Monday, November 28, 2005

BedTime's Quote[27]

BedTime's Quote:
"Women are,
like a fruit in a tall tree
You try to get it by any way
It's hard to get..
Then suddenly...
It falls down to someone else...

The Problem is not them,
But You Men fail to realize
it's not up to you
as You always think." --[x]

"Terrorism is a form of stupidity that doesn't cause ignorance but death" --[x][Political-Understanding]

Political Status: Peaceful, Buddhistical!
Psychological Status: Pressured, Curve-Time-spaced, Blinded-hope.

+This is My Final Post for November, I will be posting less for the next coming days, be busy tomorrow and after and after and after and after and after.......etc, I'll post only on the shoutbox until Dec 12th 2005.

December: Predictions-->
- Thinking of Critical Writings on Nationalism.
- New Writings Style Such as Mocking-LifeSystems
- Critical Writing/Poems on arabic countries randomly.
- Write an Essay on Anti-nationalism Thinking.
- More BedTime's Quotes
- And, Not sure yet about [o]'s existance/fate, Should I keep him?
-->[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8-9-10][11][12] [o]'s Symbol

Finally: I hope December won't cause troubles for me, and I am hoping this blog won't be blocked someday. GoodNight Dear Readers.


Ok, This is new, Sneak-Peak of December Writing, and I will post the first post of this kind today, Mocking-LifeSystems is about writing few lines that compare Real-or-fake -animal- behaviors ,that I make up, to Real-or-Fake-Human-behaviors. So, Don't Feel Insulted it's more like a joke or a harsh lesson to learn, here we go:

1-Open The Book "Mocking Life-Systems" Chapter 1, page 15, "Women Control":

Female Gorillas when they flirt with their males, they eat two bananas every minute, to show their ability to feed their future generations. And, This can only be seen in Capitalist societies nowadays such as what's happening in UK, USA, , where we see Females eating Half Bar of Chocolate not all of it to show men that they r in control" --[x]

2-Open The Book "Mocking Life-Systems" Chapter 1, page 25, " Ape Lifestyle" :

" Dictators controlling over societies is a failure, and this can be seen in the dark age when only one male ape was able to set a fire " --[x]

Note:I hope none gets mad..this is just my writing when is my appointment to see the prisonguard?

November's Bests

Here you go, best things in November or things I knew or read about during this month.

Best and new things in November:

[o]'s daily.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8-9-10][11][12] [o]'s Symbol
Tag[x]. ShoutBox. BedTime's Quotes[11-27]. Photos&PoemsBy[x].
Trotsky[Wikipedia]. Max Weber [written by x]
Woman: [y].
History : Battle of StalinGrad.
Animal: Sloth
Books: No Books, sorry I've been ignorant this month.
Science: Discover[Nov]
Politics: Political-PoemsBy[x][1, 2, 3, 4][5],Political-Fiction[1] .
Religion: Kurd's religions.
Music: Thrice's Album [Good]
Songs: Image of the Invisible by Thrice, Music Box by Thrice,
Social-PoemsBy[x]: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Website: TrekEarth, WorldMap,

BloggerOftheMonth: NothingInside.
Quote: "Only One Post Enough to make a whole blog the best".--[x]
Favorite thing I experienced in November is: Arguing with [o].
Worst Thing in November: Politics.

99% of The Contents written by [x].

Welcome to December.

- You may have noticed most of my posts been tried to be short, that's only because I want to deliver ideas in short sentences but meaningful, and I believe most readers can't read long posts deeply, and I always assume that my readers' English is a second language. Therefore I prefer to write in Simple&Beautiful Concept.
-Tonight is my last Post for November.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

BedTime's Quote[26]

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
BedTime's Quote:
"Women and Men are like The Moon Around The Earth Around The Sun Around The MilkyWay Straight Through The universe" by--[x]

" Endless Thoughts , Timeless feelings are infinite but may represent a mess within oneself imagination that may drive him to insanity " by--[x]
[Ideological-Understanding][Limit is also good]

Political Status: On Treaty.
Psychological status: Calm, hopeful, Confused.
Weather: Thunderstorm, Tornados Warning.

