Friday, March 31, 2006

-Political Robs حبال سياسية

يا أمّتي
على ماضيكِ
لوكان التاريخُ
لماتَ شنقاً
بحبلِ حدودكِ



Political Robs

O' My Nation.
Over Your Past.
If History was a man,
He would die, Hung.
By the rob of
Your Political Borders.

On Break.

Bedtime's Quote[91]:
Burn All Media Forms, Just leave your Mind function by itself" --[x] [Psychological-understanding]

MyNote: I am on break, and I don't feel writing anything even though I have so much to say. Nobody needs to know how I am, because no matter what happens to me, this blog will remain the same. I have realized that Globalization is not really a united international cultureless society, but a form of Intellectual, ideological, and mental Imperialism, which serves one-greedy-selfish-self's goals.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Remember, Remember The Disaster.

By Monika Eichert
Photo by Monika Eichert.
BedTime's Quote[90]:
"Behind those solid thick gates, lays secret societies, secret communities, and completely different faces of our leaders, we have never seen or known" --[x] [Political-Understanding]

Political Status: Prepared.
Psychological Status: Calm, Brainstorming.

Remember The Disaster

His Thoughts are sound,
And His voice is calm,
Says a prayer,
Closes his Eyes,
Follows his path,
And Shatters Their Crowns.
By his sad tears,
All their thoughts are drowned.
And All their visions, get blind.
He Smiles...
What A joyful Moment,
An unforgettable vision,
Remained A Solid Ground.

For Generations to remember,
Remember, and Remember,
It was not done by terror,
A slaughterer...
And A massacre,
But a logical flagless thinker.
Smoothly it goes,
Deeply it roots,
In everyone's heart...
And It will Never surrender.
Until they remember...
...The Disaster.
Influenced by [z]

Note: Written for those who want to make a change. The disaster in the poem is The Sykes-Picot Agreement. Influenced by the movie "V for Vendetta" somehow.

MyDaily: I have a game tomorrow morning. I hope we win. I might post soon Mocking Life-System, which might be very offensive to some, but anyway I am not mocking any religion just some bordered countries. Good Night Dear Readers.

Note: This is the post #390.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Seeking Salvation.

Seeking Salvation by [x]
"Seeking Salvation", Photo by [x]

BedTime's Quote[89]:
"Whoever touches my beloved ones will reach, for sure,my Hell" --[x].

Political Status: Underground
Psychological Status: Sick, patient.

InfoBlog: A mother's Diary under Occupation [ Personal Blog]

Good Night Dear Readers

Beasts On The Beach.

Walking On the beach,
With Mischievous Dogs,
Looking for a feast?
Breaking Sea Shells.
Breaking Rules,
Like Gods.
Like Judgment day,
With no Hell.
an Evil Smile at that beautiful coast.
What A paradox.

All they master,
What a bad monster.
No Respect, No Compromise.
Please God, Protect her.
Our Land lost its dignity,
When that Beast stepped on,
Our Hospitality.
Where's Justice?
Where's Morality?
A Good Friend is In need..
Burn This picture,
It's not...
What we really seek.
Influenced by [z]

Note: Written for someone.

MyDaily: I have been sick, I just could not do anything since yesterday.

Returns To the Atmosphere

WMAP Observation
"First Split Second Of the Universe Detected: Discovery by WMAP"
Image By NASA.
BedTime's Quote[88]:
" It's not money, and social-connections that really makes one a leader, it's faith and wisdom, unfortunately in today's world it's the opposite."--[x] [Social-Understanding]

Political Status: Underground.
Psychological Status: Very sick.

Web: Astronomers Detect The First Split-Second of The Beginning of the Universe. [So Great News]

On the image
: [ Click on the image for larger size]
-Dark Energy is about 73% of the universe, and still unknown, causes the universe to accelerate. It's mostly Gravity-Force-like.
-Dark Matter is about 23% of the universe, still unknown, invisible matter.
-Real Matter what we see at night is about 4% of the universe, Galaxies, stars, planets..Etc
-Dark Ages, Lasted for a half billion years, 500 millions years, it's when the universe remained dark no light after its creation.
-Big Bang Expansion 13.7 Billions years is the age of the universe according to the latest estimation.
-WMAP is, Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, it detects the temperature of radiate heat of the universe left over after the Big Bang. And the CMB, Cosmic Microwave Background, which is the oldest light in the universe.
-Quantum Fluctuation, is the rapid change in quantum scale [atomic scale] that causes a particle to pop in and out of existence it can happen anytime anywhere, but it did happen in the early universe right after the big bang. it might have also led to the formation of the galaxies. Still this idea is not supported much because there's no Quantum Gravity theory yet to describe Gravity in quantum scales.
-Inflation, is a rapid change or expansion right after the big bang, cause the universe to expand faster irregularly. This rapid change happened a second right after the birth of the universe.

