Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reflect Your Image.

MyNote: The most frequent & inspiring thought, I have come through in my life so far is the thought of death. No matter how dark & depressiong it is, and how escapist we are toward it, that thought is still inspiring me to keep going on to achieve something special in this life before I meet it in the end line. Maybe, It inspired Stephen Hawking to achieve his goals, and Armstrong to finish the race. The thought of death, and how my end would be like comes to my mind every night before I go to bed, or when I have a long drive. If every one thinks of death, and always keeps in mind that the end isn't known- it's a sudden occuring moment-;
Would we make every last word that come out of our mouths meaningful?
Would we make every decision cunstructive and memorial, would we speak carefully because every word could be our last, and the last to be remembered by...? ? ?
Would you really even bother to re-read me? would this be my last word and could be a memorial...?
Try to make your positive image keep reflecting every where, even after you disappear from this life.

Good night dear readers.


G-chan said...

I sometimes find myself thinking about death also especially when I'm alone. I think about the things you just blogged about. The last words I say, the last thing I do...did I pray correctly(?), so on.

People sometimes ask "what would you do if you had # of years to live"...that's a stupid question IMO because seriously, we could die tomorrow so why make the best of things after we find out that we'll be dying when we should always make the best of them all the time since death could happen any moment.

Inshallah we all achieve what we are after.

Beautiful post ^_^

IntI said...

Eventhough the topic is depressing,but ur post is beautiful indeed.simpel and meaningful.
and what u said is the real reasons for us to remember/keep death in our minds.Ppl will be more cereful in every deed they do or word they speak of.They will care more abt their image infront of Allah not only ppl.

TI3GIB said...

That's my think logic too, but I think the answers are still know. The epiphany is in the knowledge of worth/value of our actions, but not a guarantee of their 'correctness'

or something

FAITH said...

I think if we put this thought always in mind, life would be a better place to live..

Reminds me of an Arabic poem/quote that says "ولا تكتب بكفك غير شيء...يسرك يوم القيامة أن تراه"

Great post..

x~nezitiC said...

G-Chan & Intl:

Thank you for reading, and it's good to weigh yourself before you sleep.

Ti3gib & Faith:
Long time no see, I hope you are doing fine with your studies [ti3gib]- good luck..