Note: I saw "Crash" last night, it was one of the best. The good thing it did make some things clear about the social structure of any capitalist country especially the American's one.

Goodnight Dear Readers.


Picture Taken by [x]
"Messy World Of The Thunderstorm"
Note: Had Tornados, and thunderstorms tonight.

عفو تعفو

عفو تعفو نسائكم
في المحرمي
وتجنبوا بما لا يليق

من يزني في بيت
بألف درهمي
في بيته يزنا بغير
من يزني يزنا به
ولو بجداره
أن كنت يا هذا

أن الزنا دينا
فأن أديته
كان الوسى
من أهل بيتك

يا هاتك
ستر الرجال
سبل المودة
عيشت غير مكرمي

لو كنت حرا
من سلالة طاهرا
ما كنت هتاكا
لحرمة مسلمي

Copyright@ Alshaf3i

Note: This is for those who don't realize, I wrote it directly from one of Kesh's Audio speeches. And, been corrected and found out it was said originally by Alshafe'e

[o]'s daily[12]

Nov 25th.
At Night
Very Cold Outside.
we were arguing, me, [o]. and the house owner, let's call him [i].
I said to [o], How is the movie "War of The worlds" ?
He said " No Big Liars!"
I said "huh!,'s Science-fiction"
I said "well, how about Jurassick Park ?"
He said " what this?"
I said "it's about T-rex and his fellows"
He said " what?"
I said " daynasoorat, Dinosaures"
[i] said "Oh well, but this thing happened"
[o] ignored him completely for sure because he understood nothing
I said "well...this is fiction not lies"
I said " how about The Green Mile?"
He said " OH I saw this movie three times, this black man turn things to alive"
I said " Oh, Interesting I didn't see it, but don't you think it's haram ? because he turned things to life?"
He said " OH Yes It's haram..yes bad movie"
I was like "man I convinced him in a second without meaning it"
[i] was laughing so hard...
I am like "man, this guy can never know the difference between reality and fiction"
later on
then I told [i] "you know [o] is confused between 'Call' and 'Kill' "
[i] said "Oh How"
I said "you know, sometime he tells me '[x] I will kill my father now' "
"sometime he says 'I will go to kill my friend' "

Note: Yes This happens alot when someone learns another language, I used to be confused between "Buy" and "sell", for example I used to say "I want to sell a car" :).
[i] = The third guy in the house, the owner. Only a temporary variable.

Note: This is the post #210

Saturday, November 26, 2005

BedTime's Quote[25]

BedTime's Quote: Short Poetic Quote.

"The Green Tree isn't Green,
The Blue ocean isn't Blue,
and The White Moon isn't White.
These all are only what our eyes sight,
But in the absence of light,
nothing exists as
Or Blue,
Or White. " -- [Social-Understanding] [Don't judge it until you realize it deeply]

Political Status: Still Peaceful, but preparing for another critical writing.
Psychological Status: Hopeful, Calm, and patient.
Weather: Raining, Warm

Played soccer today, nothing special, was boring, didn't read anything. However, I'm still hopeful and excited even though i am in deep trouble..I don't know why. I'll watch "Crash" soon.

GoodNight Dear Readers.

Catch You

He will wait for you,
He'll catch you.
Like a fallen apple from a tree
Not like How Sir.Newton saw it.
Like How a simple man wishes
to see it all the way
to his hand
not the ground.

inspired by [y]

Note:..No Comment, still thinking of a new reformed political ideology.

Old Facts

Simple Old Facts About me:

- Couldn't Speak well until the age of 4.
- Couldn't read until the age of 8-9.
- Couldn't have or explain understandable conversation until the age of 10-12.
- Couldn't do math until the age of 14.

حبك في دمي

عبدالحميد كشك رحمة الله

يا رب حبك
في دمي

نورا أذر
في وجداني

أنا لا أضام
وفي رحابك

أنا لا أخاف
وفي رضاك

أنا لا أخاف
بل هو غايتي

فبه يتاح لي
برؤية قائد

Note: It's said by 3abdul Hamid Keshk, in one of his speeches during 1980s. I wrote it down from one of his speeches.

