rock music, and became more popular internationally. It evolved slowly until it reached what it is today. It was more about the poor ghetto life, gangsters, and racism issues, Kill the police, and praise black panthers.

Today, Hip Hop music is becoming dirty, greedy, and all about lust. Hip Hop industry believes in Sex Sells, during 1990s When Mc Hammer* did the same, black rappers accused him of being materialistic and abused the art of hip hop to please his desires and turned it into business. However, today completely the opposite is happening, Mc Hammer went bankrupt, and those who criticized him have gone richer than many white people. Some might wonder, is this Hip Hop empire going to collapse like how the Rock empire did? The answer is; Rock Music empire did not collapse but it keeps evolving no matter how people like it or hate it or how much or less popular it is becoming to the audience. Hip Hop music stopped evolving since the beginning of 2000.

While Rock music has become so complex tree of genres., but Hip Hop Music has become a very complex man full of lust, and nothing else. It targets mostly men desires to sex, and "live Life to fullest" concept. Rock music has many genres, which target wide topics and issues in the world from Religious Believes, Romance, Social Issues, Wars, Politics, Death to Satanism. It's closer to reality than Hip Hop. Rock Genres are so diverse, and they are categorized by their instruments used and lyrics. However Hip Hop genres are mostly categorized geographically, by social issues, and instruments. In fact, most if not all hip hop genres deal mostly with the same topic, Gangsta, Ghetto, and women. It's barely used to express reality. In short line, Rock represents violence, reality, and knowledge, Hip Hop represents ignorance, lust, and hmmm ignorance again.

Most Hip hop Video Clips show women almost naked, alcohol, fancy cars, filthy rich lifestyle. The most annoying part of all these is that the singer is wearing a Christian cross blinking brighter than the sun around his neck. Most of these women shown in the videos are paid about 13-50$ an hour according to how much they are in front of the camera, If I am not mistaken. Most of them are already harassed and used by the artists and directors of the video. When the women arrive to a set, where they will be filming the video, they have to get as much naked as possible. In fact, the director doesn't afford many options of cloth for the women to choose from, it's either a bikini or nothing. No need to go through more details.

The sad thing is that many Arabs or Muslims listen to this kind of music. You, readers, can feel the ignorance here, if not. Then, let me explain, tell me, What's the relation between An Arab living in a hot land, full of dictators, no civil rights, social divisions, religious conflicts, bad economy, and ruled by the west - and - a black man living in the ghetto as he claims, being abused by racists, drug addicted, alcoholic, almost killed by a gangster, his father left him when he was 5, his mother was a stripper to get a living, and finally his ideal figure is 2pac ?. I think my question just answered and well explained my point.

Hip Hop Empire is going to collapse for the lack of creativity. There's no creativity in Hip Hop, same music, same kind of lyrics, same kind of women, same kind of cars, same kind of cloth, same same blink blinks. It stopped evolving, therefore it will die, no survival for the non-fittest. And, it targets mostly black communities and few topics.

It's only disordering our society, and keeps looking at women down, materializing them. Its lyrics are not even clear, some listeners sing along with a song without even knowing what the song is saying. Our World is just falling apart in all levels, in Music, Movies, Magazines, Social Relations, Science, Politics, and even in Governmental levels. In Today's World, when wrong means good, it's truly about "Sex sells", You do bad you reach the top, but you are honest and realistic, you reach the bottom.

I don't like Hip Hop, I listen to Rock mostly, I am not even a big fan of music, but sometime It's ok to listen to something. I know there are other kinds of music such as Jazz, blues, Arabic Music and more, but I liked to mention these two more, because they are the most popular nowadays. I did not like to write on this topic, I'm more into socio-political issues, but for a change of topic, this is not bad.
FootNote: Mc Hammer's Blog*. His Blog sucks, like hip hop does.

Written by [x]

Political Status: Retreated.
Psychological Status: Highly Suicidal, impatient.

Good night Dear Readers.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Dead Bullets Necklace

Small People by Francisco Pinto
Picture by Francisco Pinto

Driving My Tank,
Down A Street,
Covered by
broken bones,
broken hopes,
and lost souls.

