Friday, August 31, 2007


BedTime's Quote[153]:
"The Only way to Heavenly Salvation is to live in and resist the Earthly Hell" --[x]
Political Status: In Peace.
Psychological Status: Hopeful, Happy

Web1: How To wiki. [Very good site teaching you HOW TO stuff].
Web2: When The Muslims Ruled in Europe. [
A Must Watch, Google video].
Web3: What American Universities students know About Islam. [
Video, Muxlim.Tv].

MyDaily: I have been busy, sleep early, wake up early. I am reading some books by Paulo Coelho too. I missed to celebrate our last national holiday, but fortunately, it's easy for me to pick up any national holiday date from the calender it's full of them and with flexible times. Therefore, fortunately today is Malaysia's Independence Day, Trinidad and Tobago's Independence Day, and Kyrgyzstan's Independence Day. And, Tomorrow is Libya's Revolution Day, Uzbekistan's Independence Day, and Slovakia's Constitution Day. Now I am happy, I am going to celebrate six nationalists holidays within two days! or even more If I want to or feel like to.

To be updated soon.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

BTQ[152] +The Absolute Capitalism Failure.

The Fall Of Erroneous Society.
The Fall Of Erroneous Society by nezitiC[x].

BedTime's Quote[152]:

"Many Errors ignored causes many painful steps to walk on." --[x]

"People today believe in Celebrities news more than Politicians and Political Events news" --[x] [Social-Understanding].

MyDaily: I haven't slept much recently, actually I have been having insomnia for more than 2 years now, on and off. In the last 43 hours I only slept 4 hours, and tomorrow I might sleep 12 hours to balance the biological equation E =mc² ! ! ! Good night Dear Readers.

A part of a poem by Aysha Altaymoriah.

تَراني معرضا عن كل ضوء -- فَهَل خاصَمت نور النيرَين
يُنافرني السَنا فَأَفر مِنه -- كَأَن الضوء يطلبني بدين
وَأَجنح لِلظَّلامِ جنوح صب -- دَنا لِحَبيبِه بِالرقمَتَين
جَزى اللَهُ السِقام جزاء خير -- فَقَد هذبنني ونَأَزلن ريني
وَصرت بِما لقيت من اللَيالي-- أَفرق بَين ذي صدق وَمين
حرمت مقاصدي َمنعت عما -- تَميل لحسنه نفسي وَعَيني
اِذا رمت اِنتِشاق الطَيب يَوماً -- وَضعت يدي فوق الحاجبين
وَناهيكَ الطاء سجل كتي -- وَتركي لِلحَديث بحسرَتين
وَقَد عفت الأَساة وَعدت أَرجو -- طَبيب الكون رب المَشرِقَين
الهي سيدي غوثى رَجائي -- عياذي عدتي ومزيل بيني
نعاني أَبيض القرطاس لما -- جَفاني اليَوم نور الاسوَدين
وَقَد جفت دواتي وهي تَبكي -- لما قد راعها من طول أَيني
وَأَقلامي كم انشقت لأني -- حرمت مساسَها بِالاصبَعَين
غَدَوت اليَومَ أَميا وَعَلى -- أَقضى من فُنون الكُتُب ديني
فجهلي عبرة وَالسَقم أَخرى-- وَعَيني قَد أَرَتني العِبرَتَين
فَلَم لا أَنعى بِالحَسراتِ حالي -- وَتَعلو زفرتي لِلفرقَدين

The entire poem

AntiNationalist's Thought:
The Fall Of The Absolute Capitalist Nation.

The Absolute Capitalist Nation creates an absolute society that believes in the seven deadly sins more than its religion and adopts Gluttony and Lust as its lifestyle. Such Nation will fall. Gluttony creates another deadly sin, sloth, and Sloth creates lazy people, as a result, a weaker economy. Lust creates Sick-minded and less enlightening people. Greed creates poverty and makes the gap between poor and rich wider. Envy creates less-united society. Finally, its deadliest sin, that no one of its people will ever realize that can cause its fall is Pride. Pride creates blind-mindedness, people believe in themselves as the best even if it's the opposite in reality causing them to ignore their errors, their errors get bigger and bigger, and their fall will be harder than ever, very dramatic and tragic... Unfortunately this nation exists today.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Monday, August 27, 2007

BTQ[151] +Think Of Who Don't Think.