Friday, November 25, 2005

BedTime's Quote[24]

BedTime's Quote:
"The only way to avoid being silent is to be silent, whereby your thoughts become a brainstorm, noisy and beautiful"--[x] [Ideological-understanding]

"Please God Help me, I am a minority of the minorty!" --[x] [Social-Understanding]

Political Status: Peaceful, Didn't watch news for while. Won't bother.
Psychological Status: Excited, hopeful, and Worried.
Weather: Very cold 6c, played soccer under 3c Degrees.

MyDaily: I saw "War Of The Worlds" yesterday, I liked it, I only liked it because the story was written in 1898 by a british writer. It's interesting how it predicted the alien things, if you realize when the story was written you will know why the movie didn't have so much details to tell about the way the aliens came to earth and how they created all the mess.

[o]'s daily[11]

Nov 23th before Thanksgiving.
At night

At 9:00pm
Temprature: 6C - 40s.F

[o] and [x] me were arguing,
The topic " Women "
[x]: "Well in My country we have two women ministers"
[o]: "Oh Women your manager?"
[x]: "Yeah! what's up that?"
[o]: "No no you crazy, women no good man"
[x]: "Oh Man, come on now"
[o]: "It's haram women drive, and managers"

Then kept quiet and said
[o]: " You should have wa6aniyah [patrioticism, nationalism]
[x]-- I am like insulted. No way I am
[x]: "No wa6aniyah, my life is based on halal-haram[good and bad]"
[o]: "No wa6anyah? man you crazy..."
[x]: "I told you, my life has nothing of that"
[x]: "The prophet's first wife was his boss"
[o]: "Yeah...I know.."
[o]: "But you Man, it's 3eeb [shameful]"
[x]: "Well, It's 3eeb[shameful] for you not for me, but it's still halal, not haram"
[o]: "Man in my tribe, it's 3eeb, no women good"
[x]-- I am like, man it's like his tribe is ruling the universe.
[x]: "Yes, It's 3eeb, and 3eeb is more important than Halal in your tribe, drink,sex, cheat but don't do 3eeb, you stick to your wa6anyah[patriotism,nationalism] and I stick to my ideology"

While on Tv showing JACKASS,
[x]: "This is Crazy, Jackass, not me"
[o]: "No man, you crazy"
[x]-- I was like man i hope I brainwashed him enough today,and I think I did.

...the end

[o]'s daily[8,9.10]

Novermber 2nd Notes..

[o] always says "I want to go shopping buy food groceries"
when he comes home he only buys snacks.
here in the living room all snacks..
I said "man this is bad for your health"
Last night
I asked him "what did u eat?"
he said "i am full i dont want to eat"
he misunderstood the question
then he said "OH yes i ate chips and sprite only"

I am like Oh ok good ...i bet ur heart beat is dropping down
The End..

November 7th

he is asking me "why u have a digital camera?"
I said "well i like photography"
he said " but u no go parties no camping no carS"
I was like " man he thinks Digital cameras are made only for parties and campings..."
he said "I think you crazy"
I said " Yes I am, only you order the world in a right way"
In My mind I was like " So photography was made to take pictures of camels and cars, plus in an emergency use, take pictures of girls "
The End....

November 9th

[o] is worried about me.
because I haven't had dinner for two days.
How nice he is!...
then he went and brought some of his snacks..
and said "eat this Twix Fery Gaad!"
I am like "Man he is killing me"
then he went to fridge and said "you want to drink Sprite or Mountain Dew ?"
I said "Man, Twix with Soft Drink in an empy stomach!"
He said "Me everyday in my country only eat this"
I am like "God Please make any darwin's law happen on him, at least a tiny evolution."
The end...

Definitions of [x][y][z][o]
Note: I recovered this records of [o] from my old laptop. I still lost some though.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

BedTime's Quote[23]

BedTime's Quote:
"Human beings are like snowflakes, none's alike"
By [x] [Social-Understanding]

"Good New Ideas are usually first accepted by minorities"
By [x] [Ideological-understanding]

Political Status: Peaceful, on treaty
Psychological Status: hopeful..

Note: Today was Thanksgiving, ate alot but still didn't understand what Thanksgiving was meant for!

Red to Sky

Picture Taken by [x]
"My Moody Mood"
Note: I am not moody. [-_-]

An Arab Guy.