Waving My flags,
White, Red, and Blue.
For freedom, I called.
Behind their backs, I called them fags.
Wearing a helmet,
White and Brown,
A skull and bones
Camouflaged the fear,
That was drawn between my eyes,
But No Disguise with God over the seven skies.

Darkness coming Tonight,
Holding tight,
My Machine Gun,
Angel Of Death,coming so straight
to my heart.
Looking down the street,
My fingers on the trigger,
Shaking, trembling,
O'Jesus, Holy Spirit,
Save Me Now...

It was only;
A woman holding A child,
A Woman, who lost all her tears,
A child, who never knew how to read,
Skinny like the horizon between day and night.
I was hit by a stone,
by the unknown,
My ears bleeding,
Oh, Justice lost its sound,
I was Shooting Randomly of fear,
I Shot An old man,
My bullets went through his lung,
Ended His last words of a religious song.
"Submission is..."
An Old Man, who was grown up by wars,
Breathed Nuclear Ash, and fed on Red Cross.
A destroyed tank was his home,
beside a bloody shore.
Dead Bullets a necklace he wore,
A protection from a political curse!,
He thought.

Darkness is gone now,
Day has come,
And Justice was dead
Killed by me,
so ashamed.

I was a soldier.
Fought for a flag,
Yes I did,
And I bid,
And was killed by
The old man fate,
The woman mourning,
and her child ignorance,
What an innocent..
For a second,
To me, they didn't worth one cent.

My Machine gun,
melted by the Sun,
On the graves of those, whose sons,
I shot to death.
For A flag,
That never spoke of good or bad.
Burn The flag,
Burn The flag,
Burn The flag,
Because I can't shoot anyone any more to death.
Democracy is a demon with no head.
...And Destiny met its End
Influenced by [z]

Note: About a soldier talking about his experience in Iraq, and confessed of his mistakes. I imagined being him, so I wrote this, lyric or poem, whatever fits best. This poem does not mean to offend any nation but to express a soldier's feelings.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I like to read this Surah of The Quran; Al-Rahman. Read it and learn.

A miracle in the Quran,
Read it to Learn,
Nothing so Beautiful,
Than the Words Of AlFurqan*,
The Criterion,
That explains and divines,
Our Life, Our Death.
So Profound...
Full Of Morals, Of Lessons,
Like Corals and Diamonds,
Undersea and Underground.
He Created From sounding clay*,
Go Ahead, Open
Your Quran.
And Read Surat...
فَبِأَيِّ آلَاء رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ

* AlRahman means The Beneficient
* Green Words in Arabic are a citation from the quran, verse#14
*Alfurqan is one of the Quran's names. and It means
The Criterion.
Note:Written for Surat AlRahman in The Quran.

GoodNight Dear Readers.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Mountain Of Souls


Mountain Of Souls.
Here He is climbing,
That Mountain,
Of Souls,
Using A Rope Of Hopes,
Stone To Stone,
He is going to the top soon,
His Rope Of hopes
Getting Short,
Suddenly was Cut Off.
Falling A thousand Stones Down,
There's no Cliff to Stand On,
Falling Free,
And Freedom, He's finally seen,
Reaching The ground now,Oh, so keen

He Said "O' Fate, You're so Inevitable,
Never like a ball,
Never Bouncable".

Then He said;
"Come my Destiny,
Come to me,
Broken Bones,
Broken Stones
I die on the ground of hopes.
A Grave to be,
For The Unknown".
Influenced by [z]

BedTime's Quote[95]:
"Being Tribalist leads to divisions among each another tribe, while it leads to unity within the same tribe. In other words, it leads to many independent countries."--[x] [Social-Understanding]

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Patient, Suicidal, Insomniac.

Friday, April 14, 2006

PF [3]

Political Fiction [3]
A Letter To HappyLand.

Long before The Great Ideo-political World Shift occurred in 2055, [x]'s Grandfather wrote a letter to his son, [x]'s Father, who lived in HappyLand, He explained to him his World, in the following letter:
From: [o.x]
20 MightyCow.St
GreenField 1789
SadLand, HolyCow Nation

April 14th 2020,

Dear Son [w],

I am writing you this
And my tears dropping so deep,
So sad,
So in need,
May Allah help me
And ease my keen...