I wrote this today, when I am bored or mad at myself, I write poems.

Returns To The Atmosphere
A Rain Drop,
Falling Off,
The Atmosphere,
Layer After Layer,
Like a failure,
But a healer.
Reached Earth,
Broken Into Smaller,
Drops, Atch Two Oo.
A Beautiful Natural Show,
Drop After Drop,
Earth Floods.
Sins dissolve deep,
Into Earth's veins,
Like humans Blood.
New Life is born,
Grown Green.
Birds Fly High,
The Sun Appears.
And The Rain drop,
Returns to the Atmosphere.
Influenced by [z]

Note: Written for the Rain. I haven't read much in astronomy for while, but I keep following mostly the Cosmological news. Tonight I suddenly got very sick for no reason. Good night Dear Readers.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Hazy Night by [x]
"Hazy Night": Picture taken by [x]

BedTime's Quote[87]
" Patriotism is a human nature, but Nationalism is the misuse of patriotism" --[x] [Political-Understanding]

Political Status: Underground.
Psychological Status: Calm, Brainstorming.
Weather: As you see the photo, it's foggy,cold, and raining


Hearing Footsteps,
In Vain.
To the ground.

O' Sweet Heart,
She fell down,
A Stairway,
To Heaven,
To Her Room
Number Eleven.
Ten Steps Down.

A man passed by,
Gave a hand,
For her to stand,
He gave her his napkin,
Blue and Green,
Written on it,
"Love heals wounds" .
He tied it around her knee,
To stop its Bleed.
Helped her to stand,
And he left.

And She resumed going up,
The Stairway to Heaven,
to Room # Eleven,
With the napkin,
Full of Memories.
A priceless Fruit,
Full of hopes.
Circling her wound.
She closed her door,
With no sound.
An Invisible Chemistry,
Echoing in her mind.
So profound.
Inspired by [y]

Note: It's a story of a girl, who whenever falls down there's someone to give her a hand.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Nationalistic Sins

BedTime's Quote[86]:
"In Civil Wars, A Minority is weakness, but in Civil Unity, the minority is power" --[x] [Political-Understanding]

" When Superpower nations conflict with each another, the only way for one of them to defeat the other is to plant a civil war or a civil ideological war in the other, a self-destruction" --[x] [Political-Understanding]

Political Status: Underground, Exploding.
Psychological Status: Patient, struggling.

By Matt Vardy
Mytitle: "Facing Darkness"

Nationalistic Sins

Give me Those tanks,
Those guns,
Those arms,
and let's start the show,
Like Don Quixote,
A man Fighting a Windmill.
Invade every ideological Arab government,
To the last zionist stand.
Let's go back to our origins.
And forget our nationalistic sins.
Just Remember, History,
Is an endless book.
With a blind writer.
A FairyTales Teller,
With an unreal story.
Let's Make our Future,
Unity with no iconized society.

Influenced by [null].

Note: Written for none, for an AntiNationalist, who barely exists.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Let's Pause Life for A second,
See What's Underneath that Rock,
What's driving that Root to that flow,
Seeking Underground that Tree.
What's Behind that full Moon,
Dark Side of that phase,
What's around Saturn,
A Chain, A Ring circle that Thing.
What's Beyond The Universe,
A Vain, Ether, A Space-time Race.
Nothing is fascinating in these verses.
Or Is it?
What's in Your mind,
That keeps you think,
He is not fine,
But Gone Insane.
Then Please,
Don't Pause Life...Again.
Influenced by [z]

Note: Written for Life, and how wonderful it is still when it's paused. I did not write much recently, been busy. I want to write, but I am confused little bit. Open-source ideology is on update#4.2.

Future: BriefWord, Final Solution.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Note: This is the post#384, and The poem#151.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Darkening Earth.