Stupidity my nickname.
I claim...
I am an a$$ that shakes this world.
I'm the shadow
Behind your halo.
I am the bird that flies
until it dies.
After all
I'm only an Arab guy!

influenced by [z]

Note: Hmm in the mood to write poems!...this one written to represent the last line of the poem. Sorry Guys but it's my opinion!. Not all of you for sure but only those who fit the poem.
Happy Thanksgiving for all the americans reading this blog.

Note: this is the post #200. Wow.

Of Daughter and Father

I was asked by a [y] to write a poem for her lost father.

Of daughter and father
Never missed each another.
In Dreams nor in Reality
Since He's gone forever
She's been a fallen feather...
Colorless like Gray
Simple like Clay.

Under the Rain
She melts
like Clay.

Her Father...
keeps her forever altogether
Hopeful for another day.
to meet him again
in beautiful days
in Heaven,
She lays.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

BedTime's Quote[22]

BedTime's Quote:
" If Men are political animals, women are emotional aliens". --[x]
-[Social Disorder]

Political Status: Peaceful, very friendly
Psychological Status: Depressed, Hyper, Excited, hopeful..

Note: Today was boring, talked to family, haven't talked to them for a month almost.

Goodnight dear readers. [-_-]

[s]'s daily.

While talking to my sister, and asked "how is school*"?
Her reply was the following:

[s]: School* is bad
[x]: Why?
[s]: I don't know, everyday I see something stupid about this place.
[x]: give examples please?
[s]: You know, for example, If i open a door to go inside a food place, a girl would come from far and jump in and try to get in before me, like I opened the door for her.
[x]-- I am like "What ! is this some chicken cage!"
[x]: hehe, then what else?
[s]: You know, When I go to the public restroom, to fix my hijab, I see the restroom crowded with girls doing their Make-ups!, It's like they haven't heard of Make-ups before. And, You know, When I go to another public restroom I see the same girls. I don't know they come to school or a wedding!
[x] -- I was like lol, what a it the Matrix?
[x]: Well, buy them some wall paints and give it to them so they won't worry any more about make-ups.
[s]-- she kept talking and ignored my advise...
[s]: You know Everytime I talk to any teacher asking him about something important, a girl from his class will jump and drag him and take him away like I am not there or not even wasn't talking to him.
[x]: lol...your school sounds like an unorganized society, somalia?
[s]: I don't know...
[s]--she's never into politics, so no idea.
[x]: I'm sorry but be patient
[s]: I don't know, all these stupid things happened from girls. I don't even know where they grew up, all they care about is Make-ups.
.....the end .

Note: [s] is my sister or any female relative. *[school = university].

Empty Shelves

Picture taken by [x]
"Ignorance is like a library with empty shelves"

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

BedTime's Quote[21]

BedTime's Quote:
"Happiness is not a feeling nor an emotion, it's an appreciation of one's realization"- [x]

MyDaily: Finally I got a laptop, I didnt buy but borrow one for two weeks, it's powerful too. Alhamdulilah[thanks God] for everything including me still being alive :).

GoodNight Dear Readers.

A Prison Guard.

A prison Guard...
Holding Keys
Of gates
Of a Prison
Of freedom
That keeps one away from his kingdom.

The Prison guard opens Cell Number Twenty
Where an Anti-Nationalist spends his life time
for committing a capital crime.
A crime of Ideology
an Ideology of Nationalistless Society.
A society
Of Tribeless
Of Flagless
of No Anthem
Of No Citizenship
Of No National Day
Of No Independence Day.

The Prison Guard says "You Weak,Today is Your Fate"
The Anti-N says "Weak in Look, Strong in Faith"

Taking him to the Gallows Pole.
Hangs his soul
He's hung

His ideology already...
Stole The keys
Of the Gates
Of the Prison
Of the freedom
to His kingdom .
influenced by [z]

Cnet's: Good to Read

Note: written only to respond to some national holidays some countries have and to reflect how minor/little/rare one's ideas can be on such holidays. written last night.

Monday, November 21, 2005

NoBedTime's Quote 2Nite

BedTime's Quote:
-- Actually tonight no quote only a poem I wrote before I went to bed.

