Monday, April 06, 2009

Miss You.

I miss this place so much, since my father death I have gaven up writing for myself. I have written some notes but didn't bother to publish them. I can't even add another line beyond this, I don't know whom to write about, pointless thoughts have conquered me. 

Psychological Status: Sad 4  father, happy @ school.
Political Status: Being spied on.

Have a good night dear readers. 


I-luv-maself said...

بالك واجد مشغول this is y I guess.U need to have inner peace n clear ur thoughts then concentrate on one thing n then start writing. sometimes u might have one thought in ur head for ages but can't the right words,but its time come u will be able to write.

575 said...

Spied on? You don't happen to be hinting to Law 61 are you? :-P

Welcome back, for now.

FAITH said...


حاصر حصارك...لا مفر

welcome back, hope to see new posts soon..