Children of Pakistan By Ali Khataw
Children Of Pakistan by Ali Khataw.

BedTime's Quote[151]:
"If you have a dream, don't close your eyes and enjoy watching, but start to make it a reality" --[x] [Social-Understanding].

"Every one of us has a story tattooed in our minds to tell, think deeply and write it down with simplicity, publish it to inspire others" --[x].

Political Status: Aftermathical.
Psychological Status: Worried, but Determined


AntiNationalist's Thought:
Think Of those who don't think.

Just think of the world, of its creator and of his creations, take a sand from the desert, look at its tininess and how many years the universe took to produce it, think of the softness of the texture of silk how a worm can produces such a soft touch to be worn by princess and queens, think of the bees in their colonies, communicating like a big human society, a disorder of one follows by another, in the end no miraculous honey for any one and no flower to be pollinated, think of the poor people's happiness and the rich one's suicidal thoughts, think of your heart beats, think of the soul that's held within you, think of its abilities and what it has beyond your visions, think of society and how every small element of it can have a great effect on its future... In the end, think of those people who have never tried to think of the world, of its creator and of his creations, Why did they end up in a way that makes you feel sorry for them.

Good night dear readers.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Arabic Music Role.

The Fall of a Society Part3
The Fall of a Society by nezitiC[x].

AntiNationalist's Thought:
Arabic Music Role in Society.

The West has advanced in all fields of science and arts, while The Arabs have disadvanced in all the fields. Arabs love Arts so much, such as literacy, poetry, and music. Even though they love Arts so much, they are still way behind in it. The West has evolved Arts into many branches and forms. They have opened new fields of Arts. In the opposite site, The Arabs did not learn anything from all these developments from the West, instead they just simply copy it all, just like a copycat.

Especially Arabic Music, which is still stuck between modernization and traditional style. Arabs still stick to the romantic "I-love-you"- "احبك" -"My love"- "حبيبي" lyrical style of music. I've visited the popular Arabic music website, and tried to listen to some Arabic music from all parts of the Arabic world, Lebanon, Gulf, Algeria, Egypt...etc. I clearly noticed that 89% of the songs on the website includes love-related words. Words such as غرام. أحبك. حبيبي. حياتي. متشاق. عيون السود. Translation: [Black eyes, missing you, my life, my love, I love you, in love]. Most of these songs are big hit in The Arabic world. The Majority never gives a second thought about what they are listening to. They never try to question the lyrical contents of such songs, in fact they enjoy it and think they are beautiful. Some might wonder, in fact I do wonder and ask those singers out there "What do your music represent?", their answers would be long I am sure, because I've seen them once giving long explanations about some of their silly-written-lyrics on TV on some stupid Arabic Music TV shows. The answer to my question is simple, it is "Illusions" Yes indeed their music represent unreal world, very emotional world indeed. A world full of love and denial of reality we are living in.

The Arabic Music has no role to shape our society to better. Its only role is to make the Arab listeners more emotional and unrealistic. I believe Music should be used as a strong tool to deliver all kinds of messages to people. It should represent all the images of life from Sadness to Happiness, life to death, war to peace. A Music style that only presents our world in one image, one side, and one angle-view, of emotions should not be appreciated, should not be listened to, should have become so boring long time ago. Unfortunately, the opposite is happening in The Arab World, every day we see new singers on new Arabic music TV channels. 89% of them talk and sing about the same things over and over again. The West has used Music to inspire people, to collect money for donations, to brainwash people, to implant new cultural thought into people, to establish new societies, all for bad and good, but in the Arab World, it's been used over and over again for the purpose of "illusion" and "Romantic heaven of love and broken-hearted people".... I'll go now to listen to Abdullah Balkhar - Jana Alhawa men Zangibar عبدالله بلخير جانا الهواء من زنجبار....Good night Dear readers.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

BTQ[150] + قيثارة التوحيد

BedTime's Qoute[150]:
"The Western Civilization will find Islam sooner or later as a social solution when its social disorders reach its peak, and when its people get fed up with the current materialistic systems. As a result, They'll try to stop their society from decaying. At that point, everything will change, just like the case of the Pre-Islamic Era in the Iberian peninsula and that will cause its rise again to the zenith." --[x].