One Wing Butterfly

At Night
Within my Sight
Nothing Bright
No day Light

But a lonely cry.
A lonely Butterfly
Lost her favorite Wing.
The blue
The Fragile
like a dead king.

from a golden dry leaf
to a golden dry belief.

Black's fading to light
Here Again
she saw the sunlight
turning her colors
from blue
to navy
to white
to death

Not a Sad End at all
A Beautiful struggle
to reach
the hope
the top
that trouble...
It worthed everything
but her blue fragile wing.
inspired by [y]

Note: Ok I edited, Now looks better in colors. You might think the poem is sad, but its lesson is deeper than its saddness. It's better to look at it logically than emotionally sometime. Well It depends on how you see the poem.

Who is s[he]?[2]

This is second part of "Who is s[he]?" Introducing any person from any country in the world. First part was about Tagor, I think. Anyhow:

Name: Max Weber
Born: April 21st, 1864.
Died: June 14th, 1920.
Nationality: German

Max Weber was political economist and sociologist. One of the founders of the modern sociology. His famous work was "The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism", it's a book began with the sociology of religion. Weber believed that Religion was one of the main reasons for the different ways the cultures of the Occident[west] and Orient[east] have developed.

His Other Work is "Politics as a Vocation", which he argued in it that The state should have a monopoly on the use of force. And, this is seen today in most countries in the world. The state has an absolute power on its people and no other power can challenge it, the state gives right for any party to use violence to enforce its laws. The abuse of using this monopolization of use of force causes Dectatorship. The absense of this Monopolization can be seen in a country like The Modern Somalia where tribes have its own power and that usually causes Civil wars. In general, This is seen in Africa and Dark Ages Europe.
Max Weber was an imperialist, he believed Germany should be an empire to ensure its existance...etc

In my Opinion, This Sociology of Religion Concept of Weber's might be true, but during the 20th century and now 21st century this concept might not applied any more since Other Human-made Socio-political ideologies are shaping the world cultures such as Communism, Globalism...etc. Therefore, Religion in the west and far east don't play any big role like it used to. Except the Middle East which is a special case.

Do You know that Weber indirectly led Hitler to power?
Yes, He did support the use of Article 48 in the Fderal Republic of Germany's Constitution after WWI which allowed Germany to have a dictator in state of emergency. He was not for Nazi but that article paved the way for Hitler to power.

Finally: He was continuing his work on the Sociology of Religion, He finished his work in The China's Religion impacts, India's Religion Imapcts. He was working on Judaism And Islam Impacts, but his work was interrupted by his sudden death in 1920.

Note: This article is written by [x]. Ref:

Sunday, November 20, 2005

BedTime's Quote[20]

BedTime's Quote:
"Jews, Christians, Muslims we are all the sons of Abraham. Wars have never solved our differences, I'm not a peace maker, I am here to cause another war!"--[x] [Political-terrorism-Stupidity]

" Love has only one meaning in life, Sacrifice" -- [x]

MyDaily: Oh Well, My life has no meaning after my laptop for real, I can't type down my thoughts nor my theories in life, nor a poem..etc We played a game today I did perform bad, however we won 1-0. Anyway who would bother reading my personal thing, People only care about my ideas and thoughts that might make sense not daily things. So,
GoodNight dear Readers...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

BedTime's Quote[19]

BedTime's Quote: "When One meets someone, while time passes by, the first thing The one starts to notice and realize is the differences and similarites between both sides. And, that draws the course of the relationship either Exist or Not"-- [x] "Social Understanding"

" Sex Education is what youth ones learn how to avoid doing sex hamrfully. as a result, they keep doing it harmfully because they fail to learn what EDUCATION means"--[x] "Socio-Stupidity"

DailyNote: This cheap computer I am using Pentium One doesn't allow me to color my font in this blog lol. It's cold here, reaches Zero C, I have a game tomorrow and it will be 6c.

GoodNight dear Readers

Note: this is the post #190.

