Saturday, June 13, 2009

My father knew English more than Arabic, but he always spoke Arabic although he made mistakes he spoke to his people in Arabic. We joked about his mistakes he laughed when we did. Unlike others who speak to me in English although they speak Arabic fluently and it is weird that sometime you see a conversation between two one replying in Arabic the other in english.please people speak in common lanuage for respects and unity, let it be French, English, Urdo,or Alienish, just let it be a common between you.


Balqis said...

The fact that they understand each other though speaking different languages, is already a sign of unity

I-luv-maself said...

hmm,I think u peek from my blog n got this idea n post it here,wala keif?!

x~nezitiC said...

Balqis: Yes you are right, but I have come through some who don't understand the other. This makes the other speak their mother language, but you are still right.

i-luv-myself: I really don't know what you are talking about, Ideas are there we don't create them we only have to find them. I haven't blogged for while, and I haven't peeked into anyone else blog.

sweetness said...

I strongly agree with you.
I have seen people bragging about the several languages they are talking .. OK brag but respect me please.

Even if I am super fluent in any language .. I'd like the person I talk with to talk me with me in same tongue.

Nice topic ^_^

Shahrazad said...

It's all good. Communication is the key! We do code-switching when we communicate, it is actually a sign of fluency in both languages.

Unless they do it to prove something, then that's a different story!