Friday, April 29, 2005

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Importance of History

For Muslims as for others, history is important, but they approach it with a special concern and awareness. The career of the Prophet Muhammad, the creation and expansion of the Islamic community and state, and the formulation and elaboration of the holy law of Islam are events in history, known from historical memory or record and narrated and debated by historians since early times. In the Islamic Middle East, one may still find passionate arguments, even bitter feuds, about events that occurred centuries or sometimes millennia ago -- about what happened, its significance, and its current relevance. This historical awareness has acquired new dimensions in the modern period, as Muslims -- particularly those in the Middle East -- have suffered new experiences that have transformed their vision of themselves and the world and reshaped the language in which they discuss it.

(Bernard Lewis. From Foreign Affairs, May/June 2005) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

In The Morning

--In The Morning--

In The morning
I wake up alone
I see the room around me
I see nothing
Nothing to wake me up
Nothing to make me smile
Nothing to feel.
I feel sad...
My mind full of tears.
My eyes reflecting nothing but you
I wish I could Sleep more
But Dreams
Never come as you wish them to be
I get up from my old sofa.
I walk slowly sleepy.
I wash my face
See My self on the mirror
I see nothing.
There's no reflection.
I go to pray.
I feel so peaceful.
I smile to God
My loneliness becomes busy thoughts
Thoughts of Past and Future
I look back at the mirror.
and I see...something unusual.
shyful.'s not me.
It is you.


"The Rainbow butterfly"

In a white room.
I see a rainbow butterfly
I get closer to it
I see flowers on it
I touch it
I feel it
I wonder how it comes there.
I wonder who brought it there
I wonder if it was white,
Would I see it in my white room?
Why is it rainbow-colors?
Does it mean something?
Or Does my room mean something?
I look around and I see nothing but whiteness
Is it peace? or is it just an empty mind!
I want to know what this butterfly means in my white room!
I look through the room's window
I see a world full of whiteness
Is it still Peace? or is it just an empty mind!
I open the room's white door
I go outside.
I breath sightly. nobody quietly.
The butterfly follows me.
The butterfly flies over me
I notice the whiteness world becomes colorful
Underneath the butterfly's shadows.
I start to see world of colors.
I get afraid,
I get fearful.
I run to my white room.
I lock the white door.
I sit on the corner.
I close my eyes.
I hear a voice whisper on my ears...
" Open your eyes,your mind now exists"
I open my eyes...
I see my room full of colors.
Is it peace or is my mind insane?
I smile..
I look for the rainbow butterfly.
It disappeared.
However, I realize everything around me
Becomes like the rainbow butterfly's colors...
I still wonder who it was...
Was it you or was it me?