Of Dust And Nations

By Thrice,

the towers that shoulder your pride
the words you've written in stone
sand will cover them, sand will cover you
the streets that suffer your name
your very flesh and your bones
sand will cover them, sand will cover you

so put your faith in more than steel
don't store your treasures up, with moth and rust
where thieves break in and steal
pull the fangs from out your heel
we live in but a shadow of the real

step out from time, see the dust of nations
step out from time, hear the stars ovation

Saturn will not sleep, until the sand has made us clean
still we stack our stones and bury what we can
but it all will be undone, and nothing built under the sun
will ever stand before the endless march of sand

so put your faith in more than steel
don't store your treasures up, with moth and rust
where thieves break in and steal
pull the fangs from out your heel
we live in but a shadow of the real

Friday, November 18, 2005

BedTime's Quote[18]

BedTime's Quote:
"Three pages Some People only read from any book, its preface page, intro page, and critics page the last page. The rest is only for those who really want to get confused and involved in, And this is how society is today like the book" -- [x]

Political Status: Peaceful, Buddhistical!
Psychological Status: Calm, not-functioning, no brainstorming

MyDaily: I haven't been writing much here lately, been busy with my work, plus doing some boring Calligraphy, been sick, depressed reached the suicidal rate yay!. I Have a game on Sunday, was off for three weeks. I have no laptop yet. Buying new one inshallah when i get a new one this blog will be like Stalingrad batttle lol again politics. [o] has been funny, many stories happened but I couldnt record much because I'm laptopless!
Sorry dear readers for the slow posting activity.
Final Quote:
"Life is an ugly woman sometime, that you never wish to marry, only divorce thousands times. "

Goodnight Dear Readers.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Socio-political Concept[Quote]:
"Communist's belief is to have a classless society, mine is to have a nationalistless society. "-[x]

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

فتاة ألاحلام

في مقلتيك
أنا شيطان
في خيالك
أنا أنسان
يا فتاة ألاحلام
copyright@ [x]
influenced by [z]
Political Status: Debator
Psychological Status: Calm, Brainstorming.
Note: ...I'm much better now. I have no laptop though. It's in hospital. I wrote this when I've been sick.

Friday, November 11, 2005

BedTime's Quote[17]

My Laptop is down,
I'm sick,
I can't post for 3 days or more.
Not that I am out of thoughts,
I'm just busy and depressed.
Sorry Dear Readers.
But life keeps coming.

BedTime's Quote:
"Nothing lasts forever, Myself and everything relates to me will be gone one day but One thing only will last that I'm sure of..My love to you" .. [x]

Clashes of Thoughts

The clashes of thoughts remain the same
within myself.
Trying so hard to beat the system.
The System of globalization
The system of myself.
My brain....
Half White..
Half Black...
Black is taking over.
Spreading slowly.
A white spot left alone.
Waiting for the moment
To beat the system.
This is how I am and many others now.
Completely in a chaos.
Lost ideologically.
Trying to adopt to nothing
my own ideological system of life.
This is the only thing that...
Spreads depression within me and them.

wrote this fast before my laptop turned off i had a break.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Morning's Quote

MyDaily Note: I didn't post any bedtime's quote last night, I've been sick. I slept very early, now at work. Sorry that I'm not able to post any [o], or bedtime's quote recently, nor a poem in english lately, nor in arabic too. However, here you go,
Morning's Quote:
"Reaching the age of 50 looks like the trees on Fall"

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

[o]'s [7thDay]

November 5th
In the Afternoon.
The weather was Windy and cold.
While watching TV
[o] asked me to go to party with him.
I said "nah i hate parties...too many girls too noisy non sense"
He said " you said your friends are crazy but I think you Crazy"
I was like "hmmm Maybe"
later on.
He came Wearing cloth for the party
he said "[x] what do u think of my cloth?"
I was thinking hmm I dont want to hurt his feeling.
It was black sweater with a tight black jeans.
I said "Well..It's ok but change the sweater to something white"
he said "Oh ok, and my jeans?"
I said " you have another one?"
He said "Yes i have a blue one"
He went and brought it
and said "Now good?"
I was like he only changed the colors but still the same look.
Blue tight jeans with white HAVANA shirt. I just wonder if he knows where Havana is.
I said "Yes now much better"
Then i looked at his jeans i was like "man people will start thinking he is gay"
He went and brought a black leather jacket it was nice.
I told him "wait this jeans is no good"
I went to my room and brought one of my easy fit jeans
I told him "Wear it"
He said "no no too big for me"
I said "come on it's not wide not tight it's COOL"
He went and wore it.
He tried to wear the jeans up to over his belly..almost close to his chest!
I was like "man not like this"
I went and tied the belt for him and showed him how to wear it to be honest I felt Gay for a second.
He said "[x] this is no good..too big for me..see it's wide"
I said "Man come on in this country if you wear tight jeans they might think you are gay or something"
He said "OH I asked my father to send me 8 jeans like this."
He didn't listen, took it off, and wore his tight blue jeans
I was like "Oh my god..this guy is going to have a rainbow flag soon"
After he came from the party at night
I asked him "how was the party?"
He said "no good all my friends got drunk, and it's Eid party"
I am like "Yes I told you, Parties here never meant to be a religious thing"
He didn't understand me
so i rephrased and said "Yes BAD" be continued