My World, Sadland has been very divided politically, and socially. My SadLand has been divided into three main Nations, The HolyCow, The MoneySlave, and The WildCamel. Dear [w], these three nations were named according to their ruling parties, I also knew you had never heard of these parties, since the Global Media lost its interconnections to each another, and each country just focused on its local issues, making the elites ruling us easier this way since then. Dear Son, You can't imagine how our family's life have become, according to the three divisions now we are living in the HolyCow land, but I still like to refer it as SadLand, it's our land, we are from here, no matter how many times they change its name, right Son?

Let me tell you how these three nations exist and function at least,

Let me start with The HolyCow Nation, This ruling party is so honest not with everyone, but only with itself. Its leader never ages, never talks about problems but solutions, and what a solution anyway. Daily Life here is like a struggle from Hell to Heaven, Poverty rate is high in some places, and social corruption is a profession mastered by the elites. Here, Faith is a game, Islam is ruled by people who listen to orders tongue-to-ears, so direct blindly. The People here are struggling, I feel sorry for them, but sometime I wonder why can't they stand up for their rights, since they are outnumbering the ruling party?... The Holy Cow leader gives a strong speech every Friday after the prayer to drive the masses to his political goals against or for the other two nations, The MoneySlave or The WildCamel.

In His last Friday's speech, He said:

"O' My Dear Nation, I am here to listen to you, and feel your daily struggle, My party chose The cow as a symbol for hard work, and its useful benefits. O' My nation, God Spoke to me, and inspired me to lead you for a brighter future, a future of a united holy cow nation, I hereby name you HolyCowMen, HolyCowMen, we must wake up and fight for unity and show the world with spirituality we survive and overcome poverty, It's not money that strengthens one's will and love to his nation, it's his race, his party, and his family that will unite us all as a holycow nation of spirituality. With Money, we will die, and with poverty we will rise spiritually, Therefore, I am your messenger and for that I will lead you under the will of God, the mighty"

My dear son, that's part of the HolyCow leader's Speech. When he said it with his loud exciting voice, all the masses were moved emotionally by it.

They all together shouted so loud like a thunder:

Our HolyCow,
For You
We vow

I shouted that with them, I was truly influenced by it, I did not feel what I was saying, I was completely brainwashed for few minutes, believing in it was all perfect.

You know my son, dear [w], Your sister was married to a nice strong man last month. We had to let her and her husband escape and smuggle through some political borders, to her husband's land.

The MoneySlave Land, My Nation's relationship with The MoneySlave Nation is not so good, the borders were shut and closed completely, they built a huge long wall to separate each another. Her husband is a son of a friend of mine, a good friend, he is politician, he used to work here before my nation was born, or the three nations were born. He sent me an electronic mail, telling me about how life there, Life there is no different than here, except their ruling party is strange with its agendas. Their ruling party is so materialistic, They believe in Materialism. There are only two social classes in their nation, Rich and Poor, and guess what? The Rich class is the majority, those poor ones are mostly imported or enslaved, or outsiders. There the life is so controlled by the rich. There nobody needs to struggle much, with social connections they can get to a high position, and in fact most of them have connections, and very MAFIA-oriented they are. Their Ruling Party with money they control the masses, it is like the second religion in the nation. Their Leader gives very influential speeches every Friday too just to overshadow the holycow leader's speeches. In one of his speeches He said:

"O' dear Nation, you see behind those walls, there lies a nation of poverty and AntiMaterialism, they want no peace, they want nothing, they believe in Spiritualism, what a paradoxity. My dear Nation, with Seen Matters, like money I proved to you that Unity exists. My party, The MoneySlave proves to the world that Money is everything, it's lust, it's strength, and it's power. With Money we could build an Army Of One, society of One, and Faith of One, Faith of Materialism. My Dear MoneySlaveMen, yes we are Muslims and we pray in mosques and more, But this doesn't mean that Materialism and our Money Slave party are sins, I proved to you all that With Money a total social system is born, and that I hereby make Money as our second faith beside Islam. We Die, We turn to ashes but Money remains on Earth, so Immortal it is, My MoneySlaveMen, We should remain the same, a strong belief in Matter, and less in Spirituality, Our enemy awaits us behind those walls, so let's praise the lord and stay united"

The Masses shouted loud:

"Money is Unity,
Money With Men,
Men With A will,
A will To Demolish Walls,
Walls Around The Sun"

My son, you should be thankful that, for you are living in HappyLand, pray for God for what you have. There's one last Nation, I did not tell you about yet.