"Ethereal Softness" by Ferrando.f.Rafael

BedTime's Quote[85]:
"Every New world's SocioPolitical System starts as a minority and becomes the majority, but when it falls it becomes what it was before" --[x] [Political-Understanding].


Darkening Earth

Fire in the sky,
Our Earth Climate
Has changed,
Pumping More Gas,
Into Airs.
Pouring More Waste,
into Water.
And still No one cares.
Green Peace gone insane.
Saving one specie,
While Millions extinct?.
Everything is dying Fast,
Faces of Death have gone White.
Influenced by [z].

Note: Written for Global Warming.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

One Year.

BedTime's Quote[84]:
" Our Religion is not something practiced physically, or Something symbolized by a big icon to be worshipped, or Something worn to be known of, it's just invisible inside us, and impossible to erase, and deep grown stronger in us with a faceless Identity and a faithful destiny" ---[x] [Social-Understanding]
Political Status: Underground.
Psychological Status: Tired, Patient.
Open-Source Ideology: Reached Update#4.

MyDaily: I will slow posting soon, I'm busy, and I have to write other stuff beside this blog.

One Year Of Evolving Thinkology.

I didn't realize that I have been blogging for more than a Year now. I didn't expect myself to write this amount of poems and articles in here, and to be honest before having this Blog I was not even really a poem writer or An AntiNationalist. I did not even read about AntiNationalism, I just invented it inside me, maybe it's written about it somewhere. I never thought I would like photography, and take pictures and so on.

Sometime I want to stop blogging, my political views will remain the same, so why repeating them and posting them, I try to post stuff that has never heard of, never written or read by anyone on Earth before. Therefore, that's why poems have always words never written before. I've written some BriefWords, I wonder who read them and who did not, but I, myself, think they are different even though they can be inaccurate, but ideologically to me they make sense.

I don't read books much, I don't visit Arabic Websites or Books much, I only read headlines and main ideas then try to create my own. Too much details and information for a headline cause a chaos inside oneself, and a big confusion leaving the reader blind or lost to find the main problem. I never thought that I would start writing something interesting in here, Open-Source Ideology, I was before so interested in Astrophysics, Cosmology, and Religious debates, but I climb from rob to another, very unstable to one point I can be, not bad, but still reliable. I created this blog a year ago, and called myself nezitiC to insult Nationalism and its basic elements such as "Citizenship", and I am not a citizen, but a nezitiC. Maybe sooner or later, this blog will be closed.
So Good Night Dear Readers.

Monday, March 13, 2006

A Dark Cloudy Smile

"Climbing up the shower"
Taken by Ramnath Sivasubramanian
BedTime's Quote[83]:
"Please God make me stronger, A Social Decay has made me weaker" --[x] [Social-Understanding].

Tonight's Question[2]: "If you have given two choices to choose to survive, your Passport or your faith, Which one would you choose?" --[x]

Political Status: Underground.
Psychological Status: Recovering, looking for a change.


A Dark Cloudy Smile.
A Lady Smiles
At A mysterious Cry,
For A Thoughtful Moment,
Under a dark cloudy sky.
What A Beautiful moment,
At the wrong Time...
For Hope,
Be Wise,
Be Calm,
Because it's never too late,
Under the Dark Cloudy Sky.
When Rain falls,
It will wash Earth,
From Her Deadly Sin,
Her Failures, Her Keen!
The Sun eventually Shines
And She Just Smiles...
To be fine.
Influenced by [z]
Edited by [x]

Note: Written for those who think they will fail, but it's never too late, One Day Of your life can change everything you ever imagined and dreamed. One day is enough to make something in you that you have never felt before. God's will exists. My Mood is crumbling. Almost reaching update#4 for the open-source Ideology. Good Night Dear Readers.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Paradise Lost.

Aww, Our Childhood,
When Politics meant Getting A Birthday Present,
When Sins meant disobeying Mama,and Sleeping Late,
When Life meant Candies and Toys.

Our tiny hands,
Which our mother used to play with,
She moved her fingers on our palms lines,
Like she was drawing our future plans,
She bent our fingers,
One by one,
from Thumb to pinky.
She cleaned our finger nails.
Dirty they were,
She Combed our hair,
Straight like nowhere.

