Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wasted Soul by A crazy soul.

BedTime's Quote[...]:
"The worst realization in life is death, but it's the most important to change one's view toward the world that he's interacting with. This is the life, it's short, it's not measured by one's longevity, but good deeds. Good looking or bad looking, young or old, black or white, all face death, and all are the same underground, clay and sand, bones and no flesh. I'm thankful to be his son and I won't forget to mention him in my prayers"--[x]

My father was a very organized man, and very hard working. He was an American in his organization and loyalty & disciplinary to his job, and a true Arab & Muslim in his traditions and religion. It's hard and rare to find organized and discipline men in our a chaotic lazy nation of Arabia. He was killed by a policeman who was driving fast to work! at 7pm. He was driving at 200km/hr. No need to go to the hurtful details of the accident more than talking to my father. My father never spoke loudly, nor frowned, nor gossips, nor had a grudge against someone. He used to sleep at 9pm and woke up at 3am. He read Quran from 4 to the sunrise. He started his day looking at his parrots and write down on his journal and task tables to plan his day. He used to fix and repair the house electrical and plumbing problems by himself and he loved to repair our local mosque. He was very healthy, he always said "Eat Salad then meat in your meals it protects you from Cancer". He never beat his kids to enforce something on them, he liked to convince with soft words rather than using a stick or a sickle! I remember whenever I was mad at someone, I used to say "I would beat him!" my father would say "You were raised by Hitler or Bush?" "انت متربي عند هتلر ولا بوش؟". He had a great job as an oil engineer, but he never looked down at people nor cared about luxurious things. He always donated a lot of money to the poor. He was very peaceful and always smiling, he had friends and relations with people from all backgrounds, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Atheists, Arabs, Asians, and Westerns. He was very clean, he always took care of his look and health. When I was washing his body to bury him, his toes and fingers looked so clean, his face was bright and smiling. At night after we buried him, I saw my grandfather locking the mosque door at 3:00am. I asked him "What's wrong?", he said "The water is dropping non stop, I don't know what's wrong with it" then he started crying and said "The man who used to fix it for me passed away and now no one would fix it for me". He bought a gift to his mother as usual whenever he travels, but I guess now the gift is never delivered this time...

We cry for him not because he is dead, but because the vacuum he left behind is almost impossible to refill while people still speeding with their cars to be on time at work or to race each another, or for fun, great people are killed and wasted for nothing, but a weak disorganized corrupted system ruling this nation. And guess what? the man who caused the accident survived, he was jailed for two days and then released! the insurance company covers everything and all go like nothing happened! while two days ago, my friend drove his car without a driving license, he hit a rich guy driving Porsche, the rich guy said "Don't worry I will take responsibility and it will be my fault" since he knew my friend was financially poor. Unfortunately, an undercover police officer heard their disccusion and arrested my friend and put him in Jail. Now my friend has to pay about $40,000 to fix both cars since the insurance can't cover him, and also to pay for his release from Jail where he has been there for 4 days now.

+Not just this, but also at the accident, some people took advantage of it, and stole my father's wallet and watch!, and did shopping using my father's visa card! I really don't understand how some people can be like this.

May Allah reward my father heaven, and may Allah guide our nation to organization and sensibility!

Good night.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Father Death

Since my father, 49years old, passed away in a deadly car accident, life has become so different and so complicated to me. Everyday I discover something and every day I face a new problem. The most important thing I've realized during this time that our social system is so fragile and corrupted where the dead isn't respected nor is the living one. I see greed and generosity fighting each other, while sorrows and evil smiles are killing each other. I wish, I could live somewhere else. I'm thankful for everything and thanks to Allah my mother survived the accident. Good night.