Story is based on 99% true facts. between [x] amd [o]...Dark Comedy

Monday, November 07, 2005

BedTime's Quote[16]

BedTime's Quote:
"You don't really need to know some people's inner-selves, otherwise you would wish you have never known them"...[x]

"Women talk alot but they never change the world" ..[x]

MyDaily Note: I have been so sick since yesterday. However, inshallah I will be ok soon and behave like Stalin during WWII lol, Why do I have to bring politics in everything...
d*** ~...Goodnight All.
by the way women dont get mad at me for the second quote hehe.

Political Status: Globalized.
Psychological Status: Sick, depressed, insomniac, and hmm alive hooray hehe, Alhamdulilah.

Thrice's Album

Thrice - Vheissu
Scientific Album Cover.
Simply Creative.
We're more than carbon and chemicals
We are the image of the invisible

Note: This is the post #180

BedTime's Quote[15]

BedTime's Quote: "Death seems scary fearful experience to others but it's never scarier and more fearful than Life itself" --[x] ..

MyDaily Note: ..I didn't do much yesterday it's morning now I didn't quote last night because I slept early. I might be out of this blog, I mean I won't post much soon. However, you might read my discussions or debates in the Englishsabla.

Goodnight and Goodmorning all.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Works Flawlessly.

The photo is of the greatest clock in the world, It can run for 10,000 years flawlessly, this is the first model, nine feet tall, the final model will be about 60 feet tall. This month Issue of the magazine Discover's cover is About this clock. It says in the introduction of the article of the month:
"Everything about this clock is deeply unusual. For example, while nearly every mechanical clock made in the last millennium consists of a series of propelled gears, this one uses a stack of mechanical binary computers capable of singling out one moment in 3.65 million days. Like other clocks, this one can track seconds, hours, days, and years. Unlike any other clock, this one is being constructed to keep track of leap centuries, the orbits of the six innermost planets in our solar system, even the ultraslow wobbles of Earth's axis"
November Issue.

Political Status: Peaceful.
Psychological Status: Insomniac,

[o]'s [6thDay]

[o]'s DailyLife:
At Night
me and [o] watched a movie "Batman Begin"
I watched it from the middle.
but [o] was watching it from the beginning.
so I asked him "How is the movie?"
he said "very good"
then he said "oh watch watch now action again"
I was like "oh so he was watching it only for action"
he said "Yeah this movie is good..all action"
I said "Oh I see..who is the bad guy?"
He said "BatMan not bad"
I said "oh about this guy now"
Hence I knew he was bad
He said "This guy I don't know. Maybe he is good"
I said "Ok let's watch the movie now"
later on...
he said again "Oh now now Again Action is good"
I was like "man he's only watching for actions"
During the movie, he was talking only to me and not paying attention to the movie.
When the movie finished.
I asked him "Haa how was the movie?"
HE said "Very good!"
To be honest the movie was ok, plus he wasn't paying attention he only watched 50% of it.
....later on
While watching TV,
He said "I dont like Egyptians"
I said "Why!"
He said "they love money"
I was like "Oh but not all"
He said "Hussni Mobarak, Give him money he talks, don't give him he doesn't talk"
To be honest I didn't understand what that means...Maybe it has to do with some political conflicts !!
After that...
While we were watching Tv.
I saw Janet Jackson on News.
I asked him "Do you know who this is?"
He said "Oprah!"
I said "Nope!"
He said "Shakira! No No, Hmmm"
I said "This is Michael Jackson's Sister"
He said "Oho..You know Haiyfa Wahbi, she is like Michael Jackson in middle east"
I said "Yeah true"
Suddenly he said "Goodnight"
He was tired.
I said "ok Sleep Tight"
To be honest, I like the boy, he is not bad as some think while reading this.