How we used to play Ball,
In Her backyard,
Disobeying her rules,
Destroying Her Trees and Rose,
Paradise Lost...

How we complained about her dinner,
Wanted more Salt,
Hated Onions,
Disgusted Broccoli
And Asked for more Cheddar.
Until Dinner got cold.

How sinful it was
to Sleep late,
How beautiful it was,
when she said to us, "GoodNight".

Today, We are old,
Digging for Gold,
Professionals in Politics,
Committing different Sins,
And Defining our own Life,
No more Candies,
No more Toys.
Influenced by [z]

This Poem under revision by [x].

Note: Written for_______. Yes Exactly, you are right.

Political Status: Underground.
Psychological Status: Suicidal, Patient.

MyDaily: This weekend, I have a league game, lately, I have not played as a main player, I don't know why. Maybe, the coach doesn't like me any more or maybe He doesn't need me any more, I don't care there's always another team.I haven't updated Open-Source Ideology, I am on update#3. If anyone is interested in updating it, let me know, and then it's up to me to accept or not. Have a good day dear readers, and apologize for being in bad mood.

MyNote: When I heard yesterday the news about Egypt, and how they are dealing with those brotherhood members, I was so mad, not because what they are doing is against Freedom, but because the holy cow Hussni Mobarak is the biggest and most expensive toy made in USA, that I have ever seen in my poor unfortunate unlucky life. I only predict one thing when that Cow disappears from this Poor Earth, "A huge Funeral full of tanks, soldiers horses, and Arab and Western presidents, with nobody else from the middle class or working class people", just another Shah.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


BedTime's Quote:
"The only way to survive against the fittest is to stay united" --[x] [SocioPolitical-Understanding]

Tonight's Question[1]: "Why should we exist, if we keep staying apart?"

Note: Tonight's Question is for the readers to answer or think about, just to send indirect message to the readers.

MyNote: Recently, I have been avoiding politics to think clearer, I haven't watched the news much for 4 days now. I wonder how many have died, how many have been assassinated, how many have been kidnapped, well Nevermind, these all are just statistics and nobody would care, Tomorrow is there for us to forget. Good Night Dear Readers.

The Black Crown.

A Black Man
Conquered The Crown
Of The Millennium,
What an offense
to Racism,

He polished Shoes
During His Childhood,
What a life he stood,

A Teenager,
Won The World Cup,
Like The Holy Grail,
On the top,
Beaten all the legends,
A Champion Of All Stadiums,
A gladiator in The Coliseum,
A Giant was born,
He was...

Scored A thousand Goals,
Drilled A hole,
In every Defensive line,
Like Tiger Tank,
Like Tango Dance.
Modesty his plan,
Aggression their last chance,
And Still He remains calm,
Holding His Black Crown.
Influenced by [z]

Political Status: Underground.
Psychological Status: Suicidal, Tired, Patient.

Note: Written for Pele, The Football player From Brazil. He was the youngest player to win the Soccer World cup in 1958, he won three world cups 1958, 1962, and 1970, and played 4 World Cups, He scored more than a thousand goals, and played more than a thousand games. He was chosen as the sport man of the millennium. I don't like to mention Football a lot here in my blog even though I myself is a football player! but a poem won't hurt. :)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Alien Nation.

Alien Nation...
Hell in The sky,
Stars Out of Sights,
Heaven is Born on Earth,
Which none can deny.

Getting Pregnant Every Night,
While a Million Babies are aborted
After every sinful night
Of pleasure and delight.
Lusty Faith,
Greedy Fate.
Sanctified by Money, and Sex,
Through ideologies judged as...
The coolest.
Survival for the fittest,
Aren't You the luckiest?

Signs of the feeble minds,
Seeking Hell in the sky,
Abandoning Heaven.
And Converted to an exiled Creed.
Chose Virginity,
Over the lusty faith of the elite,
Aren't I the unluckiest?
Influenced by [z]

Note: Written for An Alien Nation, it's located somewhere on Earth, where Good means bad and Bad means good.

Note: This is the poem#146.

Open Source Ideology.

Open-source ideology is an ideology that can be updated by more knowledgeable people by adding more analysis and economical,political, social, and religious details or studies. As long as it follows basic principles, those principles are still being added by me and another to the paper, which I will publish later. The Open Source Ideology can be any ideology that's made by a united community, this community is usually a minority that tries to make a change in any society . My Open Source Ideology that I am working on is AntiNationalism, and now it's on update#3. [x] and another [g] have added so far 32 Principles.