It's called The WildCamel Nation. I don't know much about it, but I heard stories from people who traveled to it. Some called it the land of a thousand inches deep of Blood. It has many wars, wars happened with no reason, no cause, and Blood in-Blood out. Only Recently A party occurred called The WildCamel party, and took over that part of our huge SadLand, and created its own red-sinful-political borders. This Party is so aggressive, an iron fist over a bloody sword that shed everyone's heart. Their society is so corrupted, gossips a lot, and sleepless at night. However, they are smart, and they have many knowledgeable people. Unfortunately, They pretend to be spiritualists to please The HolyCow Nation, and they pretend to be Materialistic, to get the support of The MoneySlave Nation. They are playing a dangerous political game. One of their leader speeches was:

"Money and Cows are not supposed to live together,
but they are there to support us forever,
We Shall rise, Burn everything ever after,
And Build unity based on Money,
And Work Ethics based Spirituality.
O' WildCamelMen, we shall run wild,
Work Hard, and be patient for life,
Like A Camel in the desert, slow,
but follows all the laws,
Of Nature,
I hereby declare our future,
For Knowledge,
We Pledge,
Unity based on Hypocrisy.
Not Money Nor Spirituality"

The Masses hailed loud to their leader:

"Run Wild, Run Our WildCamelMen,
Be Patient, For Our Unity,
Isn't Money,
Nor Spirituality,
It's Our future for immortality"

My dear Son, I really hope this world will change any time soon, because believe me;
All these leaders seek no unity,
they live in luxury,
While the rest live in misery,
An illusion world under sharp knives of political parties.
No Money
No Spirituality,
No Hypocrisy,
All just greedy.

Yours Sincerely
Your Father, [o.x].

April 14th, 2020.
Copyrights@/Written By [x]

Previous Political fiction [2].
Note: I wrote this fiction letter in a poetic and mocking way. And, I am sorry it's long, but it's wonderful to me at least.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

An Old Horse & Young Crows

Sleep by Marino Thorlacious
Sleep by Marino Thorlacious

An Old Horse & Young Crows.
O' Dear Nation,
Crows Over An old Horse.
Flies Flying Over Cow's Nose.
A Dead Whale in our shores.
An Old Cat Can't lick itself any more.

With Our Younkers,
Blue Blood Gone Red,
Hot And Smug,
Irresistable and logical.

With Our Today's Leaders,
Red Blood Gone Maroon,
Stoned And Out.
Frozen in Time,
And Can't stop killing Our Minds.

O' Younkers;
Wake up,
And let your Blue Blood,
Influenced by [z]

Note: Written for the belief that The youth are the ones who can make changes in our nation, not the old men in power.

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Sleeping and Mental Disorders, Suicidal, and patient.

Future: Political-Fiction[3] [It's already written]

Good Night dear Readers.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Tank Man.

BedTime's Quote[94]:
" With Freedom And Democracy, I can have doubts and define them, then apply them in real life, and then I choose to become a dictator, then I kill Freedom itself after It gave me rights to have doubts" --[x] [Social-Understanding]

Ref:Wikipedia [The Tank Man].

A Man Against Machines,
Stopped Life,
Paused Everyone's Eyes,
Watched Him Shockingly,
What an insanity?
He Had;
No Name
To Define Himself
No Guns,
To Masscare His Sons
No Machines,
To Wipe The Masses,
No Knife
To Stab A Child's life,

Powerless, He was,
He had only a will,
His Willness,
To defeat his social's illness,
To define his dream,
A Dream of Freedom,
A Freedom Of Not to Kill,
Not To Kill anyone else's will.
He disappeared,
Left Behind;
No Trace,
No Name,
No Face,
At Tiananmen Square,
In Ninteen Eighty Nine.
History Faded Away.
Influenced by [z].