Dark Comedy


Today I added a shoutbox...just to keep in touch with some. I made it simple and small. I tried to go through its code structure to change its look even more, but I had to pay for that so I couldn't get it. Maybe another version of it...I found some that I can modify but they weren't good i think. Anyway Goodnight me OffToBed.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

BedTime's Quote[14]

BedTime's Quote:
"A Man's Shadow isn't the absence of light, but rather the presence of a faithful woman"
cited by [x]

Political Status: Offensive.
Psychological Status: Suicidal, brainstorming.

Previous BedTime's Quotes: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] ...
I can write here endlessly, My thoughts can never stop poping up. The problem is My fingers are lazy to type. And, My mood is now the worst ever. Didn't play soccer this weekend, not feeling well to play, been in bad mood and tired of playing boring games...

[o]'s [5thDay]

[o]'s DailyLife:
November 3rd:
At midnight,
[o] came to me, in his hand a CD.
He said "[x] put this in your laptop, this for phone numbers for Eid call"
I was like " a whole Cd for phone numbers!"
I inserted the CD,ran it, opened the CD folder.
He said "open this file"
I opened it, and the surprise was...
A microsoft word file full of phone number written in font size 11pt, for more than 5 pages.
I was like "who are these people?"
I asked him, he said "Thiz iz only my friends"
I said to myself "Man, he could have had a political party, change a whole government system,which as a result will invade other countries and brainwash its people to fit his Car-Lumina-food-arabic-music ideology"
I asked him "Do you have to call all these?"
He said "Yeah sure"
I was like "No wonder half of your salary goes to telecom companies"

we slept late for Eid.

In the morning
The house owner woke us up, we were late.
I took a shower real quick for 4minutes.
[o] didn't take a shower, just jumped and dressed as fast as Superman does in any boothphone[phone box] in the streets of NY.
[o] had to be at 8am at school. it was 7:48am when we left the house.
we were really late.
So my friend drove fast and fortunately he went through 5 Green Traffic Lights non-stop, and crossed two Yellow Traffic Lights, stopped at one red light. that's 8 Traffic lights.
[o] said in the car, today late.
The house own who was driving said "Yeah u got up late"
I explained that's because of Eid and we slept late.
When we got to [o]'s school.
He got out of the car, and told me in the native language "Keef ma trooo7 t9alee al3eed[don't you want to go to pray alEid?]"
I said "No I have class soon"
then i said to myself "hmm strange I thought he had a class"

When we were leaving the school building. The House Owner looked back at the school and say [o] not getting inside the school and waiting outside for someone.
He was like "Man what the hell! I was speeding to get here and he is not getting inside for class"
I said "well he is waiting for someone to pick him up for Eid prayer"
House Owner said "man he should have told us instead of letting me drive fast"
I said " know his English he couldn't explain it probably"
I know I can't be good lawyer...but nevermind.

When we came home from school after a long day.
I asked the owner of the house "how was [o] with you when you took him to the airport today?".
He took [o] to the airport to pick up someone
He said "man i ask questions to him and I get completely different answers"
I said "Yeah slowly he will be good"
I said what else?
he said " he talked about his Lumina alot and how much it speeds"
Imagine, He has talked about his Lumina to me more than 3 times already.
I said Yeah man That's Him...
to be continued....
Based on True Facts. ...just another Dark comedy.

خطا أحمر

Picture Taken by [x]

في منامي
أرى خطوطا
على قبري
خطا أحمر
وخطا أخضر
وخطا أسود

أستيقظ من منامي
لأرى نفسي
في زنزانة
بثلاثة ألوان
وخطا أحمر

influenced by [z]

Note: It's written to describe oneself's injustice, and dark side of reality