Monday, June 29, 2009

A Unique Friend

A Unique friend
I had never had a unique friend in my life, until I met this person in the field. He was very competitive in the field. He was striker, I am right winger. He was very skilled in the field, dribbles a lot. We played together in the same team for 2 years, and won the league about 4 times. He was a Christian Arab. What amazes me the most about him is that he was not only good at Soccer, but he was also a very good musician & singer, a medical student-becoming a surgent, a math & science geek, a business minded, and as a person very kind, spoke 3 languages, a Chemical engineer, loved video games, aware of history. I never knew all these about him on the field, I never imagined to meet such a person like that in the field! One day I was at the bookstore- Where he used to study medical books for 3-6 hours a day and still manage to play soccer and play music - I was studying Engeering physics and didn't understand it a bit, he came to help, and he explained it very easily with full details and formulas without using the textbook. I asked him, "when did you study this?" He said "5 years ago", I asked him "Have you reviewed it since then or even majored in physics?" He said "Nope, never it's all in my mind, my friend". I studied Calculus II once, I asked him some problems to solve, He solved them so easily, he even remembered in what sections of the book those problems should be at. I was really amazed. He could speak English, French, and Arabic fluently, he offered lessons but could not find him customers. He wrote his own songs, then played them with his guitar, piano, drums. I have never really had such a friend in my life. One time, he joined a business plan competition and his plan won the first place, the prize was $4000. He's only 25 years old, and majored in Chemical engineering, and now going to be a surgent, I hope. All the lucks to him, and I wish I was so much dedicated like him. I wonder dear readers, if you have had a unique friend like mine...

Good night dear readers.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reflect Your Image.

MyNote: The most frequent & inspiring thought, I have come through in my life so far is the thought of death. No matter how dark & depressiong it is, and how escapist we are toward it, that thought is still inspiring me to keep going on to achieve something special in this life before I meet it in the end line. Maybe, It inspired Stephen Hawking to achieve his goals, and Armstrong to finish the race. The thought of death, and how my end would be like comes to my mind every night before I go to bed, or when I have a long drive. If every one thinks of death, and always keeps in mind that the end isn't known- it's a sudden occuring moment-;
Would we make every last word that come out of our mouths meaningful?
Would we make every decision cunstructive and memorial, would we speak carefully because every word could be our last, and the last to be remembered by...? ? ?
Would you really even bother to re-read me? would this be my last word and could be a memorial...?
Try to make your positive image keep reflecting every where, even after you disappear from this life.

Good night dear readers.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My father knew English more than Arabic, but he always spoke Arabic although he made mistakes he spoke to his people in Arabic. We joked about his mistakes he laughed when we did. Unlike others who speak to me in English although they speak Arabic fluently and it is weird that sometime you see a conversation between two one replying in Arabic the other in english.please people speak in common lanuage for respects and unity, let it be French, English, Urdo,or Alienish, just let it be a common between you.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Swine flu + Twitter

I will be blogging soon, I have finally a break , a summer break. This is my microblog - Twitter:

Swine Flu has reached about 30,000 cases. 74 countries since April. Most infections come from America + Mexico. Now we have had American Invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Swine flu invasion. A nation killed most of its pigs, and left one on power, maybe for good luck? If we eliminate the virus... it will come back again since the origin is still raised by farmers! So what's the solution? Maybe we should kill the farmers and let the pigs live alone in the wilderness. Maybe some industries profit a lot from pork, easy to raise, and is it hard to find an alternative source, healthier and cleaner?!

Some republicans accused Obama of spreading the virus to get more supports for his health plans...Yeah Obama went to Mexico, hand shook all infected victims, and then made sure he spat on all Mexican immigrants on the borders in his flight way back home, then he hugged all rednecks in the south, except those KKK, because he was black, then he tried to infect Dick the cheney, but failed.... Bush couldn't be infected, he was one IQ score smarter than the virus although Obama french-kissed him.

Tonight Joke: Libyan president Gadhafi with a picture of Omar Almukhtar on his chest in his first visit to Italy, I wonder what was inside the italian prime minister Silvio BERLUSCONI.

Good night dear readers.