Friday, March 23, 2007


BedTime's Quote[139]:
"Islam and The West need each others. While Muslims lack Science and Modern Industrialism which can erase their great wide-spread ignorance, the west lack social family values, which respect women and think of Society as a tool to build a better valuable respectful world, not a beneficial materialistic world led by consumists. Therefore, they must learn from each others, and avoid the stupidity of adopting the theory of Clash of Civilization by Samuel P. Huntington. "--[x].

"The people, who contributed and changed society the most, are the ones who walked alone in the beginning with their evolving unfamiliar ideas" --[x].

Psychological Status: suicidal.
Political Status: offensive

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Monday, March 19, 2007

BTQ[138] + A Poor Bullet - رصاصة مسكينة

King for One day by Ben Goossens
King for One day by Ben Goossens.

BedTime's quote[138]:
"A successful politician is someone who can give hopes and inspirations to his people except himself"--[x].

"Love & Marry not to be together in a physical world, but to be spiritually connected and to share each another's cup of sadness and happiness"--[x].

"There is always a high wall to climb over to see a beautiful flourished tulips garden"--[x].

رصاصة مسكينة
بوساوس الشيطان
أردتُ الإنتحار
فضغطتُ على الزندان
فخرجت رصاصة ٌ
تشكو من ظلم ِالحكّام
و تشكو من "كثرة الاستخدام"
في إعدام
شعوب الأيتام
فكانت في فمي
برداً وسلاماً
كنار سيدنا إبراهيم
عليه السلام


A Poor Bullet
By the Devil misgiving whispers
I wanted to commit a suicide
So I pressed on the trigger;
A bullet came out
Complaining about leaders
and about "Over using her"
In executing nations of orphans
So it went inside my mouth
Cold and peaceful
Like the fire
of the Prophet Abraham
Peace be upon him.
I write the best when I am lonely and struggling plus highly depressed. I sometime think it's a gift and sometime I think it's a social curse or Almighty's test on his loyal ones. Maybe sailing to the end with nothing is better than sinking in the middle of the Ocean with many things. A frozen rose might be scentless, but it's still interesting and mysterious to look at its preserved red colors underneath the frozen crystal ice flickers. Or, maybe a fresh rose attracts more bees while the frozen scentless one does none, one can inspire me while the other can make me thankful at least.

My Visitors counter hit 10,000 ! interesting. I hope the 10,000 became Anti-nationalists as well !

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Press of Button + BTQ

Bandit Queens by Nadeem Khawar
Bandit Queens by Nadeem Khawar.

Bedtime's Quote[137]:
" I have seen many art forms in my life time, but I have never seen the ones inside the Arab governments' prisons" --[x]

A Press of Button
To start a nuclear war,
Then regrets,
Then keep pressing
To close the doors.

One Penny to save
A Child,
And One Million to build
A Tank.

A Drop of Devil's Tears
Beholds An infectious Lethal breath.
It needs no Scientist
To Invent a disease,
But It needs everything
To think of peace!

Keep pressing
To close the doors,
The Political Plague has found its way
To Iran...
And to the Saints next door
Underneath the kingdom.
Protected by the Black Bishop
That carries an Eagle
Of wars
Influenced by [z].

MyNote: A Press of Button is about Iran, Gulf states, and The west conflict on the Nuclear power issue...etc Good night dear readers.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Meaningless mosque.

reborn by Ben Goossens
Reborn by Ben Goossens.

BedTime's quote[136]:
"Sadly, In our disordered society, a cute boy is an easy victim to homosexuality"--[x] [Social-understanding]

"Racism is a race preference over another caused by interrelated social disorders such as illegal immigration to a new society, a huge gap of wealth inequality between poor and rich, and lack of religious teachings. While tribalism is a tribal preference over another based on one's strength, wealth and history over another, and illogical traditions. It's caused by the blind respect and closed-mindness of the youth- us- given to the tribalist elders -greatfathers- of the previous generation - because we simply believe they know it all!!!! " --[x] [Social-Understaind]

"a 1000 years ago, dying in the battlefield was the greatest achievement for our nation's men, today's achievement is not in the battlefield, but in the field of science, and social unity that everyone must achieve" --[x][Social-Understanding]

Psychological Status: Confused, tired.
Political Status: Exiled

A Meaningless Mosque!

Dear Alien,
I never told you about my religion,
Nor about our Chameleons.
I'm a Muslim.
In my country,
Rich people compete to build temples.
We call them Mosques.
They are wide-spread.
But no one really prays.

...Our kings built the biggest ones,
And no one really represented their faith.
Golden dooms,
Silver crescents,
Wooden Gates,
Silky Persian carpets....
Holy verses engraved on walls.
When it's time for Athan,
And read the Quran,
Few respond to the call,
The rest delay one more day
Or just visit the biggest one.
Many mosques
They are for few religious folks.

The empire of faith
Turned into
An Empire of Many Mosques of The Irreligious Folks.
Protected by an army of Zombies,
Their General is a ghost,
behind the fogs they retell their history.
And show their bravery!
In front of the enemy,
They hide under their oil money
Which also sadly built their mosques.

Mosques which meant to build palaces for them
In heaven...
Turned to be, in reality, into the biggest graves,
Eventually They were buried in.
Mosques holding their holy names!
While yet a poor alive citizen couldn't find his origin
Nor a passport to settle in.
Today, with a weak faith
Sometime it's confusing
To be a Muslim or none!
Influenced by [z]

MyNote: A Meaningless Mosque was written to describe some mosques we have in our countries that are not built to serve worshipers, but more to get attentions to their builders and founders for social or political status.

MyDaily: I'm sorry for being away without any notice, I've been away for more than a month, I've been busy and in a really bad psychological status. I wish I could write more telling why I was not able to blog, but I don't like to give excuses because I could be a liar If I gave more excuses. I have had many topics in mind to write about, but I could not have enough time - in other words - I haven't had enough personal-private space in my recent life. It's hard to think and brainstorm when I'm not alone. Sorry again and good night dear readers.