Political Status: Defensive.
Psychological Status: Hopeful & worried

حدائق ذات بهجة، ذات جمال، ذات نضرة.
فللواحة الخضراء والماء جاريـا وهذه الصحاري والجبال الرواسي

سل الروض مزداناً
سل الزهر والنـدى
سل الليل والإصباح والطير شاديا

وسل هذه الأنسام والأرض والسمـا
وسل كل شيء تسمع التوحيد لله ساريا

ولو جن هذا الليل وامتد سرمداً
فمن غير ربي يرجع الصبح ثانيا
أَإِلَهٌ مَعَ اللَّهِ لا رب غيره، ولا معبود سواه.
الله ربي لا أريد سواه
هل في الوجود حقيقة إلا هو

الشمس والبدر من أنوار حكمته
والبر والبحر فيض من عطاياه

الطير سبحه
والوحش مجده
والموج كبره
والحوت ناجاه

والنمل تحت صخور الصم قدسه
والنحل يهتف حمداً في خلاياه

والناس يعصونه
جهراً فيسترهم
والعبد ينسى
وربي ليس ينساه

A Poem by Abdullah Shams Aldin. عبدالله شمش الدين - قيثارة التوحيد

Good Night dear readers.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

BTQ[149]+ AntiNationalist Thought.

By Gundega Dege
"No title " By Gundega Dege.
One of my Favorite Artist.

BedTime's Quote[149]:
"Everyday I turn on the TV, I realize more that the women status in the World is going down, They are being used as sexual objects like any other item sold in a cheap or luxurious store, they are being human-trafficked to tourists distnations, they are used to seduce customers to buy new products or to brainwash viewers tiny brains through stupid songs featuring other stupid empty brained muscular male singers produced by MTV and Rotana" --[x] [Social-Understanding].

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Sick but Happy


AntiNationalist's Thought:
Arabs Addiction to Numbers.

With all the wealth, with all the oil, and with all hi-tech technologies available in their countries, rich Arabs and even poor of them are still addicted to the wrong things. Arabs might have created the number Zero, and might have helped in the developments of the science of Numbers, Mathematics. Unfortunately, today Many rich Arabs are willing to pay millions of dollars to buy a single digit number! Some might think this number will help to create a better world for its price! No this number will be only a license plate number... They even have auctions selling those silly single digit numbers. I saw an auction for the number 7, the auctioneer promoting the number said "Who wants to buy number 7, 7 is the number of the days in a week" A guy bet with 3Million Dollars. Other tried to over bet him, He insisted to win the number, eventually he won. He bought it for 3.3Million Dollars. The same guy also bought other numbers for prices range between 100,000 Dollars to One Million Dollars. Maybe Arabs think those numbers give them good luck! or maybe it's easy to find them just in case they get lost in the desert in case of their GPS broke.

They are also addicted to nice looking cell phones numbers. Some even need social connections to get a good cell phone number. They pay from $200-1000 and over to get a nice looking cell phone number. I think they forget that new cell phones have address Book, caller ID, and you can save any number you want no matter how many complex digits it includes. Having long boring number can be ironic to them. When I first had my phone number, my friend mocked my number and praised his! - how ironic and silly our society has become.