Note: This is written for the Tank Man of Tiananmen Square protest, China, when I saw how he stopped the tanks, I just realized how a will could drive a man to the impossible. His destiny is unknown until today, he is only called The Tank man by the media. More on The Tank Man check PBS:
Good Night Dear Readers.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


BedTime's Quote[93]:
" It's never too late to fail, it's always on time to fail, if you only want to, but it's never too late to be successful, it's just never on time as you want it to be because Failure doesn't need hard-work or anything, while Success needs many things" --[x] [Social-Understanding]

This is inspired by [o]. I will write about stuff that makes me realize things around me in funny or serious ways. Therefore, this is the first part.

1-I realized that Omanis and Yemenis eat a lot to have big bellies so their Khanjar fit them.
2-I realized that The more you teach someone not to do something, He gets more curious about it, and therefore gets more excited to do it.
3-I realized that The Arab World is so big geographically, but so small mentally.

Tonight's Question[3]:
" What if I told you that The World you were living in was so fake, everything, which you believed in from its flag to its constitution, was made to control and use you; Would you still prefer to belong to it?" --[x]

Previous Tonight's Question[2].

Good Night Dear Readers.

Monday, April 10, 2006

[o]'s Daily [21]

You Missed [o]?
Here you go.

[o]'s Daily [21]

At night,
A Boring night,
I was watching TV,
[o] came by, and was happy,
I thought maybe he was happy because his English has improved,
He said "[x], You know I realized something"
I said "Oh, Really?"
I was like, man this guy has also realizations.
He said "Yes, I realized that When Americans itch their butts, it's because after they go to bathroom, they clean their butts with tissues"
I said "Wow, what a realization"
I was like, man I thought he disproved Max Weber's social theories or something, or something big it was.
I said to him "Well, and you realized this after you did it?"
He said "Yes".
I went quiet, watching TV, and he kept annoying me and distracting me,
I wish I said to him " Man, you should take over the American Health Department"

Based on true events..

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Note: This is the post #430.

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Last Drop of Ink.


The Last Drop Of Ink.

Have You Seen Me?

Sitting Under That Huge Tree,
Looking Up, high, at Its leaves.
Thinking Of Something,
No one Feels.

Have You Seen Me?
Sitting on The bench,
In a foggy day,
In The neighborhood's Park.
In The Early Morning,
When Birds started Singing,
And Tired Dogs, Cause of Last night, Stopped to Bark.
Wearing My Hat,
Holding My Notepad,
And Writing Down my Past.

Have You seen Me?
In the Yesterday's Dusk,
Looking At the Sun,
And You said to me,
"Please Don't stare more,
Don't Want You to Get Blind".

Have You seen Me yet?
No, You Have not.
I am the Pen, you held me tight,
I Read all;
Your Poems,
Your Past,
and I was gone...Sigh,

The Last Drop of ink from me,
Will end all your poems misery.
Be Thankful, I'm faithful,
For That, I don't speak.
Influenced by [z]

Note: Written for a pen and its holder memories.

MyDaily: Sorry dear readers, I was confused lately, and could not write any article, prefered to write more poems to express my global feelings, I don't watch much news, it's becoming annoying and confusing lately, The Arab World is really in need of something new to reform it, it's becoming everyday more useless, last thing I heard from it was The Star Academy, before it was the Arab League meeting in Sudan. As usual, It was boring, I mean not Interesting, Bunch of leaders having chit chat then Bubye, See You Next Year, Decade, and Century. Anyway, Good Night Dear Readers, and I hope you like this poem, more emotional and less logical...

Saturday, April 08, 2006

BedTime's Quote[92]:

BedTime's Quote[92]:
"Without Evangelical Christians and Zionists, America would have fallen apart long time ago" --[x] [Social-Understanding]

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Black Widow's Web.


There's an Evil seed,
With A Global Greed,
A Seed to become A tree,
With A Billion Roots Deep,
With A Billion Fruits,
Everyone can seek.
With Green Leaves,
Each like clouds,
Shades everyone's heads
Brains, to toes.

Hiding The Truth,
Making Friends Foes,
Another Matrix?
None can fix this mess,
Every Blink of eyes,
Witnesses A social change
has occurred,
And can't be cured.

A Telescreen.
A Telephone,
Hear The Sirens,
Send an SMS,
And receive A global Change,
A Hi-Tech Village.
In a Modern Deceiving Age.