Political Statue: Underground
Psychological Status: Tired, Patient.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Erasing Darkness

Photo By Stanislaw trzaska

Her Dream Crumbling,
Light Fading,
She has seen Darkness Before.
Forty Four
Feet Under,
Seeing A Faint Light
is a wonder.
Light A Candle,
And wait A whisper
to be A thunder.
Never Give up hope,
Even If You are in their eyes,
A Microscopic Creature.
Just Be Patient,
Stand The Torture,
Because Heaven is an immortal Fortune.
Influenced by[z]

Note: Written for those who are 44 feet under, "Never give hope, and it's never too late". I've been tagged by Nasra, Click-Here.

Political Status: Underground.
Psychological Status: Worried, and patient.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

[o]'s Daily [20]

Note:I know many of you have missed [o], I didn't write much of him even though many many things have happened. Here's something happened 2 weeks ago, so enjoy.

[o]'s Daily
At School,
My [o] came to me laughing telling me something happened in his class in the morning.
So He told me the following:

Two [o]s were preparing for a speech to give in Class.
The first [o].1 would give a speech about His Country [KSA].
The Second [o].2 would give a speech about his Country [Oman].

[o].1 got in first to present his speech, he brought his laptop with PowerPoint Slides of his country's pictures. All the class were excited to hear about KSA so he ran the slides and started talking about his country, he was nervous little bit,

so he was pointing at the pictures slides and giving the speech:
"This is King Fahad"
"This is new king, Abdullah"
"This is Alfaisalia Tower"
"This is Riyadh"
"This is Saudi Flag"
"This is My Country"

The Teacher interrupted him and said "Excuse me but could you use more sentences forms rather than -This is- "

so he said "Ok, This is Desert, This is my custom"
The teacher went quiet,
He finished his speech,

The next [o].2 came.
He stood confident in front of the students ,
he picked up a chalk,
and said "In my country, you go left no problem, you go right no problem, you go straight no problem, Freedom"
He even drew the arrows with the chalk, left, right, and straight.
Actually, he even illustrated the left-right-straight concept with his hands movements.
Now the students were left puzzled wondering about what he said,
The Saudi [o]s were laughing.
,But The Korean and other [o]s were left speechless.

The End....90% based on true event.

For Previous [o]'s Daily, Visit nezitiC-Archive.

Friday, March 03, 2006


hangmanGame_Vladimir Lestrovoy
"Hangman Game"
Made by Vladimir Lestrovoy

BedTime's Quote:
"If being open-minded and moderate means offending my own people, then I prefer to be close-minded and extreme" --[x][Social-Understanding]

"I don't have ideological parents, I'm an ideological orphan" --[x] [Social-Understanding]

Political Status: Underground.
Psychological Status: Tired, Patient, Brainstorming.

MyNote: Working on the Open-Source Ideology since Monday. No BriefWord, Many poems. Busy.

Good Night Dear Readers.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Handful Fist.

A Child is crawling
In a drought land,
A Child's Hand,
A handful fist,
Full of Sand.
A Childish Hope,
With starving look,
Waiting For Another
Red Cross Truck.

He walked alone,
In the farms,
Full of Dead Cows,
And Hungry Craws,
Flying over
Dry Corn Corps.

His Father was a tribe leader,
A high ladder
to climb,
But he declined,
In the dry Corn corps,
He was hanged.

Oh,His Mother,
What a beautiful existence she was
was the wish of every woman.
A beauty nobody could have woven,
A heart's never shaken,
A Civil War's arrow,
Gone through her thoughtful moment.
...A Dark Day,
...A Generation Decays.
...A Childhood passes away.
...Earth's Skin wrinkles like a dry clay.
...Under the hot summer Sun.

Step After Step,
Death climbs to the top
Of Every African Plan,
Of Every Woman's womb,
Gray Eyes, not a happiness,
But Just ran out of tears.
Golden Lands, not a Pharaoh tomb.
Just a thirsty Earth seeking Miracles...
Influenced by [z]

Note: Written for Somalia's current political social status. A country, that should have never existed, Damn Nationalism. Without it, they would have been much better off than now.

This is the poem#145.