While Millions of Dollars are spent daily to buy numbers which won't benefit our societies in any mean, nor they will end poverty and unemployments, nor they will end political conflicts, and stop human traffickings, nor they will make their cars fly or their cell phones talk like any human being. This idea of having simple-easy-memorized-numbers for short-term-memories-Low-IQ-people must end. Otherwise if those numbers are really important to them, then the government should use those numbers to make money out of it to invest it in the society.

Why has our society gone so wrong?
Why can't Nationalist and Tribalists thinkers fix such disorders?
Why can't we look at the world from a bigger picture?
Why can't we compare ourselves to the advanced nations?
While Japanese and Europeans make cars and invent new cell phone technologies, we are busy buying them and paying million of dollars to label our cars and phones with simple single or multi digits numbers...sigh May Allah increase our IQs.

Good night dear readers

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

BTQ[148] + Paradoxical Question.

BedTime's Quote[148]:
"We are the minority, we are in a time and place, where no one really listens to, or understands, or reads us, let's record every single meaningful idea we have, so our next generation can learn from them and evolve our ideas... As a result we become the majority"--[x] [Sociopolitical-Understanding].

"In today's world, To some fathers, a stranger can be more than a son to them, and their sons can be more than a stranger" --[x] [Social-Understanding]


AntiNationalist's Thought:
The Paradoxical Question of The Reason For Who you are.

At a forum, that I am a member of. I read a thread in there titled "You are who you are because?" I don't know why that question is so paradoxical especially to an Arab citizen or a normal American citizen. I don't even know who we are any more. It's either the American media shaping our mind and ideological society, or our totalitarian governments torturing our minds for false confessions for crimes we never committed or to enforce ancient ideas to ensure their everlasting dreams of powers and fortunes. Therefore, my answer to that question in that thread as a sarcastic one as usual, but It was meant to be realistic one as read below:

It's very hard for me to be anyone I want to be. I wanted to be political, they told me the Government doesn't like that. I wanted to be a free thinker, they told me the Government doesn't allow you to say whatever you want you would be in troubles. I wanted to protest, they told me the Government doesn't like disorders. I told them Chinese women are disorders, they told me there's a difference between an employment and a volunteer work. I told them I don't want to adopt the idea of Khanjar-&-dancing-&-celebrating- national-holidays, they told me people would reject you, I told them then could I just wear Khanjar, but celebrate nothing? They told me Then what Khanjar for!? I told them I want to get rid of many of our traditions and social beliefs, they told me "Are you insane?. I told them Could I be insane?, they told me, Yes, You could, but then you had to spend the rest of your life in Ibn Sina Mental Hospital, so I've become insane and happily ever after...

Good night Dear readers.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mocking Life-System[11]

Second Thoughts By Peter Van Nugteren.
Second Thoughts By Peter Van Nugteren.

BedTime's Quote[147]:
"Regardless of Religions and social beliefs, everyone of us is living for a reason, and the only reason that many of us today are living for is to pass the day peacefully. We keep ignoring and avoiding the daily social sins and errors we see and face to pass peacefully- While the ones on power feed on us slowly like a torture machine that burns our skins to enforce us to confess for crimes we never committed and say out loud- Long Live The king"--[x] [Sociopolitical-Understanding].

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Hopeful & Happy forever Inshallah.

Mocking Life-System[11]:
This might be offensive & very generalizing to some. However, it's just to show some negative images of our Arabic Internet World to be mocked. I have written it in Arabic. No Translation. For + Previous Mocking Lifesystem[10].

The Net's Arab Users:

الشعب السعودي مشغول في المنتديات وغرف الشات والتعارف وماشي غيره

والشعب العماني كله محصور في السبلة

والشعب الاماراتي مسكين يريد فليكر

والشعب المصري ينافس الشعب السعودي بشراسة ناوياً المركز الاول

والشعب الليبي مسكين ما عنده خبر انه في انترنت لانه معمر القذافي حاذف كل المواقع إلا موقعه عن كتاب الاخضر صاير مثل الجوجل في ليبيا الهوم بيج للشعب

واما الشعب البحريني مواقعه في النت اكثر من عدد السكان

والشعب الكويتي فالح يحمل افلام ومسلسلات على النت

اما شعوب بلاد الشام محتكرين عالم التدوين العربي وعاملين فيها انهم افهم ناس في السياسة ولكن في الواقع كل مواضيعهم عن فلسطين واكل البندوره

باقي الشعوب العربية بعدها عايشة على قنواتهم التلفزيونية المحلية او على ثقافة الفوضى السياسية على محطة الجزيرة او على ثقافة الانفتاح الفني اللااخلاقي المليئة بالجهل على محطة روتانا واخواتها وعماتها وخالاتها وجيرانها!

