Monday, June 29, 2009

A Unique Friend

A Unique friend
I had never had a unique friend in my life, until I met this person in the field. He was very competitive in the field. He was striker, I am right winger. He was very skilled in the field, dribbles a lot. We played together in the same team for 2 years, and won the league about 4 times. He was a Christian Arab. What amazes me the most about him is that he was not only good at Soccer, but he was also a very good musician & singer, a medical student-becoming a surgent, a math & science geek, a business minded, and as a person very kind, spoke 3 languages, a Chemical engineer, loved video games, aware of history. I never knew all these about him on the field, I never imagined to meet such a person like that in the field! One day I was at the bookstore- Where he used to study medical books for 3-6 hours a day and still manage to play soccer and play music - I was studying Engeering physics and didn't understand it a bit, he came to help, and he explained it very easily with full details and formulas without using the textbook. I asked him, "when did you study this?" He said "5 years ago", I asked him "Have you reviewed it since then or even majored in physics?" He said "Nope, never it's all in my mind, my friend". I studied Calculus II once, I asked him some problems to solve, He solved them so easily, he even remembered in what sections of the book those problems should be at. I was really amazed. He could speak English, French, and Arabic fluently, he offered lessons but could not find him customers. He wrote his own songs, then played them with his guitar, piano, drums. I have never really had such a friend in my life. One time, he joined a business plan competition and his plan won the first place, the prize was $4000. He's only 25 years old, and majored in Chemical engineering, and now going to be a surgent, I hope. All the lucks to him, and I wish I was so much dedicated like him. I wonder dear readers, if you have had a unique friend like mine...

Good night dear readers.


Kitten said...


And to answer your question, no, I haven't met this 'unique friend', not yet.

IntI said...

It is good to hv a freind that u can rely on,or help u when u r in need.Who is loyal n does not talk abt u behind ur back. When u found some1 lk that u should nt break or lost this freinship. True freinds are rare to find. I have a freind who is unique.But,I dont feel our freindship is a true one.still,I think she is my best freind I ever had!

3anz MD said...

oh that's really "unique"..
i wonder what a bright future is waiting for him!!

Anonymous said...

and i thought i was ur unique friend :/

anyway good to know that u r happy

Anonymous said...

Did you shift your blog ,you actually stopped blogging or you simply stopped generating thoughts?

I hope you get this by mail or something.

looking forward to read your thoughts and share your knowledge.

Anonymous said...

UFF can you go back to blogging already ta3abna 3ad we're waiting mn mata!