I can't go further,
Beyond your Imagination,
Don't Turn Off Your Brain,
And Let Yourself free
In This flow...Of Globalization.
Influenced by[z]

Political Status: Underground
Psychological Status: Patient, darknened.

Note: Written for Globalization, and the slow untouchable social changes occurring daily.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fear Factor

Nation Security.
I'm your Dear Friend.
They All mean the same.
A Successful Political Agenda,

Fear was unleashed.
A Dog with no mercy.
A Fox with hypocrisy.
A Saint with a cross
Full of holy Water
Of Holy Evil.
Turn Off Your TV,
And Don't Fear what You see
Live in Peace.
And Build up your CV.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Darkness Coming

Too Difficult by Ada Panich
Too Difficult by Aba Panich.

MyDaily: My new laptop died on me, The Motherboard is gone, I'm off for few days if not weeks.

A Darkness is Coming,
A Shadow is rising,
But There is something approaching...
There's His Light,

Political Status: Underground.
Psychological Status: Suicidal.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

- The Legend - الأسطورة

يا أمتي على
ماضيك ثانيةً

بنفس القافيةِ
مملةً وقديمة

في الشتاءِ
وحيدةً ومقهورة

ورقةٍ بورقة
و ماتتِ الأسطورة
وآخرُ من حكاها
شيخُ القريةِ



The Legend.

Cry My Nation,
Over Your Past,
Once More.
Like A poem,
With the same rhythm
Old and Boring.
Like A Rose
In Winter,
Lonely and Oppressed.

Leaf By Leaf,
And the Legend died
And the Last one who told it,
The Old Man of a village,
The forsaken.

Note: The old man in the poem is a faith, the legend is the achievement of the faith. Open-Source Ideology is paused, and under revisions.
MyDaily: had a game today, tied, got injured, still remained 2nd in the league.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Mocking LifeSystem[10]
The Arab World Map.

Here you again, another Mocking LifeSystem, but a more extreme one, offensive geographically.
  • Have you ever wondered about our huge Arab World map from its far East to its Far West, from Oman to Mauritania?.
  • Have you ever planted a thought or a doubt in your mind about its existence and political borders?
  • Have you asked yourself How were those borders drawn?

I think most of us did not, in fact, only few did but disappeared...Don't ask me how they disappeared, just ask their governments they might know. When I was a teenager in high school, I used to look at the Arab World Map and smiled, trying to figure out its look, because each country has different shapes, and drawn in straight lines, exactly with rulers and in hurry, I think the imperial nations, England and France, did not have much time to carefully draw the borders, they only cared about Domination, So here's the Arab World Map for you Dear Readers:

Ref: Wikipedia

This is the Arab World map for those who are not familiar with it. See how straight the borderlines are, who drew it must use really straight rulers, they might have even split a tribe in the middle of the desert without knowing, or a human being. However, Wait a minute, I think those who drew the map were also sexually aroused, or maybe they wanted to make fun of us, none of them cared about Arabs much anyway, THEY ARE THE IMPERIALISTS, aren't they?, 70% of the Arab world map does in fact look like a woman somehow:

A Sexy, Sad Woman, Algeria, its breast.

Ref: CIA - UAE's map

I can go into this into more details, but I will try to be short:

I think the British or the French did not know what to do with the Sudanese so they drew Sudan as the biggest country in Africa so Sudanese can have something to be proud of. If you check the Map of UAE, it will remind you of Loch Ness Lake Monster, while Somalia is just one pair of socks. I think the British who was drawing the map, mistakenly dropped a drop of ink onto the map of the Persian or Arabian sea, so then they had to create an island there, and they did and they called it, Bahrain. That Huge Arab World map was drawn carelessly, tribally, traditionally, pleasing sheikhs, and princes, ignoring faith and history, offending me and my faith, achieving imperialist's goals of power and greediness, and unfortunately it was not distributed equally fairly economically in any mean, just a huge land full of sands and in a useless time to serve Imperialism.

Note: What I have written might be offensive to some, but this is only Mocking LifeSystem sending an indirect message plus you should not be offended because you did not make your own country and you did not draw most of your borders.

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