واذا البدو دخلوا النت اول شي يكتبون في محرك البحث جوجل وحده من هذي الكلمات التالية
= تفحيط, تخميس, جي تي, ماكسيما, زوائد, موستانج, بعير, صيد , صقور, غزلان, لاند كروز.

الله يعين هذي الأمة الشبة متطورة تحت ظلال الشبكة العنكبوتيه

Good Night Dear Readers...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Apart and United + BTQ[146]

Adopted by Dennis Dixson
Adopted by Dennis Dixson.

BedTime's Quote[146]:
"We must rise to be the change we want to be, every idea we produce must be recorded and rethought of deeply. One Idea can set a billion people nation free. Ideas can be found behind words, between lines, among chaos, on photographs, and also on everything we can't see, but smell, hear, taste, and feel." --[x] [SocioPolitical-Understanding].

"Materialism isn't power, its our weakness that we can't realize" --[x] [Social-Understanding].

Political Status: Extremely Offensive.
Psychological Status: Happy & hopeful.

MyDaily: I will try to post weekly, instead of randomly, daily and monthly. Soon, I will get back to photography.


AntiNationalist's Thought:
The Concept of Being Apart & Ending Up United.

Astronomically, 14 Billion years ago Singularity created the universe, The Big bang theory. Singularity was the seed that created the micro elements of life from an invisible huge dark energy, those elements created stars. Then, stars created planets, planets created moon orbiting around them, while everything rotating around a supermassive blackhole in a galaxy. A galaxy is only a family gathering of many stars, planets, moons, and dark matters among many other galaxies in this vast universe. These God's creatures in the universe started as a single point, and spread wide throughout the vast vacuum of space. Every object goes millions of light years apart from another everyday, no matter how far they get, theories suggest they will end up in one point.

Biologically, a seed creates roots, roots seek water and soils, it creates a tiny leaf, which later becomes a branch, the tree becomes a thick wood, the thick wood holds all the branches, and all the branches hold many leaves. They all start from a seed and go on apart, but still connected to one, and all die when that one dies...leaving dry leaves to be burned by a hot summer or a poor family looking for a warm winter.

For Humanity, such realizations are hard to see without deep thinking and simplified way of living away from all materialism, nationalism, and tribalism. Humanity started from Adam and Eve unless you are a Darwinist. In fact it started from one, Adam, then Eve, then two sons Abel and Cain and two daughters. Then, the family got bigger and bigger, and went apart, the bounds got weaker. Therefore, tribes were born, tribes went apart and also conflicted and fought stupid wars, eventually they created nations. Nations have created civilizations. Civilizations have conflicted each other, created wars. One fell another rose, and the lifetime movie goes on.

Microsocially , We go through the same thing in our daily life, in our families, we grow as brothers and sisters, and end up having our own family that might be apart or close to our parents, eventually we have our own family gatherings weekly, monthly, and annually.

Religiously, religions went apart too, for example, Islam was a religion of one main creed with one school of thought. Today, there are Sunni, Shia, Zaydi, Ibathi, Sufi, , Alawi...ect Eventually according to the Islamic teaching of the Prophet, all will end up as one in the last days of Judgment.

It seems that it's natural thing to be apart eventually due to size, and geographical influences. It's also natural to see everything ends up as one. How can we become one? How can we pave that way to oneness of thought and unity to achieve our goals... I think the answer lies behind those previous words and lines.... Good night dear readers.